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Ben McPartland: Burzum's Varg Vikernes Arrested in PAris Terror Investigation

Originally published in 'Breivik-linked neo-Nazi held in Paris terror probe' in The Local

French police arrested a notorious Norwegian neo-Nazi living in central France on Tuesday morning over fears he was plotting a massacre similar to that carried out by terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, according to a report by French radio RTL.

Anders Breivik (left) / Oslo. Kristian Vikernes (right)
Photo: Junge/AFP/Rustem Agadamov
Kristian Vikernes, nicknamed 'Wolf' (or Varg in Norwegian) who is reportedly a sympathizer of Breivik was detained by anti-terrorist officers from France’s specialist DCRI unit on Tuesday morning at his farm in the rural Corrèze region in central France.

According to reports in the media, French intelligence services acted out of fears he could have been about to carry out a massacre, like the one committed by Breivik in Norway two years ago, when he killed 77 people in a bombing and mass shooting.

Later on Tuesday France's Interior Ministry said Vikernes was detained because he was "likely to carry out a major terrorist attack".

"He was a potential threat to society, as evidenced by the violence of his remarks, notably those intercepted on the internet," the ministry added in a statement.

The initial probe, opened a month ago by anti-terrorism authorities in Paris has labelled Vikernes -- who investigators say wrote antisemitic and xenophobic messages online -- as 'dangerous', a police source told AFP.

Police acted after his French wife, the mother of his three children recently purchased four rifles. The wife has a license to own guns and is a member of a local shooting club but police feared the weapons had been bought for a far more sinister reason. The 25-year-old wife, named in French media as Marie Cachet, was also detained by police.

"That was at the origin of the investigation ... There were several suspicions that made the services fear he could possibly carry out a violent act," a source at the prosecutors office told Reuters news agency.

According to AFP officers seized several weapons at their home on Tuesday, including four 22 Caliber Long Rifles. Vikernes could be held in custody for the next 96 hours, as is allowed under French anti-terror laws.

Vikernes - a convicted murderer

According to news website Le Point, Vikernes settled in France after serving part of a 21-year prison sentence in Norway for stabbing a friend in the 90s.

As a prominent part of Norway’s black metal scene at the time, Vikernes, who recorded music under the moniker ‘Burzum’, was also involved in burning down at least three Christian churches in the country.

Since moving to France, he has continued to write about the purported demise of European culture, attributing the decline to immigrant communities and supposed Jewish conspiracies.

In a blog entry published on Saturday, the neo-Nazi blamed a fatal train crash near Paris the previous day on 'non-European scum' and made claims that 'immigrant youths' had thrown stones at emergency services personnel, while robbing from victims of the crash.

He then claimed the fact that no media outlet in France had reported any incident of this type on a Jewish conspiracy between the French government and media.

In concluding, an angry Vikernes wrote: “I am so angry, and I have been the whole day, and I just don’t understand why Europe doesn’t revolt against this… It must stop; we must take actions to end this. Before it is too late.”

The neo-Nazi's links to Breivik are unclear other than the fact it is believed Breivik sent him a 1,500-page 'manifesto' entitled 2083: A European Declaration of Independence, that was attributed to the terrorist and contained details of the preparation for his attacks.

However, in a post on his blog Vikernes heavily criticised Breivik for killing innocent Norwegians. Nevertheless French police were clearly concerned that there was a link between the two.

Breivik was sentenced to a minimum of 21 years in prison in August 2012 for the mass killings after court in Norway found him sane. His sentenced can be prolonged at a later date if he is still deemed a danger to society.

Breivik insisted the killings were necessary to stop the 'Islamisation' of Norway.

Ben McPartland, The Local                               


  1. Varg Vikernes was into Satanism of the Black Metal scene and he now advocates 'Odalism' a racist and Pagan Eurocentric spiritual creed.

    The Faustian Circle is a UK 'Occult-Fascist' group which seeks to infiltrate youth and musical subcultures.

  2. I Really wonder what is behind Varg Vikernes living in France. Im pretty sure the "nouvelle droite" is supporting him to promote some kind of agenda using France as base of operations.

    1. He is married to a french woman

  3. lul you guys document all your stories really well.. saying stuff is Breivik-like takes a lot of guts.. glad you guys had it in you lul

  4. Breivik also sent his manifesto to 1,002 other addresses. Whatever Vikernes opinions or attitudes are the link with him and Breivik is really very slim and tentative.


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