Sunday, 10 November 2013

Heiligen Hymne der Sündenbock

By rom An Englishman in Texas blog >> Used without permission...

Recently there has been much slanderous talk about the political leanings of various members of Pure Blood SS, particularly following the release of the album Songs of Celebration Sung at the Funerals of Ethnic Minorities. Indeed, the scandal-mongering Bum the Nazis website suggested a racial agenda might inform such songs as Cleanse This World and White Roses. This is of course nonsense typical of those who see no irony in pointing accusatory fingers at artists such as ourselves whilst claiming to be proponents of free speech; but still the clamour of voices continues, and so we happily address the accusations.

Although it is true that our former trombonist Trevor Hardboard was indeed an enthusiastic member of the National Front for a few short months between April 1978 and May 1995, those days are distant memories, distant memories which he happily puts behind him in order to concentrate on Valhalla Imperium, his long term musical project which definitely isn't racist. Nevertheless, just as history caught up with the Führer in 1945, so too does it return to bite our long suffering comrade on his bottom, over and over until he turns his face to the heavens and asks what he must do to silence these snakes and authors of hurtful comments.

Hardboard is a big, fat Nazi, claims one barely literate article on a blog which shalt not to be named here; and yet does this accuser know Trevor Hardboard the man? Has this person broken bread with the internationally respected musician who recorded the neofolk classic The World Would Be Better Without Certain Types of People, Not Mentioning No Names or Nothin' ?

By Odin's hat, I should say not!

Only last week Trevor and I enjoyed hot dogs together, served by one of his many, many, many black friends and purchased from a van parked outside the venue in which we were performing on a bill featuring Valhalla Imperium, Pure Blood SS, Reichenschnitzel and the Goombay Dance Band.

'How much?' Trevor asked his black friend as the hot dog was handed down to him.

'One-fifty, mate,' quipped the black gentleman jovially, showing that there were no hard feelings, and that he was able to respect those who are simply exploring controversial ideas and imagery without feeling the need to call them all sorts of unreasonable names.

Would the cowardly and quite possibly Jewish author of that craven blog still have dubbed my colleague in such damning terms had he been there with us that night as we purchased hot dogs from a very close personal friend who is also a black man? Perhaps if he were, he too may have eaten heartily, and eaten not a hot dog but his own filthy words of accusation!

Of course, the apple of destiny falleth not far from the tree of Yggdrasil, and so it is that now that the Zionist eye of criticism and leftist censorship has fallen upon Pure Blood SS for the crime of simply exploring controversial ideas and imagery with our new album, something which we are apparently not allowed to do.

We have always been open and willing to discuss our fascination with Adolf Hitler and our humble considered opinion that the wrong side won the second world war, providing that discussion is conducted in a spirit of openness and without prejudice. Now it seems we are to be tarred with rude names and our words censored, but the artist who is true to his soul has ever been ahead of the curve, and ever left thankless for going where others wouldst be afeared to tread. They said that Picasso's admittedly degenerate work was like that of an untalented child; they said that Bob Marley the famous reggae singer whose records are heartily enjoyed by many of our group was just a rip-off of Elvis Presley; they said that Adolf Hitler's paintings were uninspired even though you can quite clearly see what it's supposed to be, the blind fools; now Pure Blood SS are also to suffer similar outraged arrows and slings of misfortune cast by those who probably won't even listen to Songs of Celebration Sung at the Funerals of Ethnic Minorities but will instead follow sheeplike as some other bloke, probably one with a fairly big nose if you catch my drift, tells them that it is now racist to simply wish for one's homeland to be inhabited only by those of pure white blood. Well fine, if it's racist to dress oneself in a black uniform and then march up and down in front of a Bavarian castle innocently singing a hymn of praise to the blood that runs true from the heart of the Rhine, and with none of those disco boats going up and down playing any of that thumpathumpa music, then our testimony, it seems, is worth naught, for the jury has already reached its corrupt decision; and you, dear reader, must decide whether you're content to be blinded by the so-called truth of the facts, or whether you have the courage to keep an open mind...


  1. Haha, this was a good laugh.

  2. This would have been good were it not for some misrepresentations of the people it intends to parody.

  3. Anyone know where I can get a copy of the album? Also, I can't turn up any sort of back catalogue?!? Surely they didn't just put out the one record! Regardless, I'm glad of the clarification in the article and it's refreshing to know that Trevor and co are not embroiled in the ugly world of Fascist music.
    I think I've heard Valhalla Imperium before (I can't be sure) but this article has given me a lot to check out, and if I'm honest, a bit of a spring in my step. No doubt a lot of the releases by the other artists mentioned here are now out of print, but I am an enthusiastic (if sadly not-terribly-knowledgeable) music fan, so I imagine it'll be some time before I have a chance to listen to that The World Would Be Better... release. If any readers can point me in the right direction for mail order shops or download stores, I would be very grateful.
    Keep up the good work. People need to be educated.

  4. you nailed the florid verbosity so often employed rather nicely in this little piece - thanks !


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