Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Noise in Opposition

Noise In Opposition is a compilation of 24 artists from across the globe opposed to fascism, misogyny and prejudice. Noise In Opposition totals nearly 3 hours of music across 31 tracks by people including Hacker Farm, Libbe Matz Gang, Elizabeth Veldon and The Implicit Order.

The Noise In Opposition project was triggered by Elizabeth Veldon’s statement that she would never make harsh noise again after receiving threats against her, and those close to her, for the crime of being a feminist in a male-dominated genre. This was the catalyst, but the problem is one that has been poisoning the noise and extreme electronics scenes for a long,long time: the tolerance of misogyny, fascism and prejudice – either as a genuine belief or a cheap, lazy aesthetic. It’s time for the opposition to make our voices heard. It was gratifyingly easy to get people involved – almost everyone asked was genuinely enthused by the idea and suggested other people who would be interested.

Sounds veer wildly across all sorts of experimental electronic styles, with angry noise junk crunching into austerely minimal drones and being drowned out by cracked beats.

In order to spread the word as far as possible, Noise In Opposition is available as a free download or low-price data DVD+R with an A4 insert.


  1. (o)†hers - Family 2013 04:23
  2. Anastasia Vronski - 4 FaZe 03:30
  3. Ars Sonor - World Without 05:04
  4. Broken Tiny - Isms 06:51
  5. Colon Three - Tired Of Your Shit 05:06
  6. Concrete/Field - Fascist Cult Of War 07:18
  7. Elizabeth Veldon - An Agnostic Praise For Dappled Things (A Response To Stupidity And Hate) 15:47
  8. Grove Of Whispers - The Beauty Of Bread Made Me Laugh 09:03
  9. Hacker Farm - Payday Loans 03:47
  10. Jack Chuter - Justification 05:21
  11. Kamikaze Deadboy - Cette Machine Sert A Tuer Tous Les Fascistes 10:40
  12. Kanellos - Fourteen Ways To Kill A Blackshirt 01:26
  13. Kanellos - They Make A Desert And Call It Peace 05:09
  14. Knifedoutofexistence - Outcasts 04:48
  15. Libbe Matz Gang - Congratulations, You Have Just Met The Famous BSSR Nazikillers 00:26
  16. Libbe Matz Gang - Radio City Dragnet 01:19
  17. Libbe Matz Gang - Amore Represso 02:46
  18. Libbe Matz Gang - Black Cat 02:14
  19. Libbe Matz Gang - Class War 01:32
  20. Libbe Matz Gang - Total Despair (Colindale) 01:46
  21. Luke Lund - Victimblamer/Honorkiller 11:09
  22. M Nomized - Fight Against 05:44
  23. :M:1:9: vs Broken Tiny - Opposed 08:20
  24. Peesix - Bigot See, Bigot Do 06:00
  25. Richard Sanderson - Just A Few Steps More 03:18
  26. Scutopus - On Demand, Without Apology 04:57
  27. Scutopus - The Game Is Rigged 04:25
  28. Ship Canal - A Harrowing Explosion Of Unplanned Honesty Ruptures The Veil Of Daytime Television 05:35
  29. The DDN - Sealions Return (Live) 05:04
  30. The Implicit Order - Double Standard (A Pertinent Subject) 04:25
  31. The Non-Compliant Airmen - Nobody Asks For It 09:54

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  1. Thanks for linking this. As a Yanqui marinated lifelong in hate speech, I think the best antidote to hate speech is more speech.

    Though I've read many great posts on this site, I've hoped for more references to antifa musical art, or art that embraces the aesthetics of "neofolk"/ambient/experimental/industrial without the ciphers of intolerance. Something like J. Reuter's project Rome is one of the few counterpoints I've found to an onslaught of samey haters.

    All this before listening to the mix! Which is to say, more please. And thanks again for providing a forum.


  2. hi there, i really like your blog and i've put a link to that "noise in opposition" stuff on my blog as i thought it was excellent.

    i was wondering, are you going to do a piece about the ebm scene soon and bands like Nachtmahr etc who are pretty openly Nazi? I was mildly pissed off to discover that Die Sektor who I'd been listening to for ages had brought out an album called "the final electro solution" with lyrics which said that they were "the final solution" in electro music and lyrics on another song that seemed to imply that the holocaust didn't exist.

    Are you going to write anything about this? It seems to me to be a massive problem, alternatively can you recommend anyone i can actually listen to who are genuinely anti-fash and "on side" as it were?

  3. I won't be writing about EBM, simply because I don't know enough to judge. As with other, similar topics, though, we would welcome contributions from those who know better.

  4. do you know anyone who does write about it? I was thinking about doing a post on my own blog about Nazism and the EBM scene but I think there are people who know about this topic more than I do.

  5. Hello from Spain. Last months we have created 3 groups of friends around the musical genre supposedly more "fascist": MARTIAL INDUSTRIAL. And we have found bands and people who refuse nazism, fascism and racism. We give you the links If you want to join us.!/groups/MARTIALMUSIC/


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