Monday, 23 December 2013

How P2 and its fascist henchmen murdered Pasolini

Article from Searchlight, April 2012 >>

"At the time of his death he was completing the latter film, perhaps the most eloquent and disturbing attack on fascism in the history of cinema. The plot dealt with the sexual components of power and its maintenance taken to murderous extreme. Using the literary framework of one of the Marquis de Sade’s libertine novels, he was showing how even sophisticated cultures ranking high in the production of the arts – music, literature, architecture, all referred to in the film – can succumb to the unscrupulous manipulation of power hungry thugs who, by imposing their will on supine populations, can abuse and destroy whole generations.

With unprecedented directness, Pasolini was warning audiences that while nazifascist threats can be easily detected when dressed up in the conventional garbs of brutal domination, enabling a counter reaction, it is far more dangerous when the process of subjugation is carried out in ritualistic forms of apparent ordinariness by seemingly innocuous people, until they turn into monsters, by which time it’s too late and everyone feels complicit and compromised with the fait accompli. This is why the message of Salò was and remains so shocking."


  1. "it is far more dangerous when the process of subjugation is carried out in ritualistic forms of apparent ordinariness by seemingly innocuous people" - like the councillors and journalists tricked into thinking that the campaigns Spearheaded by this site and rooted in personal gripes are in any way anti-fascist.

  2. Nice to see this blog tackle issues that are actually worthy of time, effort and attention. I.e., not getting butt-hurt about some middle-aged poof prancing around in camo gear.
    Pasolini's death was the subject of one of the most potent moments in the early COIL discography. According to the usual logic and reason of this blog, we should now start to delve on the myriad of affiliations (Boyd Rice/Non, C93, Balance collaborating on Death In June Records, etc..) between that particular music group and others which have been discussed at length here and....we would somehow arrive at the conclusion that Pasolini was comfortable with nazis and would have possibly ended up directing Skullhead promo videos had he not been killed.

  3. Hi , I found this blog an year ago or so, while searching documents on the very subject this blog's about.
    Actually I got here in a reverse path so to speak, first by reading Anton Shekhovtsov and then here, where I further expanded my knowledge on this peculiar subject that is very dear to me in many different ways.
    Well actually I'd like to ask you a different question, and that is I'd like to hear from you about Ukraine situation and what you think about conspiracy theories such as 9/11

  4. Dear Anonymous,
    are you anti-fascist?
    Didn't think so.

  5. Is Strelnikov dead?


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