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Anon: Fascists Rally at Stella Natura Festival

Guest post by a concerned group of antifascists who are lovers of black metal and Nature

This coming September 20th-22nd, the music festival Stella Natura will be taking place in Tahoe National Forest in Northern California. This festival is a project of Adam Torruella of the Pesanta Urfolk label and distro, and it is the third year it will take place. A three day long music festival in the woods which serves as a meeting ground for people seeking to reconnect to the land and form community seems innocent enough. However when certain individuals seek to build this event on a foundation of white nationalist propaganda and promote an extremely racist agenda, it is a call to action for all who consider themselves opposed to white supremacy. The information following was compiled with the intent of exposing these individuals for who and what they are, no longer allowing them to exploit music scenes and spirituality as they seek to hide their true colors.

Asatru Folk Assembly (AFA) is the first listed sponsor for the festival. Asatru is a pagan spirituality focused on the revival of Norse gods and mythology, and it has unfortunately been filled with deep associations with various fascist organizations. The Southern Poverty Law Center have written a concise and highly recommended article on dubious figures within Asatru, in which they explain: “Odinism, which is closely related to Asatrú, was much favored in Nazi Germany. Its Nordic/Teutonic mythology was a bedrock belief for key Third Reich leaders, and it was an integral part of the initiation rites and cosmology of the elite Schutzstaffel (SS), which supervised Adolf Hitler's network of death camps. Decades later, Odinism also influenced George Lincoln Rockwell's American Nazi Party” (1). SPLC go on to describe how this spirituality has gained a great deal of popularity with violent white supremacists over the last few decades. The AFA was founded in the mid-1990s by Stephen McNallen out of concern that other Asatru organizations had lost focus on promoting the Asatru faith as inherently tied to the white race. At least one of AFA's leaders has ties to white supremacist organizations, claiming former standing as a state-level organizer for the SS Action Group and links to a violent neo-Nazi skinhead gang. “'I'm a white racist and proud of it," he told a reporter while posing in a Nazi uniform in 1992. ' (1)”. AFA was a sponsor of Stella Natura last year with McNallen appeared on stage to perform a ritual as a guest of the band Changes, and they remain a sponsor this year. (2)(3).
Some of McNallen's white supremacist ideologies can be seen in his theorizing on migration and border politics. In an article entitled 'Wotan vs. Tezcatlipoca: The Spiritual War for California and the Southwest', McNallen refers to the increasing Latin population of the border states of America as a “tide of cultural and demographic conquest” that white Americans must resist rather than “accept our marginalization quietly” (4). He voices that he feels the needs to “fight for my people and my culture against all odds”, and calls for white people to “stand by your kin and your culture” in states he describes as “overwhelmed with illegal immigrants”. He perceives this as a realm of spiritual war, in which Norse gods must conquer Mayan gods. He closes the article by arguing that “We must sink down roots in the soil, and insist on our right to be here... European-descended peoples, true to their ancestral ways, are here to stay. Our forebears fought and died to carve out this place in the world, and we will not give it up.”

In a 2010 piece by McNallen, entitled 'A down and dirty breakdown of the 'browning of America'', he decries the decreasing percentage of America's white population as a sign that “our political and cultural clout will evaporate to a thin wisp of what it is today”, and follows with the absurd claim that “European Americans face minority status, then marginalization, and eventually extinction” (5). He states that “Illegal immigration on the present scale is a form of conquest” an “invasion” that can be “stopped and even reversed almost at once” as it is “ being carried out by identifiable people and parties”. He lists clear political aims for his racist agenda:
First, the border must be secured. Contrary to liberal opinion, this can be done. I will not analyze the mechanics of this task, but a brainstormed list of options would include diplomatic punishment of Mexico for its role in encouraging migration, sanctions against employers of illegal aliens to include mandatory prison time, a physical wall (built by illegal aliens from our prison system), high-tech surveillance devices, and imprisonment with hard labor for individuals violating our territorial sovereignty. Until we are willing to take these measures, we are not serious about closing the border. Second, it must be clear that no amnesty of illegal aliens, wholesale or piecemeal, in general or in particular, is acceptable. Third, all illegal aliens must be deported and denied legal entry at any time in the future. Because of the logistical complexities involved, deportation could take the form of a “phased withdrawal,” just as troops are pulled out of a war zone when a peace treaty is concluded. This mass deportation should be carried out as humanely as possible, but it absolutely must be done. Fourth, legal immigration must be reformed. We need a temporary moratorium on all immigration, followed by the dismantling of the Immigration Act of 1965 and a return to the previous system, which favored immigration from Europe.”

Brian Powell, a journalist with Media Matters, did an expose on a white nationalist conference organized by the National Policy Institute (6). The full article can be found in our sources and it is recommended to read through as it provides a good indication of the shapes this form of white nationalist fascism is currently taking. Major themes at this conference were the building of a white ethno-state through the forced migration of people of color, along with claims of white people's supposed inherent biological superiority. Upon meeting several members of the AFA during this conference, the reporter states: "...they expressed frustration with a culture and government that they feel ignores and looks down upon the interests of the white race.... They were relieved that they had finally found a place where they didn't have to 'feel out' the conversation before navigating it into the straits of white supremacy.“ In his response to the Media Matters article, Stephen McNallen merely states: "The AFA will not dictate to its members which meetings they are permitted to attend as private individuals. There are suggestions that we discipline them for the crime of being present in a room where extreme statements seem to have been made. We will not do this. There will be no exposure, no witch-hunt, no apologies, and no reprimands... men and women of European descent have exactly the same right to meet and to promote their collective interests as do any other group. To demonize them for doing this, when every other group is encouraged to do so, is to indulge in a vicious double standard. (7)".

To state that an overtly white supremacist conference which involved proposing plans for white-only ethnostates, modeled on South African apartheid, is a discussion of the "collective interests" of white people provides us with a clear perspective on what the founder of the AFA means when he discusses his vision of promoting the goals of the white race. There are no excuses offered and none should be made on his behalf. On the AFA's webpage, the second goal of the organization is stated to be "The preservation of the Peoples of the North (typified by the Scandinavian/Germanic and Celtic peoples), and the furtherance of their continued evolution... the survival and welfare of the Northern European peoples as a cultural and biological group is a religious imperative for the AFA." (8). This statement by McNallen provides a clear idea of what AFA's purpose and points of unity are intended to denote in the form of practical application sought by its founders. Anti-racists have been intervening in Stephen McNallen's spread of white nationalist propaganda since at least the 1990's, as evidenced by a rather amusing article from a Canadian Holocaust denier organization that hosted him for a lecture and were highly upset by the ARA response they received (9). 

Blood Axis / Michael Moynihan
Allowing for the participation of the AFA and McNallen was not the only way in which Stella Natura has provided a platform for racists. Michael Moynihan played at Stella Natura last year with his band Blood Axis, a group well known for their use of Nazi iconography and their high standing in fascist music circles. This year he and his Blood Axis bandmate Annabell (Lee) Moynihan are appearing at the festival as 'special guests' of Ian Read's act, Fire and Ice. Moynihan is a well-known figure among anti-racists for his covert and intellectual ways of promoting fascist politics for decades. He has edited two of Italian fascist philosopher and elite Nazi academic Julius Evola's books for English-language publication, including Evola’s Men Among the Ruins: Post‐War Reflections of a Radical Traditionalist (10). In 1992, Moynihan collected and published the writings of National Socialist James Mason in the book 'SIEGE!' (11). Within these texts, Mason vehemently argues for the need for whites to gain power through armed struggle rather than political means, and applauds individuals for acts such as “Zebra Killings”(the murder of black and white 'mixed' couples). For a better idea of what this work includes, please see the enclosed chapter from Mason's book. Moynihan's aims in spreading fascist propaganda is clear in quotes of his such as: “I’m sick of people saying they’re ‘not political,’ as I think this is a cop‐out… If you’re going to espouse ‘fascist’ ideas, then I believe you have to accept some of the responsibility for their application in the real world; otherwise what is the point of espousing them in the first place?” (12).

Extract from James Masons's Siege!
One of Moynihan's present areas of focus is the editing and publishing of the journal Tyr, which collects pieces on the topics of Germanic paganism and the history of northern European peoples (13). While it does not describe itself as a fascist publication, it reproduces white nationalist and far-right discourse and publishes authors with ties to various fascist and white supremacist currents. One of the original editors and ongoing contributors of Tyr is Colin Cleary, whose political perspective is rather concisely summed up in an article in which he states: "I regard Ásatrú and White Nationalism as so inseparably bound to one another that to espouse Ásatrú while rejecting White Nationalism is to involve oneself in a fatal contradiction (fatal, really, in more than just the logical sense)... Disraeli really was right: 'Race is everything. There is no other truth.' (14)". Joshua Buckley, another editor of Tyr, is a former member of the SS of America (15). He makes a living as one-half of a notoriously shady real estate gentrification project with a long-term business partner, who he is set to inherit the business from, named Sam Dickson. Dickson is an attorney who provided legal services to the Georgia KKK for decades and who sat on the board of The Barnes Review, an academic journal focused on promoting Holocaust denial. Dickson's largest public presence in the last decade has been as a guest speaker at multiple conferences that advocate for militant white nationalism, such as the conference covered by Media Matters.

Robert Taylor is one half of the band Changes, who will be playing for their third time at Stella Natura. The Changes duo returned to the music scene in 1996 after decades of silence thanks to the encouragement and efforts of Taylor's friend Michael Moynihan, who went on to produce and release their next album (16). Robert Taylor describes himself as a “herald... one of the three founders of the [Asatru] movement” within North America, along with Steven McNallen. He describes Asatru as “a religion that is suited for Indo-Europeans because it contains and constitutes all the main features and spirit of how most of us feel inside” (17). Taylor was a founder of the Asatru Alliance along with former American Nazi party member Michael (Valgard) Murray and has a long history of allying with Stephen McNallen in pagan organizing (16). Taylor has a long history of involvement within the radical right and white separatist circles. In an interview with infamous 'national anarchist' and white supremacist political organizer Troy Southgate (39),Taylor outlines his youth involvement in “the most feared white street gang in Chicago at that time” and states that he joined as a “vehicle for fighting” because he “loved the exhilaration of combat”, and that he “never joined gangs so much for the camaraderie or as a group security thing” (16). He states that this environment “certainly brought grassroots social problems into sharp focus” and that “racial tensions flared up frequently”. He describes his participation in a white riot in which thousands of white people mobbed up against a black family that had just moved into the neighborhood he lived in. This mob chanted curses, bombarded the black family's home with bricks, tried to break down the door and then proceeded to fight with the police upon their arrival. He described the experience of being in this mob as “like a minuet movement. A dance of rage”. Taylor recounts that these riots went on for four nights, during which “dummies stuffed with rags and painted with black faces were hung from lamp posts and set ablaze in effigy” and city buses with black drivers were attacked with large chunks of concrete dropped from bridges. He claims that he's sure of the fact that the media did not report on the riots because it would have attracted “people from far and wide to join the mob and riot”. He also outlines a group he organized with other white youth that committed such disgusting acts as responding to black students being brought into a school in his neighborhood by holding a confrontational demonstration at the school which these students were being transferred from, in a black community.

Taylor speaks at length of his involvement with a 1960s right wing paramilitary organization named 'the Minutemen', in which he quickly moved through the ranks from being the principal organizer in the Chicago area to holding the position of national Director of Intelligence, and then becoming national spokesperson while also being the sole editor of their magazine. He describes the activities of the Minutemen as mainly consisting of: infiltrating leftist and communist groups in order to bring police violence against them or sabotaging their activities in other ways, identifying their members, and forming fake anti-war groups to give leftists a bad name in the press. He was a member of a special subgroup that was set up within the organization called the Defence Survival Force, which consisted of about 50-60 people trained in survival skills, killing, expropriation, explosives knowledge and special operational skills. They operated underground and rendezvoused in an organized way to meet in safe-houses and make claymore mines and pipe grenades. He outlines how this group slowly fell apart due to legal matters and how once their resources had dwindled enough and some members were facing incarceration, he used his position as national spokesperson to advise Minutemen groups across the US to organize as local militias rather than as a federation. In Taylor's own words, “The legacy of the Minutemen continues on now in various factions of the revolutionary right. We laid the groundwork, provided the basic concepts and more or less pioneered that movement. It brought a new sophistication of tactics and strategy to the Right” (18).

In 2006, Taylor defends his participation in the race riots by saying that for white working class people, “their job... their home, car and family was about all they had in the world” and that once black families began to move into neighborhoods dominated by white people, these were all threatened (17). He went on to claim that [i]t was no secret that once blacks predominated in an area, the crime rate would soar and the streets would become dangerous to walk. (17)” Taylor espouses strong feelings about disseminating this viewpoint based on the perception that “white working class ethnics seldom have a spokesman or anyone who writes or speaks on their behalf. They are simply the dispossessed majority”. It is also very interesting to note that in this later interview, Taylor attempts to justify his participation in this riot, yet offers up no toned-down explanation of his prolonged and active organizing within the Minutemen. Taylor has gone on record stating that he sees the infamous and long-running white supremacist organization Aryan Nations and similar groups as representing “love and loyalty to one's race as opposed to geographical boundaries” (17).

Fire And Ice, one of the headliners of Stella Natura, is a band founded and fronted by Ian Read. Read is well known for his work with bands Current 93, Sol Invictis, and Death in June, whom he provided vocals for in their rendition of 'Horst Wessel Lied', the anthem of the German National Socialists on the Brown Book album (banned in Germany for supporting fascism) (19). He also played with the openly neo-nazi group Above the Ruins, whose name is derived from the writings of Evola and who contributed to the National Front's benefit album No Surrender Vol 1, alongside bands such as Screwdriver(20)(21). Read has also led militant security teams for both Holocaust denier and anti-Semite Michele Renouf and editor of far-right magazine Michael Walker (22). Michael Walker was one of the individuals who safe-housed a notorious Italian fascist, on the run from the police after having a large quantity of explosives and weapons found in his organization's office (23) (24). He was also exposed as an organizer of the Iona organization's Nazi street fighters in the 1997 article 'Rocking for Satan' by the antifascist Magazine Searchlight (22). One of Read's closest collaborators has been Tony Wakeford (Death in June, Sol Invictis, Above the Ruins), a member of the National Front who has also been a key figure within occult-fascist music (20). Wakeford's work within Above the Ruins and overt Nazism was too much for Death in June's Douglas Pierce, eventually causing Wakeford to split from the group and form Sol Invictis with Read (22). He was also heavily involved with Read in the IONA fascist group (22). Ian Read was also a member of the band While Angels Watch, which worked with British fascist advocate and organizer Troy Southgate (20).

Die Weisse Rose
Die Weisse Rose is another band slated to play at Stella Natura. This Danish band is the project of Thomas Bøjden and whichever friends he asks to join him in performances (25). These friends include people such as Gerhard Petak, the man who records his music as Allerseelen. Petak has released tribute albums to the Iron Guard, a profoundly violent Romanian fascist occultist party guilty of such horrific massacres that the Nazis had to urge them to practice restraint (10) (26). Petak celebrates and claims great influence from Evola, as well as Karl Maria Wiligut and the Ahnenerbe (the occultist wing of the Third Reich), and bases a large part of his music and imagery in direct references to the Nazi regime (10). Another of Bøjden's guest collaborators was Marco Deplano of Italian fascist band Foresta di Ferro, who have contributed songs to tribute albums for the leader of the Iron Guard (26). Bøjden has performed as a guest with Foresto di Ferro, Allerseelen and Blood Axis (27). About his collaborations with these fascist musicians, Bøjden states that they are “musicians that I truly admire and respect for their individual projects and their contribution to Die Weisse Rose" (25). Die Weisse Rose utilize sound collages, videos, and the wearing of Nazi Brownshirt uniforms in their performances, which Bøjden claims is merely for artistic purposes. Die Weisse Rose were selected by Douglas Pierce to accompany Death in June's farewell tour in 2012 and Bøjden describes Douglas Pierce as “a very wonderful and very inspiring person”, stating that Death in June had been formative in every aspect of his life for decades (25). Included is an image of Bøjden posing affectionately with Tony Wakeford.

Tony Wakeford and Thomas Bøjden
Another band on Stella Natura's 2013 lineup is Waldteufel, the project of Markus Wolff. Wolff was a founding member of Blood Axis and has collaborated with Michael Moynihan frequently (28) (10). Wolff has contributed writings on nationalist German authors and paganism to publication such as Tyr, and also helped Moynihan release English editions of Evola's works (10). He is the current staff editor and contributing artist and writer for Hex magazine, another sponsor of Stella Natura (29). Hex magazine has published works by Gerhard Petak in several issues, and promoted Allerseelen's recent West Coast tour ( 10), with Waldteufel playing a date on this tour. Hell and Dispirit, two other band appearing at Stella Natura, also played on the same tour despite agitation and information spread by the Rose City Antifa and actions against their shows by antifascists in Europe (30).

Yet another dubious act on Stella Natura's lineup for 2013 is Of the Wand and the Moon, the one-man project of Kim Larsen, which has issued a split album with Ian Read and Tony Wakeford's Sol Invictus (31). OTWATM also appeared on a compilation entitled 'Looking for Europe', which bears an iron cross on the cover and features essentially every high profile fascist or fascist sympathizer band in the neofolk scene, such as Blood Axis, Boyd Rice/ NON, Allerseelen, Changes and Death in June (32). Kim Larsen has been criticized by German antifa groups for posing for photos (33) wearing the Lebensrune, a Norse symbol that was used during the Nazi regime in place of the 'date of birth' label on paperwork. It was also the symbol of the SS Lebensborn and modern neo-Nazi organizations such as the German Heathens' Front (34). The German Heathens' Front is a racialist Asatru organization formed by a well-known neo-Nazi and is infamous for their virulent anti-Semitism and allegiance to the ideas of David Lane (35). This is not to claim that the use and revival of runes is inherently problematic, but merely that to wear a rune that has been so deeply associated with various fascist organizations without any critique or anti-fascist analysis is a heavily loaded action. In an interview with an online fanzine, Larsen names his biggest musical influences as “Death in June, but also bands as NON, Der Blutharsch, Current 93, Fire and Ice, Blood Axis etc.”, all bands that have racist tendencies and associations (36). In another interview in which he was asked the same question, he lists the same bands but adds Sol Invictus to the list (37). Larsen has also appeared as a guest in Die Weisse Rose's performances (25).

It is necessary to acknowledge that while many Asatru practitioners or fans of neofolk/industrial/black metal are well-intentioned music fans, many others involved in these scenes are actively promoting fascist ideas in order to normalize these tendencies. As outlined in Anton Shekhovstov's brilliant essay on the topic, which is highly recommended when approaching this subject,(38) this course is charted out within the post-WWII writings of Alain de Benoist and Julius Evola. These authors argued for fascists to retreat from active politics into the realm of culture until the time was right to begin recruiting for future fascist political movements. This form of 'metapolitical' fascism manifests in subcultural scenes focused on music or spirituality with their accompanying record labels, distros and spiritual organizations, as well as through networks of journals, publishing houses, conferences and think tanks. Neofolk as a musical subculture has always held an intellectual and elitist attitude that is eager to feign disassociation with more overt white supremacists, but this must be seen as what it is: part of a coherent and deliberate strategy to disseminate their unpopular ideas without risking immediate anti-fascist responses.The presence of fascists and white nationalists at Stella Natura is not an accident, but a planned infiltration; a co-opting of spirituality, heritage and music to suit their personal agenda. Opposition to this must come from within the scenes they seek to convert, and from the potential recruits they hope to gain.

  12. Coogan, Kevin, “How Black is Black Metal? Michael Moynihan, Lords of Chaos and the ‘Countercultural Fascist’ Underground,” Hit List Vol. 1 No. 1 (February / March 1999), 32‐49, 45., found on
  26. .


  1. quite funny to see how dangerous can be a hippie festival that is quite far away from what a bonhead would like.

    in the endless pages of this website, you made assumption on projects accusing them of any possible crimes without doing one single attempt to get deeper in their background, current activities, etc.

    typical stasi/gestapo style, talking rubble about absent people who probably, once questioned will probably explain their views and inspirations, vision and regrets for youth errors

    you have quoted at least 3/4 projects that are now completely hippie/flower power oriented (dreadful) or who have currently leftist/gay/Jewish members (it is enough you do a quick search on line to understand who)see mr Wakeford that you are still crucifying after he demonstrated to no longer have bonds to his juvenile fascinations...

    I wonder who fucked whose boy/girlfriend to justify such waste of energy or who is paying your bills considering the amount of free time you are spending for your witch-hunt hobby.

    These stories could have been hot 6/7 years ago when ambiguity was hip, now you are left with a bunch of hippies and family men spending week end abroad singing (barefoot) about the joys of nature.

    totalitarian aesthetic is no longer exciting for most of these people, so themes have turned to a cheap form of pantheism that would not scare my grandmother...

    "nazis" see these people has freaks to be avoided or beaten up.

    you are living in the past


  2. Something tells me whoever runs this website will not be allowing comments that disagree with the author.

  3. @ James Billings:
    I suggest you look at the comments on the other posts on this site. You will see that's not the case. Do you atcually have anything to say about the post or are you just a sad troll?

    @ MH:
    Hello Albin.

  4. Why not heed the words posted on this very blog in 2011? "Those who are offended by neofolk/post-industrial music and wish to keep it in relative obscurity, meanwhile, would be well-advised to simply ignore it as much as possible."

  5. "Those who are offended by neofolk/post-industrial music and wish to keep it in relative obscurity, meanwhile, would be well-advised to simply ignore it as much as possible"

    - sensible advice from ""

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. People who aren't blind to context, Clay, and just maybe the same people who know you released, um how do I say..."dodgy" artists on Cult Cassettes? Maybe you should ask some of those brilliant ideologues what such statements mean and report back to us

    2. and what does "my culture" mean for white people in the united states anyway? Velveeta? Ford? 7-11? last time i checked the history books, the tribes of Europe spent most their time smashing each others brains in, occasionally getting it together to attack the roman empire. so i suppose, when saying "fight for my culture" what you are really trying to do is construct a "white culture", using source material that has nothing to do with "white." that is a historical, and is racist. pick your little patch of European culture and go to the mat for it. no one is going to give a shit if you have a polish festival, or st paddies day, or any other such goddamn thing. it's when you start making up specifically racialized categories for understanding the world of today that you star getting called a racist.

  7. What a failure of a research report. Sorry, but citing your own website multiple times, in addition to Wikipedia and Discogs, is not acceptable, nor are any of said places reliable. For the time being I'll also ignore the fact that a majority of your other "sources" are similarly misleading, openly biased websites such as this one, but that shit wouldn't fly in a 11th grade history report, bud.

    Also, Marcus Wolff was a founding member of Crash Worship (not Blood Axis), an openly Anarchist band (of the total individualism type, not the herd mentality type that websites like this espouse). I'll end the rant there. Get your facts straight before starting another smear campaign, motherfucker.

  8. For the record, you should not rely upon the SPLC's statements from 1998 regarding Odinism and Asatru, and their alleged relation to the Third Reich.

    Such claims have since been debunked by historians, and were largely the work of WWII-era propaganda designed to undermine Hitler's support among the Christian majority in Germany. In reality, the Nazi Party was thoroughly pro-Christian, promoting a viciously Anti-Semitic form of Christianity called "Positive Christianity", which was the forerunner to modern "Christian Identity".

    Hitler openly despised Germanic Heathens, and even wrote about them in "Mein Kampf", calling them cowards. And REAL Heathens like Ludwig Fahrenkrog were suppressed under the Nazi regime, while Hitler and his buddies were openly talking about how Christian they were, and promoting Christianity openly. Sure, there were "Occultists" in Hitler's inner circle (like Rosenberg and Himmler, for example), but even they operated from a clearly Christian "veneer", concentrating on Rosicrucianism and other Esoteric-Christian occult concepts.

    I'm a very anti-racist Heathen, and certainly not writing here to "defend" the AFA. But you have to walk the line between attacking racist elements in a religious organization...and defaming the religion. When you erroneously "tar" Heathenry/Asatru with Nazi are engaging in a campaign very similar to that which was waged by the Nazis themselves against the Jews. They rarely came right out and said, "Jews are evil and must be destroyed!" They usually blamed Jews for Communism, and made "Blood Libel" claims and other things that would frighten the masses into hating Jews. You don't have to fight Nazis by mimicking the tactics of the Nazis. All you're going to do is undermine your own points (by relying on false information), and make enemies of other anti-racists (by attacking a religion that is not "racist" in any shape or form, just because it is being used by racists...who usually employ Christianity for the exact same purpose).

  9. whoa! this guy has got some real anger to post a weird article like this. you basically take this thing that you think is so hateful and shove your hate for it on other people. should really just live your own life and stop telling people how to live theirs. this festival is going to be for nerdy old farty metal dudes (like myself) with families and this will probably be their only camping trip for the whole year. and its going to be nature loving kids who love extreme music and get to see bands they never thought they would. its for people that want to experience different kinds of music not inside a boxed room with speakers. your article doesn't make me or anyone I know not want to go, just like this festival is not going to turn me or anyone else into a racist. lots more important shit to worry about like work, the tires on my car, or bills, or feeding the family.

  10. This article states its case very well. It exposes the hateful nature of the organisers and participants of this festival. There's nothing hateful about exposing hate. Quite the opposite unless you prefer to remain in blissful ignorance. I'm sure a fine time will be had by all but there's no harm in the information provided being made available. It really is worth reading and maybe considering why Siege is still being sold or the activities of the Minutemen circa 1960s are currently being promoted. What merit is there in that? I'm off to live my life now...

  11. Current 93 mentioned on this article is fronted by David Tibet, who has just recorded a side project album with Youth of Killing Joke. Both Current 93 and Killing Joke are associated with the the Thelemic "magick" of the late infamous occultist Aleister Crowley, who wrote that Jews are "vermin" and "parasites". Current 93 has been mentioned on this blog before, and Killing Joke have often been labelled as "fascist" by the music press. Killing Joke vocalist Jaz Coleman says he is "three quarters English and one quarter high caste Brahmin Aryan", and he has recently been photographed with Daniel Landa, who was the leader of the Czech fascist band Orlik.

    1. Oh, fuck off you stupid cunt.

    2. Landa? Orlík? a fascist band? wtf?

  12. Anybody can be photographed with anybody--there's no proof of shared ideals when one poses with another. This piece and the comments (made anonymously, but surely from the author) is rife with guilt-by-association, when there is no evidence to support those allegations.
    To be labeled as fascist by the music press means nothing. They are often as ignorant as anyone else in not looking past the surface to see what is often irony, satire, or reflection of politics back into a way that can be seen--like many industrial bands who are stridently anti-war who wear camouflage and use militaristic imagery.

  13. Why would anyone choose to be photographed chummying up to a known fascist proselytiser, unless there's a degree of shared ideology? I'm genuinely bemused by this, having always given Killing Joke's journo-baiting the benefit of the doubt, BUT Daniel Landa does seem to be a typical dissembling, rabble-rousing fascist scumbag:

  14. This is an excellent post that pulls together a lot of threads and makes clear how internationally connected the fascist element of neofolk and related genres really is. The secrecy surrounding Changes' (already cancelled once) gig in London in September illuminates how the scene operates by keeping information strictly inside the scene. They have to hide because they are fascist scum and they know people have got their number.
    And once again the same comments from those who support and defend those bands and musicians are repeated ad nauseam; racist music doesn't make me racist, it's just a smear campaign, they're just lovely hippies, you're like the Gestapo/Stasi for calling these people out etc, etc...
    Moan all you like. This site will continue to expose cultural fascist entryism whether you like it or not.
    James Cavanagh

  15. It might be helpful to you and your readers if you could distinguish the differences between Fascism and National Socialism. Race being a main one.

    Also, it takes an equal amount of love in order to truly "hate" something. For what is hate, but a position taken to protect something you hold dear? Just a thought.

  16. I'm going to a metal festival and I'm going to have a great time just like last year.
    Thanks for being so concerned for my well being that you invested a lot of time to write this, but I'll be fine. I'm wearing my big boy pants.
    Not even Adolf is gonna stop me from banging my head off.

  17. <Also, it takes an equal amount of love in order to truly "hate" something. For what is hate, but a position taken to protect something you hold dear? Just a thought.

    Ever heard the song "You Give Love a Bad Name".

    If you love the color of your skin so much you hate others for not having it, well you're making my brain hurt. I guess I can love myself and my friends from diverse races and hate anyone who is a threat to it, mainly you...

  18. The photo of Jaz Coleman and Daniel Landa together:

    Coleman and Landa ("Zitto 44") have "prepared a special set of 14 rune songs".

  19. From Banshee Arts: Whose Ancestors?

    "Issues of race and Eurocentrism in religion have been increasingly on my mind recently, and the anniversary of Dr. King’s speech seems a good day to write about them.

    This came up for me when I found out that a favorite Nordic folk band, Wardruna, would be performing in the US for the first time this fall. I got all excited about this until friends pointed out that the event at which they will be performing, Stella Natura, is sponsored by the unabashedly racist Heathen organization AFA, and is also featuring several performers with strong links to white-supremacist, racist ideologies.

    So I ditched my plans of attending. And I feel like talking about this publicly because I think part of the reason racism continues to haunt European polytheism is because we let it. Too many of us take a policy of uneasily gritting our teeth and putting up with our intellectual proximity to racists. It’d have been more convenient and more fun for me to buy the ticket, go to the event and try to ignore the racism so that I could get the chance to enjoy one of my favorite bands. But I’d be supporting the inclusion of these racist elements within the fold of European polytheism, and I can’t stomach it. Instead, I’m refusing to participate. Wardruna, we love you, but if you want me to buy a ticket to your show, don’t sign on with racists as your event sponsors.

    It comes to me that practitioners of European polytheist traditions have a duty on us to take a clear stance against racism in our religious communities. Not to do so, I think, inevitably leads us into tacitly condoning racism, because of its ubiquity in the overculture and its history as an undercurrent within European polytheism."

    1. Exactly why I moved away from anything relating to Asatru in the first place.

  20. Wardruna, Gaahl's (ex-Gorgorth) project, as a "good example" - are you serious?? But the blogger is probably right, Stella Natura might be much too harmless for Gaahl and that band, so they shouldn't play there. This is just another indication of how ridiculous, blind and uninformed all of you are.

  21. @ Anonymous (30th August):

    Banshee Arts may have misread Gaahl's politics (he has a history of making racist statements), but it does not change the integrity of his/her position. Your point is not clear, veiled as it is in rather feeble and misdirected sarcasm.

    And just who do you mean by "you", as in "just another indication of how ridiculous, blind and uninformed all of you are."? There are myriad opinions expressed on the subject of fascism and national socialism in music on this website, in the posts and the comments. I suspect you are being disingenuous and really want to come out and defend the fascist bands discussed here. So why don't you explain to us why all, any, or just one of the bands discussed in the post above are NOT fascist. I for one would love to hear your efforts.

    James Cavanagh

  22. You are right, this was a sarcastic entry. I do not want to defend anyone. But you fell in my trap: You defend Banshee Arts' position as integre (although she calls a band her favorite which one could consider at least as "fascist" as all other bands listed in this blog), while in all other cases anyone who defends one of the other "neofolk" bands is called a fascist or a morone here. I do not have to respond to your question why other bands are or are not fascists, as this can fill books. But don't you see: the "myriad opinions expressed on the subject" in this blog reveal that your opinion is but one of many others, hence not an absolute truth - you and Strelnikov do not acknowledge any other opinion than your own.

  23. Firstly those opinions are represented here in the comments. My voice is just one amongst all the others, and anyone who chooses to is free to comment or disagree. In that sense Strelnikov has certainly acknowledged all those opinions even if he disagrees with some of them.

    Your casual blanket dismissal of "all of us" in your comment "This is just another indication of how ridiculous, blind and uninformed all of you are" sounds to me suspiciously like not acknowledging anyone's opinion but your own, and a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

    The thing is you haven't offered any defence of any of the "neofolk" bands you mention, only attack the blog for daring to point out that there is a clearly fascist element to some of the genres discussed here. It's an open forum. Go on have another go. You don't have to fill books.

    James Cavanagh

  24. Funnily enough, this festival coincides with our old mate Douglas P's US tour so maybe he's planning a guest turn. Watch out for a camp paramilitary version of Bill & Ben the Flower Pot Men as per this suitably Reifenstahlesque photo on his website:

    1. Omg. More queers at Stella Natura pls!! Maybe it will other minorities to check it out in order to intensify and make overt any possible streams of nordo-centric extremism in thee midst

    2. 12 sept - is it possible that you can you write in a clear and understandable way or are you suffering from something other than a delusion that you are spanning centuries with your sad little "thee" - I have no idea if you are for fascism or against - but with posts like that you discredit whichever side you are on.

  25. To Anonymous of 12th September: thank you for your valuable contribution, Albin.

  26. ....But when Marilyn Manson dresses up like a Nazi it's cool because he's just being outrageous, right? Yeah...

  27. you do realize that die weisse rose take their name from a non violent group, who apposed adolf hitler and the nazi regime, right?

  28. I'm Pakistani by origin and just got back from the last day at Stella Natura. It was a lovely experience and was one I'll never forget. I'm embarrassed to say that I was a bit nervous because of this article and the general bad rep that follows certain neofolk artists. However I got in touch with the organizer and he put to rest any such worries. Among all the hundreds of people I only saw two or three people that seemed sympathetic to the right-wing ideology, and that's less than I've seen at concerts for completely apolitical bands ranging from blackmetal to progressive metal. Every single person I spoke with was genuinely polite and/or friendly, ranging from the vendors to the artists and to the security. And THIS is the account of a non-white man in the midst of what you deem a neo-nazi festival. I met Moynihan, often mistaken for a fascist, and there was nothing in his demeanor that would indicate he holds any of the reservations people think he has. I even exchanged a friendly head nod with Robert of Changes and would have met him had he not been accosted by fans. I met members of the AFA at their stall and since they also handled security, met with, spoke with, asked assistance from and received help from many members of their "neo-nazi" organization.

    While the attendees were mostly white, I saw two other Indian/Pakistanis and quite a few east-Asians.

    Not for a moment did I feel unwelcome, something I was admittedly nervous about, falsely it seems. It was a music festival just like most, and nothing more. So please do yourselves a favor, move past the bad research and the rhetoric and the hate and fear mongering. And for whoever is saying this is a well researched and well written article, you need to look at the sources a lot more closely.

  29. DUHHH! weisse rose did that? really? is that the same weisse rose that described themselves as 'militant conservative' on myspace? and tell me - was't the swastika a peace and good luck symbol therefore those people who are using it cannot be bad? I understand your logic. I hope you never ever go into a bar, and meet a strnger who says "put your wallet on the bar, and i will watch it and keep it safe for you whilst you go to the WC, your hands look dirty and you may get ill" because it is possible you may just believe them.

  30. Actually this was really fun and laid back. There were people of all colors, cultures, sexual orientations and backgrounds there wanting to enjoy the music and the forest. What each individual person's own beliefs were, whether you agree with them or not, didn't matter, there were no fights, no violence, no spouting of rhetoric. Just a buncha folks who like the same sorta music, and got to see bands that they normally don't get a chance to see live, with the added bonus of the most beautiful surroundings, on a piece of scared land, that was perfect for a bunch of people who share "Pagan" beliefs. It was basically filled with folks who had more respect for a "venue" and tolerance for others people's liberties then any punk or metal festival I've ever been to. I'm just being honest here, and hopefully not coming off as being on the defensive. I did think this was an ill informed hit piece, tho. It read kinda like someone just copy and pasted tidbits from Wikipedia that fit the spin they wanted. Me? I grew up fighting Nazi Skinheads. I've been put in the hospital before by em, and still got the scars to prove it. Still never made me think that they didn't have the right to believe what they wanted to. Kids nowadays don't really fight back other than writing stuff like this on the internet tho, so whatever.

  31. Whatever one may think of the bands who perform there, festival is/was not political, and much of this post relies on the fallacy of guilt by association. Having been both of the last two years, I did not witness any Fascist or neo-Nazi statements there. Furthermore if the author is going to cite Wikipedia as a source, then it would seem the author really should have seen that Death In June founder was an anti-racism activist. Maybe the author should have come to the festival to see for him or herself exactly what was going on. Lots of people of a variety of belief systems wearing black, listening to music, and peacefully enjoying the natural setting.

  32. The article is not about how the festival is a fascist festival per se, but rather about how fascists were using it to rally themselves. Sean - it is possible to fart and chew gum at the same time, ie., it is possible to critique 'counter-cultural fascism' on the one hand and oppose fascists openly as well. As to whether fascists have the 'right' to their opinions I don't know what differenc eit makes. What I do know is that when they use music to propogate those opinions they should be opposed and resisted.

    Anon - the idea that the contributors down't know "that Death In June founder was an anti-racism activist" is hilarious. But more importantly, it helps to know that they later became fascists. Stranger things have happened.

  33. I'm Pakistani by origin and I've never found a more welcoming crowd. I even met some of the people most often pointed out as racist in these "racism in neofolk" articles and found them to be genuinely friendly. I met many members of the AFA and since the Viking Brotherhood were doing security, I spoke with, asked asked assistance from, received help from and interacted with them often during the three days I was there. Not ONE person made me feel unwelcome there. I was not the only Pakistani there either, I saw a few others, as well as people from other counties having as much fun as everyone else.   And that was an evaluation of the concert from the eyes of a non-racist non-white who was there.   Let's talk about this article now. I don't really understand why the author had to go out on such a limb citing old or inaccurate or self-linking posts. Get it straight people, this was a propaganda piece.   I'm shameful to admit that due to this article and the general lies concerning neofolk I almost didn't go, and I'm eternally grateful I went. Thank you Adam and the rest for making this an event to remember.

  34. how is promoting these ideas to some niche audience going to normalize them? this whole scene, racists and blackmetalhippies alike is so small and insular, it isn't going to normalize jack shit. no one gives a shit about this, look out at the world around you, what's normalized is whoring and selfish indulgence, shiny fabrics and ecstasy with 80s club beats. What's normalized is the gibberish of mainstream politics. the only people who are going to hear about this promotion of racist ideas are the people who go out looking for it and the people who are woven into this relatively small scene of overlapping genres of music. WHO GIVES A FUCK. racism anarchism fascism odinism black clothing. chicago must have so many violent skinhead gangs to be the new murder capital of the USA.. oh wait, violent racist gangs are a totally negligible and irrelevant statistic in comparison to actual violence which is conducted in competition for profits in a highly lucrative black market. you might as well give a shit about the agenda of school shooters, as it too doesn't make a sweet fucking difference. maybe if we were in some scandinavian socialist country you could talk about racist violence being a problem, but in america we have the war on drugs and the selfish individualism to occupy our primeval lusts.

  35. Jello Biafra was in attendance this year with his friends Slim Cessna's Auto Club. He has been putting out their records for years. Robert who plays mandolin and keyboards for Slim Cessna also plays with Blood Axis and Fire+Ice. Jello was watching many bands at this event and i saw him conversing with "known nazi" Michael Moynihan and Anabel Lee. Are you telling me Jello and Alternative Tentacles are now guilty by association?

    1. Unlikely that he's racist of course, but a two-degree connection to Biafra shouldn't make you feel any cozier about Fire and Ice's racist, Eurocentric assured it's not tongue-in-cheek (Ian Read wouldn't even waste his time to assert that it is) and has zero to do with leftist San Francisco art punk. Innocence by association is just as dubious as guilt by association, no? Or do you forget that this post wasn't making any claims about Jello Biafra?

      -first responder to Clay Ruby

  36. That rather depends what they were talking about. What I can say for sure is that if Jello Biafra was talking to Michael Moynihan he was talking to someone who is a major promoter of fascism - whatever you think of his music it is absolutely clear from his publications (the Mason book, Tyr journal, etc) that his main interest is in promoting the ideas of fascism and the extreme right.

  37. I was going to write about how easy it is to be seduced by the spectacle of stunning scenery and apparent bonhomie, but don't let me taint your experience. Instead I'll let you read this review of the festival

    which is in no way a "propaganda piece" I do hope it is contemporary enough for you.

  38. I attended SN 2013. I am South Asian. Only upon arrival did I hear of this controversy from my friends. I felt really uneasy about being there. I decided to stick around and experience the event for myself.

    Overall, my experience was OK. The crowd was friendly and diverse. I may have spotted the Pakistani gentleman who posted above which gave me some relief.

    I didn't pick up on any negative vibes and there was nothing really remarkable about the vendor booths, though I didn't really spend much time there. What did bother me is the security guards walking around with Viking Brotherhood jackets. Let's face it, anything "Brotherhood" Aryan, Muslim, whatever, is not a group that I really care to be around.

    I don't know anything about the Viking Brotherhood. That plus the news that the festival sponsors and performers may be white nationalists left me feeling tense.

    Unlike the gentleman above, I did not want anything to do with them. Especially those roaming around with zip ties hanging out of their pockets. Sorry, they did not seem to be approachable in my opinion.

    When I got home and dug into the controversy, I felt angry. Angry at myself for not doing my research into these white nationalist, neo-folk groups.

    I don't give a shit about folk, neo or otherwise. But when they come from a space of white nationalism, I don't want anything to do with it.

    Then I discovered the Counter-Currents review.

    Mr. Johnson makes no qualms about being a white nationalist. He even had a vendor booth at SN.

    In his review, he makes a point of saying how SN curator Adam Torruella stopped by say hello. Ahh,how nice....

    I emailed two bands that played SN both present and past. Both responded quickly and voiced their anger at this vendors presence. One denounced support of white nationalism/fascism/neo-nazism or any such related ideology.

    These are bands are respect and I am grateful they too do not tolerate this shit. I would like to see a public response from Adam Torruella.

    I don't have a Facebook, so if a post has been made, if somebody could please share, I would appreciate it. As of now, I don't think I will be returning to SN.


  39. Michael Myles-Todd27 Sept 2013, 01:54:00

    Yes - I don't doubt that that was one mans true account of what he experienced - I didn't expect to read of murderous skinheads or shouty displays of fascist chants - this article DOES STATE CLEARLY why this website, and antifa, should be attacking the festival - the writer - one Greg Johnson, clearly states that "I also thought that Stella Natura would be a good place to sell books. Of course, not everyone into neofolk, black metal, neopaganism, or Traditionalism is white, much less a White Nationalist. But a good number of them are. So I set up a table with the aim of meeting as many like-minded people as possible and selling some books–hoping to make a profit, of course, but quite content to break even, yet return home rich with less tangible benefits." and "The staff was also quite security-conscious due to “anti-fa” huffing and puffing about “fascists,” which is their codeword for white people gathering without sufficient Jewish mind-control." And Counter Currents is a far right website - the New Right, in fact - which is global - and has Troy Southgate at the helm over here.

  40. Michael Myles-Todd27 Sept 2013, 02:06:00

    ...Furthermore, i think it important to print the three comments appended to that article - as they nicely precis the reason for people to be concerned - they that care about the life and liberty of decent non-racist, non-nationalist and non-bigoted people, that is."D. Whitman
    Posted September 23, 2013 at 9:12 pm - "Based on this report (and the report on “Death in June”), it appears as if the West coast has a legitimately growing White Nationalist presence? The important thing (and why I call it “legitimate”) is that it sounds like it’s made up of “normal” people?
    And I think it’s no coincidence that people are coming for the art. Create art and they will come. The pro-White, or traditionalist, or White Nationalist “thing” can offer ideas and concepts that speak to the soul. And this is what people yearn for in the West. There is nothing spiritually interesting offered in the West today. The only religion growing in the West is Judeo-Evangelical Christianity, but this is only because they have Establishment support. The Judo-Evans only started growing in the 80′s because it offered what appeared to be a collective cultural-spiritual force that opposed the degeneracy of the times.
    When it comes down to it, we can offer something so much better than the GOP-Judo-Evangelical-militarist crap that middle America currently feeds on . What people in the West want is Lord of the Rings not Kurt Cameron rapture garbage. We just need artists to do their magic.
    A consistent message (found at BUGS) and inspiring art.
    Get at it!!!" the writer of the article replies - "Greg Johnson
    Posted September 24, 2013 at 2:04 am
    Well, to all outward appearances the crowds at Death in June and Stella Natura are not “normal” at all, with their tattoos, black clothes, hairstyles, etc. But their alienation with modern society and their search for archaic and vital alternatives is deeply healthy and something we can build upon." and adding to that, "Petronius - Posted September 24, 2013 at 4:15 am
    In an upside down world, “normal” people or people with their heart in the right place often appear to be abnormal on the outside.Juleigh Howard-Hobson is in the tattoo and black clothes bunch as well, see the recent interview with her at Alternative Right conducted by Andy Nowicki."

  41. Thanks for the idea for sharing this data...

  42. Intolerance breeds hate regardless of the situation. The man who started Stella Natura had a dream for people to come and play music regardless of their life choices or beliefs. In a place where everyone is welcome that is a place where peace and understanding thrive and change can begin. If you are a white supremacist and you are only around white supremacists how will your view ever change or even have a glimpse of tolerance. Despite what the founder of Stella Natura may or may not believe which is never anyones' right to assume or judge he did something many people will never ever do in their entire lives, welcomed everyone.

  43. By all means, open up meaningful one-to-one personal dialog with fascists in an effort to end their ignorance, but don't go giving their propaganda projects a fucking microphone.

    There is a big difference between 'tolerating' and 'promoting'.

  44. pure evil, it must be stopped:

  45. Stop whining and confront real neo-nazis who are open and vocal about it instead of these fringe groups with small followings with no connection to neo-nazism whatsoever. I mean the claims given are so extremely far-fetched and far-removed to be considered hard evidence. You people are too busy worrying yourselves over whether these fringe groups may or may not be nazi and desperately trying to prove them to be so, while you outright ignore openly neo-nazi and racist groups who are proud of their misguided ideals and are out there posturing every day screaming in all of our ears about it. Why don't you go harrass the people who deserve it, the ones who are actually nazis. The only conclusion I can come up with is that you're too weak and cowardly to do so, you have to resort to whining and spreading gossip and misinformation in the shadows about groups whose nazi affiliation is yet to be proven and who are too small to pose any real threat.


  47. I'm assuming none of you people ever went to it. I went and I didn't see any nazis.

  48. 1) it isn't whining
    2) some of the people involved certainly are 'real Nazis' / fascists
    3) this is a site about countercultural fascism. consequently it focuses on countercultural fascism. those facts do not imply that the people involved in the site are not involved with other kinds of anti-fascist activity.

  49. I was there.I did not see or hear anyone who I would suspect were, as you put it "Nazi" or "fascist". With all the buzz about "nazis rallying" on the web the months leading up to Stella Natura, I was certainly more on the look out for any white supremacy b.s. or neo-nazis. Nothing. I didn't even see the counter currents guy's booth even though I left with alot of merch and checked out most of the booths. I had many conversations with alot of different people there and there was nothing but positivity, excitement and camaraderie in everyone. No one could ever destroy or tarnish such a beautiful memory of a truly magical experience; one where human beings gathered for the sole purpose of celebrating life through art and music.


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