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James Cavanagh: Death in June Coming to Electrowerkz

Once again fascist-dabbling neofolk group Death In June are on tour in Europe, stopping off in London for their only live appearance in the UK on 15th December 2012 at Electrowerkz in Angel. 

Doug Pearce
Using a band name derived from June 30, 1934, the 'Night of Long Knives', Hitler's murderous response to the National Bolshevik faction in the Nazi party led by Ernst Roehm and Gregor Strasser, Death In June, long-term project of Douglas Pearce, are back to promote a new album and to mark 30 years since their debut release.

Pearce's long history of far-right agit-prop has garnered him notoriety over three decades, and caused his concerts to be cancelled across the world; in Norway, Switzerland and Germany in Europe and in Chicago, Seattle and Portland in the US. Last year the band played Camden Underworld, prompting Love Music, Hate Racism to call, unsuccessfully, for the gig to be cancelled.

In May 1999, a few days after BNP member David Copeland nail-bombed Brixton and Brick Lane markets and The Admiral Duncan pub in Soho, Death In June played The Garage in Islington (with fellow Nazi-admirers NON and Der Blutharsch). Copeland killed 3 people and injured 129. It has been widely corroborated that Pearce dedicated a song from the stage to the 'White Wolves' – a neo-Nazi grouping who had initially claimed responsibility for these atrocities. In much the same spirit, a valedictory message was posted to the Di6 Yahoo group forum immediately following Anders Breivik's Utoya massacre, and mainland bombing.

This year Pearce has chosen to play Electrowerkz, a venue that has often promoted fascist acts in the past, both in the Slimelight Club and in its main auditorium. Last year Slimelight hosted a concert featuring Sol Invictus, 6 Comm, Joy of Life and Freya Aswynn, acts that have fascist history, members with a fascist past or who have collaborated with fascist music projects. Tony Wakeford of Sol Invictus and Patrick Leagas aka Patrick O‘Kill of 6 Comm were both founding members of Death In June with Douglas Pearce, before going on to found their own bands, most notably in the case of Wakeford who founded Above the Ruins, a band that under his leadership donated a track to National Front benefit album No Surrender, Volume 1, alongside tracks by other overtly Nazi bands like Skrewdriver and Brutal Attack.

The event was written about in a guest post on WMTN, and was subsequently taken up by LMHR, an Islington councillor, the Unitarian Church, Unite Against Fascism and many independent protesters angry at the venue's decision to put on acts that promote fascism. Islington South Labour MP and Shadow Attorney General Emily Thornberry made this comment in the Islington Gazzette at the time;
"It’s a shame and a disgrace that these peddlers of poison are playing in Islington. We have a proud history of tolerance in this borough”.
The local press picked up on the campaign as did several prominent anti-fascist websites.

In the end a peaceful gathering of 70-80 people turned out on the night at Slimelight to protest. This largely took the form of discussion and leafleting.

NON / Boyd Rice
As long ago as September 2004 the Slimelight hosted a bill of far-right neofolk bands; Foresta Di Ferro, Ostara and Spiritual Front. Foresta Di Ferro and Spiritual Front appeared on a tribute album to the Romanian ultra-Fascist Corneliu Zelea Codreanu alongside the likes of Von Thronstahl, Dernière Volonté and Blood Axis. Codreanu was a Romanian anti-semitic fascist terrorist and leader of the notoriously vicious Iron Guard, also known as the The Legion of the Archangel Michael, active in the inter-war period. His antisemitism was so extreme that even the Nazis kept their distance from him. Ostara is the project of Richard Leviathan, who names among his influences in an interview in Heathen Harvest - Death in June, Boyd Rice, Changes, Blood Axis and Ain Soph, all pro-fascist bands. Leviathan also worked with Douglas Pearce on a project called Kapo. Ostara have been banned from playing for their far-right politics in Nuremberg and in the Netherlands.

In June 2005 Italian fascists Ain Soph played at the venue.

In 2006 a junior member of the Slimelight online forum called Tier posted about anti-semitic band Grand Belial's Key being booked to play the venue in February of that year. He comments; "Grand Belial's Key is a black metal band whose views border on National Socialist. One release of the band is named 'Judeobeast Assassination". He goes on to quote the band in interview expressing violent anti-semitism, their lyrics in the same vein, and mentions that various band members are in other racist far-right bands. A senior forum member CIW responds like this; "Well, fortunately for UK, this is a country where one can say what one believes, not in my country, where you get serious problems with it, just because it can't cope with its past... so, let em play, by forbidding stuff you just get what they want..." Another senior member Ecclecticbb makes this response; "It is not clear to me that Tier wants us to react against this event... I don't give a shit (not sorry) about it!"

In late 2007 Indymedia UK published an article about a concert at Slimelight in October of that year featuring NON, industrial/noise project of Boyd Rice, writing;
"The Slimelight event was headlined by Boyd Rice in his NON guise. An individual with a long and malicious history of fascist provocation and the focus of Anti-Nazi attention worldwide, it is particularly alarming that Boyd Rice, an acknowledged Social Darwinist and member of the neo-Nazi American Front organisation, has actually been given the all clear to enter the UK and perform in London as NON next week."
Non were supported by another fascist band called Luftwaffe.

In November of the same year promoters of far-right neofolk and Industrial music Hinoeuma The Malediction hosted an event at Slimelight that included Austrian fascists Der Blutharsch, Sutcliffe Jugend who contributed to a compilation cassette called White Power that had a swastika on the cover, alongside other groups closely associated with the fascist element of the neofolk scene.

In March 2009 Nachtmahr played the venue, a band criticised from the stage this year at the Kinetic Festival in Montreal for "the use of misogynist and racist tropes in (the) band’s music and publicity materials."

A quick look at set lists for DJ Blackdeath, resident Slimelight DJ for the past fourteen years, typically reads like a who's who of far-right neofolk, power electronics and black metal; Death in June, Burzum (aka Varg Vikernes - "the main person to have brought Nazism into the black metal scene", according to Wikipedia), Forseti, Sol Invictus, NON, Dernière Volonté, and Deutsch Nepal. DJ Blackdeath is also a Cold Spring record label DJ. Cold Spring have ultra-fascists Von Thronstahl on their books, along with H.E.R.R. and Seelenlicht, two musical projects involving racial seperatist Troy Southgate.

And now Death in June is booked to play the venue. That Death In June is a pro-fascist band has been disputed by some, but not by many of the band's most ardent fans. This very positive review of DIJ's latest album posted on Counter Currents Publishing by Greg Johnson describes the band's politics and influence like this:
"Death in June’s combination of acoustic folk and industrial sound collages, as well as its use of images and themes related to Nazi Germany and European fascism in general, have had an immense influence on the development of what is called 'neo-folk' and 'martial-industrial' music, which is the core of a world-wide youth subculture, characterized by racial consciousness, far Right politics, and inclinations toward neo-paganism and esoteric spirituality, including Esoteric Hitlerism, Traditionalism, and Aleister Crowley. Neo-folk and martial-industrial fans overlap significantly with the Goth scene and West Coast White Nationalism."
Neo Nazi music promotion network Blood and Honour published this description of the band on their website
"Two men take to the stage dressed in SS pea pattern smocks and start to pound a military beat on kettle drums draped in Totenkopf banners....and so twenty five years ago my musical world was turned upside down. That was Death in June (named after the night of the long knives) the band that kicked it all off. A rash of bands has followed including Above The Ruins (who were promoted by the National Front youth paper Bulldog) and Der Blutharsch. Images used of SS soldiers; runes and even the Horst Wessell sung on an LP clearly mark many of these bands as travelers (sic) of the right. "I think the black sun is the flag of the European Nations in mourning. It is blue, silver and gold. It is the true banner of a united Europe and it flies above us now." (Doug P) Modern bands in this genre continue this thrust of marshal (sic) music onwards and the history of fascist and national socialist movements to the attention of more and more."
Aside from the nazi imagery and lyrical references, Pearce is generally ellusive on the subject of fascism, but occasionally he makes a statement (in this case on the subject of protests by anti-fascists to his music) that reveals where he stands politically;
"I think censorship is essentially 'Communistic' and left wing. Censorship was one of the first things that happened in Russia after the Revolution in 1917 and continued until it fell to bits decades later. The way I understand it is that, to paraphrase Mussolini, the Fascists are the real anarchists for they truly did do exactly what they wanted. Libertarianism and Fascism are bedfellows no matter how some people might find that repugnant."
Of the Something Is Coming album, the proceeds of which were donated to the Bolnichi Clinic in Zagreb, Croatia during the Balkan conflict, Pearce has said "This was not purely a humanitarian gesture. It was a cultural one. A socio-Euro political one." The inference here is clear, despite the characteristic coyness; a diffidence which extends to the endlessly recycled back catalogue items listed for sale on the official Death In June website. "We STRONGLY recommend that all those living in Germany wishing to order 'BROWN BOOK' (Achtung!) UeBER DO NOT (!!) order direct from NER as random Customs checks do exist between the U.K. and the mainland of Europa... Talk to any of the million zillion illegal immigrants that now wander lonely as a black cloud through Europa's streets forlorn..... Those not living in little red angel's po-faced, goody 2 shoes Germany are also free to take advantage of these internet mail order firms...." he advises. The album in question, 1987's Brown Book contains a version of the SA anthem 'Horst-Wessel-Lied', and has therefore been totally banned for sale or distribution by the German authorities. In 2005, the album 'Rose Clouds Of Holocaust' was banned for sale to minors due to its questionable lyrical content.

Elsewhere, he has been keen to flaunt his personal association with veteran Nazis. From the Di6 blog:
"There was some discussion recently as to whether or not '18' (eg. Adolf Hitler) survived the battle for Berlin. As a close personal friend of someone whose last battles, in WWII at least, were in the Villa Goebbels, the Tiergarten and the Fuehrer Bunker itself ( which was evidently absolutely beautiful and filled with statues, paintings etc.) he maintains that during the chaos and confusion at the end it was ALWAYS possible to get out. As he, in fact, did himself. During rest periods within the Bunker he saw '18' go past him outside to have a look around several times and a double could have come back as his replacement – at anytime! During the last organised breakouts my friend was momentarily captured by Bolshevik troops who luckily became distracted by the bigger 'catch' of a Party Leader, the contents of the Party Leader's briefcase and his subsequent, on the spot, execution. This horrible incident, however, provided my friend and 2 of his kameraden the opportunity to escape and make their way West out of the city. He was later arrested at a railway station by British troops who had taken a keen interest in the design of his trousers(and later discovered blood group tattoo!) On 20th April, 1989 I remember well him saying to me that "if he wasn't dead then, he should be by now."
So Slimelight has long hosted fascist and pro-fascist musicians, and the club itself has long acted as a spiritual home for neofolk, black metal, industrial, martial, power electronics and other related genres. Genres that have a persistent strand of fascism running through them (I emphasise; a strand - the genres themselves are not political in this way). Despite protests over the years it continues to host fascist bands, and Pearce is more than aware of the reception which is likely to greet his own appearances. Of his 30th Anniversary live schedule, he stated that "we are trying to make performances as accessible geographically as possible. And we trust we 'let the right ones in'. Please remember that some performance locations will be kept secret until the last moment for very good reasons. Not everyone out there in internetland and elsewhere has our best interests at heart. Far from it! (.......) Careless talk can be the difference between a show happening - or attracting 'problems' for scurrilous reasons at the last moment - which could lead to cancellation."

Belarusian officials consider Death In June to be “British neo-fascists of international fame” who “openly promote Third Reich ideas”, and banned their Minsk concert which was timed to commemorate Germany's assault on Russia in 1941. It seems that Tidal Concerts and Electrowerkz have no such qualms.

Postscript 2012-11-19 

Facebook page for the Demonstration Against Death in June Concert in Wien >>


  1. Replies
    1. Bertrand, I used the term 'ultra-fascist' loosely to mean (in the case of Codreanu) one whose ideology - in regard of its explicit celebration of violence, for instance - went beyond what is usual for most fascists. I have applied the same term in the past, eg., to Evola, because of the virulence of his anti-semitism. The term has some wider purchase, as a search of the web will show, though I don't know of it's use in any technical sense.

    2. This is the article (and comments following) that seems to concentrate the largest amount of hard evidence in one place


    4. "Not For Profit", you are a fucking clown, as your comments beneath that article clearly attest.

    5. What 'Hard Evidence' you preposterous fucking windbag? Some scans from some thirty-year-old PE fanzines that suggest that the protagonists were very infantile wind-up merchants. Yeah, plagiarising Fascist manifestos and extolling Himmler and Child Murder is not big or clever, and I've no doubts that Sotos for one is a thoroughly nasty bit of work whatever artistic credentials may have subsequently been bestowed upon him, but please don't mistake it either for evidence of fascist mobilization, or for that matter, equate it to the rightist agendas of Douglas P, Andrew King, Tony Wakeford et al. If you're going to bring this stuff into the debate you should at least attempt to contextualise it - there might be an argument that this sort of provocation within industrial culture, mail art (cf 'The Adolf Hitler Fan Club', etc), etc. helped create a culture of depoliticised 'transgression' which the New Right was later able to instrumentalise to its own ends - but to present this stuff as you do as though the evidence of the scene's fascism was 'self evident' takes a special kind of dull witted literalism.

  2. I received this message and thought I ought to paste in in here:

    "In response to your recent post by Cavanagh, I came across a reference to the music of Ostara.
    Although no artist should ever have to make a statement of justification in a free society, let me be very clear about where things stand and don't stand politically.

    Richard Leviathan - real name Levy - is Jewish and admitttedly made the horendous mistake of voting for one Tony Blair in 1997.
    Since moving to Australia in 2006, he is a largely apolitical figure with sympathies for the Green Party.

    None of Ostara's music has a political agenda - the focus is far more on ideas, aesthetics and an alternative perspective that may challenge and provoke the mainstream. And, even if it did have political motivations, who are you as a citizen of an apparently democratic, tolerant, liberal society to advocate censorship of any band, let alone those that have no party affiliation? That is fascism masquerading as ethics.

    You also mentioned Spritual Front, which is laughable.The front man for that band recently appeared in a metrosexual video with two lesbians and a black man.
    Hardly a fascist combination IMO. If anything, the very epitome of the open society. "

    1. Well I'm still disenfranchised with Douglas P. purely because of the Islamophobia and the kind of fans he's attracting lately. Period. I think the whole 'is he or isn't he a nazi' issue has gotten to be a bit moot really.

      I think the real issue is bands like Ostara, Spiritual Front, Von Thronstall et cetera are musically insipid at best. American band Cult of Youth may be as questionable but at least they can rock out a bit, but that's pretty much it.

    2. Ostara are an interesting case. I think they are probably aesthetes with some interest in fascist aesthetics, without being really interested in the politics. So I can believe Levy distancing himself from fascism in that sense. One might analogize them to punk bands who gesture at anarchist symbolism but have no serious intentions of engaging in anarchist politics. Some apolitical types are just interested in the "A" symbol, photos of molotov cocktails, and graffiti. That can still have an effect, on their fans among others, but is slightly different from folks like Boyd Rice who actually believe the politics behind the aesthetics. And Ostara did sort of tone it down compared to their predecessor Strength Through Joy, turning the fascist aesthetics into something more of a syncretic classico-imperial-pop-music aesthetics.

  3. Amazing picture of Desperate Doug. The caption should be "God moaning! I was pissing by your neofolk vest when I borrowed a guitar string from Tony Wokeford. I wash piss to all notions. Hole Hotler!"

  4. Ugh! His new mustache looks practically terrible. Why doesn't he just hang it up for today?

  5. posted on behalf of James Cavanagh #1:

    Firstly I am not advocating censorship, I simply think that everyone has the right to protest against what they perceive to be the promotion of fascism. I would love to hear what Leviathan has to say on the subject.

    On your point about Leviathan's Jewishness, I was entirely aware of the fact. This does not immediately exclude him from the possibility of being a fascist. There are Jewish members of the English Defence League (as well as Sikhs, and gay and lesbian people).

    (Incidentally there is a school of thought that Hitler actually had Jewish ancestry due to a chromosome called Haplogroup E1b1b1 that was found in 39 of his relative's saliva samples. The chromosome is most commonly found in Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews from Berber Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. But I digress)

    As for Leviathan's involvement in Green politics it means nothing. There was a strong seam of environmentalism in the Third Reich (see Racial-separatist Troy Southgate has long espoused a mystical kind of fascist environmentalism. There is a long tradition of fascist green politics. It goes hand in hand with a certain kind of pagan volkisch worldview.

  6. posted on behalf of James Cavanagh #2:

    Leviathan originally founded a band called Strength Through Joy. The name comes from a worker's organisation in Nazi Germany that was designed to spread the message of National Socialism through healthy leisure activities. Leviathan sent a demo of the nascent STJ to Douglas Pearce and Pearce produced and released the albums. Incidentally Leviathan's entire output seems to be a DIJ homage/facsimile.

    He went on to form his next band Ostara. Ostara was the name of a magazine published by Austrian proto-fascist Adolf Josef Lanz aka Jörg Lanz/Lanz von Liebenfels. The magazine published volkisch and anti-semetic theories and and was read by Hitler in the twenties. In 1927 Lanz, commenting in Hitler's rise, said "One shall remember that the swastika- and fascist movements are basically offspring of Ostara."

    Contemporary fascist publishers Ostara Publications use the name for its clear far-right racialist connotations. The publishers say this of themselves; "Developed in response to anti-white discrimination the world over, the study and expansion of the Eurocentric worldview is vital to the continued existence of our people and civilisation." They publish racist, anti-semetic, de Benoiste, white supremacist and neo-nazi books.

  7. posted on behalf of James Cavanagh #3:

    So I am not the only one that thinks that Leviathan promulgates Evolian theory and glorifies fascism. In Leviathan's own words, firstly reading from his Evola crib sheet, and secondly glorifying what he calls the "spiritual essence" of fascism:

    "Historically, every civilisation preserved some form of nobility, a caste or a class that stands above the rest, providing leadership and direction to the structure of society."


    "The fact that Fascism pursued a sacred ideal that culminated in the inferno of the modern battlefield and the hell of the concentration camps was not a negation of its 'holy' mission but its ultimate consummation in the face of defeat. It is this infernal legacy that I think inspires the artistic reckoning of groups like Laibach, Death in June, Blood Axis and Strength Through Joy."

    Leviathan, at is own admission has employed Nazi imagery in a romantic way, and in interviews in sympathetic publications will expound at length on far-right themes of race, culture and politics whilst claiming to be in no way political. If it is simply a transgressive position, as you claim, used to create controversy then he, or you, can hardly complain when controversy occurs. And if what he is doing is actually fascist entryism played out in an arena full of such activity then he deserves all the opprobrium that comes his way. I think you can guess what my opinion of his actions is, and I am entitled to voice them. Leviathan is welcome to explain to me why my opinion is wrong. But using the Italian fascist military chant "eia eia" and Evola quotes is certainly the wrong way to go about it.

    James Cavanagh

  8. Congratulations! Now is clear, that Strelnikov supports "the last true remaining dictatorship in the heart of Europe"(c)
    All Glory to the Alexander Grigoryevich!!!!!

  9. Dear WMTN,
    I've seen these bands since the early 1980's. I love them, always will and may they continue for evermore…

    I'm asian in my late 40's now and there are afew no sorry -several of us into this scene.
    Your anti-facist ignorance will be your achilles heel.
    I will take my message off the air now and will not response to further nonsensical replies.


  10. posted on behalf of Stentorian:

    In response to the fatuous comment concerning the oh-so-metrosexual Spiritual Front, this is a band who have appeared on a Codreanu tribute album alongside Von Thronstahl, Changes, Blood Axis, Londinium SPQR and Sotto Fascia Semplice. I don't think that there's ever been any 'artistic' obfuscation going on with these last two, and anyone who finds Codreanu worthy of tribute is, by definition, a supporter of fascism at it's bloodiest and least 'romantic'.

  11. The Belarus authorities are scum. The point is that *even they* know how to treat the guilty parties, unlike the hosts of these events. The comment is meant ironically, buy perhaps could have been stated more plainly.

  12. 'Credo quia absurdum', I think you mean

  13. Posted on behalf of James Cavanagh:

    "I thought this article from a few years ago digs up some facts about Death in June and quotes by Pearce that are pertinent to this post:
    " (...) in 1992, DIJ backed out and refused to play the Dark X-Mas festival in Hamburg after the organizers issued a statement condemning a spate of fascist attacks on immigrant asylums in Germany. Likewise, DIJ also refused to play a 1994 Festival of Darkness because the show was promoted as being against racism and neo-nazism."
    "The most influential man of this century has been Adolf Hitler! He's shaped the world we live in today with his hate and destruction."
    "At the start of the eighties, Tony and I [Tony Wakefield was one of the original members of DIJ] were involved in radical left politics and beneath it history students. In search of a political view for the future we came across National Bolshevism which is closely connected with the SA hierarchy. People like Gregor Strasser and Ernst,who were later known as 'second revolutionaries' attracted our attention."
    Misery and Purity: A History and Personal Interpretation of Death In June by Robert Forbes (Jara Press, Amersham 1995), p. 15.
    James Cavanagh

  14. You need a new hobby. I am a long time fan of DIJ and consider myself to be quite left leaning. As an artist my view is that the fascist imagery is more of a fetish and an identity which represents the ghosts that lie within all humankind using a direct reference to something that best represents those ghosts, than that of a political ideology that they embrace. That period of history has shaped everything that has come after and will continue to do so. I find it fascinating and also horrifying which is why I feel it is important to have artists such as DIJ who explore that darkness while never succumbing to the overt political sympathies and overall idiotic, ignorant, meathead mindset that ruined impressionable bands like skrewdriver, who btw were a great punk band before the NF turned their brains to mush. They may have spawned some hack, foolish, mediocre cover bands due to their complex identity as a band which could easily be misinterpreted by lesser life forms both on the left and right who have a literal interpretation of everything due to their rigid political beliefs. Which is sad but predictably human. Basically I find it pathetic to have "demonstrations" to ban or censor something you have misinterpreted due to some repressed feeling you yourself might hold but are so frightened of it that you project these onto others who you view as an easy target, which they are. I've seen them play live and never heard anything antisemitic or neo-nazi come out of douglas pierce's mouth. Unfortunately they have drawn attention from idiots on the right desperately looking to find anything of substance that they see as espousing their hack political views, which as I said before is just the opposite but at the same time equal reaction that those fanatical antifa's such as yourself often have. My advice is to step back, and take a more opened minded approach to their music and leave your baggage at the door before you take another look at the world of DIJ.

    1. Overall, for me it's about the music. Whether or not DIJ have or have had periods of questionable political positions means little to me as long as it doesn't pollute their work. Art should always be ambiguous. Leaving the individual to draw their own conclusions, which leaves for a more personal experience, whether positive or negative. I admit some of the nazi kitsch gets a bit gimmicky but like I said for me it's about the music and I haven't heard anything overtly racist and if I did that be a wrap for me. In my view politics and art are terrible bedfellows. When combined both suffer. You'll have to excuse some of what I said in my first comment, it was a bit reactionary due to how tired I am of hearing this debate. That said in my view it's always necessary to have a critical approach to music and art. So as irritating as it may be, It's important to have these discussions I just don't completely agree with your conclusions. I have to say after reading more of your blog and seeing articles written by former fans of DIJ it lends more credibility than others on this issue and I find it an interesting read, whether or not I agree. I still think having a blog dedicated to this subject is a bit much.

      For the record I think Boyd Rice is an ass.

    2. I've been reading this blog with interest since discovering it only in the last couple of days.

      Anonymous, I see the point you are making, however I think that in the case of DIJ it's not particularly convincing. Pearce's associations, comments that he has made, many of which are mentioned above, clearly push them over the line. To put this into context, I'm enjoy, for example, Current 93, Michael Cashmore, Throbbing Gristle among many others, so I'm not averse to the notion of using particular types of imagery and cultural archetypes in this sort of way. And I know that Pearce has had close association with C93 and am aware of a certain irony in what I'm saying here. If DIJ are flirting with far right imagery to court controversy or make some sort of artistic statement that isn't simple fetishism of it or an expression of his own views, they are doing it in a crass and clumsy way. If this is the intention, the work certainly doesn't reflect it. He's openly and explicitly espoused his own far right beliefs, he expresses them through his art in a way that doesn't seem at all ambiguous to me. I fully support anyone making an effort to expose the links between what is passed of as artistic expression and the active far right, fascist beliefs and behaviours of it's creators. I actually find it astonishing that, given the volume of evidence presented on this blog, and by many others, such as Stewart Home, that anyone would still try and use the "artistic expression" argument in relation to a group like DIJ.

      I'm not calling for censorship at all, and I don't really think anyone else is. We have to remember, though, that people, and particularly young people, that are drawn to transgressive, fringe music scenes are often impressionable, vulnerable and disillusioned and looking for means by which to express this disillusionment and disenfranchisement against mainstream culture. I don't really feel that embracing the dogma and ideology of nazism and fascism is a healthy way to go about doing this. Things should always be questioned, and I think what is looked at on this blog is a subject that does deserve scrutiny.

      And I agree with you that we should try and separate art from the artist, so to speak. Example, I have a huge interest in a lot of Nico's work. By many accounts she was a virulent racist, but that's not going to stop me listening to her music. However she didn't use her music to push racism, glorify it, fetishise it, makes ambiguous artistic statements on it, etc. . The point with artists like DIJ is that the evidence overwhelmingly suggests that there actually isn't a huge gap between what they're expressing in their work and their own real personal convictions, and this is betrayed by their activities and by information that is revealed in relation to them in sources such as this blog.

      As far as separating art and politics, I don't even think this is possible. My opinion is that ALL art, or at least all SUCCESSFUL art, is inherently political, at least to some degree, whether this be conscious on the part of the creator or otherwise.

      And I agree that Boyd Rice is an ass.

  15. Boyd Rice (Non) played at The Garage in Islington, London again last Monday (19/11/2012). The book 'Lucifer Rising' by Gavin Baddeley about Satanism, quotes the pro-Fascist views of musicians such as Boyd Rice of NON, Michael Moynihan of Blood Axis, Nikolas Schreck of Radio Werewolf et al. Rice's 'Wake' magazine of his 'occult-fascist' Abraxas Foundation includes the quote "Nature is Fascist". The mind boggles how folk like Rice and Moynihan can be members of the same organisation (Church of Satan), as well known pop star Marc Almond.

  16. I read Sean's comments with a genuine sense of relief, in particular his observations that in the case of DIJ, and in fact many other bands working in the same area with the same fascist imagery, it is impossible to separate the politics and the music. The lyrical content alone makes any separation impossible, as does the the Nazi imagery employed.
    Pearce and his fellow travelers and fans demand that this separation is made and that all political criticism of the work is redundant. This is all very convenient from his/their point of view but unconvincing in every way, not least because of his overt fascist statements and actions (see above).
    In short someone cannot play around with fascist and Nazi imagery, lyrics and musical style and then demand exemption from all political opposition. To do that would be like making an album full of Marxist theory, revolutionary songs and communist symbols and imagery and then say it is in no way a political statement, and that any criticism of it would be to misunderstand it. That would be bullshit. And for the record I have read Pearce moaning about being persecuted for his work in interviews but I don't recall him ever denying being a fascist.

    1. James,

      I am curious, given your statement above, how you regard Joy Division at the time they released "An Ideal for Living" 7"? At that time they fulfilled the criteria you list.

      You are probably right about many of these bands that you list, yet you ignore the fact that one of your friend's used a fascist propaganda poster as cover art.

      I do think you are well off the mark with your attacks on PE bands. They deliberately set out to annoy people such as yourself. It was all very Derek & Clive. Take a look at this:

      Now I saw Peter Cook years ago as MC at a RAR gig......

    2. It's not the criticism of the works of Death in June et al that pisses me off, criticize all you like. It's when you get so very much sand in your vagina about it you try to intimidate club owners into not letting them play that you get told to fuck right off! As for the fact that you can't recall Pearce ever denying being a fascist, look harder.

  17. 2 Belgian DI6 concerts cancelled

    "With regret we must report that the concerts from DEATH IN JUNE on Friday 30th of November and Saturday 1st December must be canceled at the request and under pressure from the public authority and Police!

    Therefore the organization was written informed that "Performances by musical bands with extremist weft and / or ideas cannot be tolerated!"
    We have tried everything to avoid this but we were not allowed and all the explanation was not appreciated. The organization must therefore abide by this decision to avoid fines and penalties.

    Tickets will be refunded"

  18. Dear Sirs,

    I just would like to hereby state that Der Blutharsch - aka Der Blutharsch and the infinite church of the leading hand is NOT a facist band.
    We do NOT support any kind of ideologies and we several times stated clearly that we do not support or cooperate with facist bands or

    We in the past worked with some individuals you might claim facist or nazi - but if you would have followed our work - we changed
    music, style and image dramatically - you would have noticed as well that we clearly dissociated ourselves from the sczene we have
    been assoicated int he past and from some works we did in the past.
    Therefore ie we interdicted the rereissue of te 2 Death in June albums Albin Julius did the msuic for....!

    We hope you understand and you accept that we did a huge step out of the whole szene.....and that we do not symphatize with rightwing


    Albin Sunlight Julius

    1. How does that explain Albin Julius being on the same stage with Boyd Rice recently in Dredsen? (Or so I've heard?)


  19. How does that explain that Albin Julius just played with Boyd Rice in NON recently?

  20. well, you heard? but you haven`t seen.......right!?
    It never happened......

  21. Albin Julius is certainly listed as a special guest at a Boyd Rice show in Dresden last Saturday the Krachcom website:

    Hauruck still has a Hitler Youth drummer boy as its logo which doesn't suggest much of a change in style or political profile, and representing Changes and Derniere Volonte amongst others doesn't either.

    I certainly state (not claim) that Der Blutarsch and Albin Julius worked with unrepentant fascist musicians, labels and bands in the past; Ain Soph, Zetazeroalfa, Boyd Rice, Death in June, Tesco, Deutsch Nepal, the list goes on. And let's not forget that Der Blutharsch is itself one of the most notorious of Nazi neofolk bands.

    Calling yourself Reverend Sunlight really doesn't convince me either.

    However if Albin Julius were to make a genuine break with fascism I would be the first to applaud it, but this doesn't really seem genuine or credible to me. But I am sure Julius will be happy to put me right.

    James Cavanagh.

  22. I made my statement and whatever you think about me..I do not care..obviously you know better about me and my thoughts and I am tired about people who know thee only truth!

    And only bvecause someone announced me joining someone on stage....have I been there?
    No..and thisd is the only thing you can refer what!

    Reverend Sunlight

  23. @ James....: it proofs you have absolutelly NO idea about what you talk....about the term Nazi I only laugh.......because if we are Nazis..who then ois the real Nazi?
    And second... Neofolk band? hahahaha...I thinkw e never ever did realy Neofolk...and if we did maybe int he apst on some songs..for sure we didn`t play and Folktune since at least 10 years..but you cango and proof.......

    As well, our guitarplayer is a socialworker who helps youngsters with Migrationbackground in Vienna...very Nazi, n`est ce pas?

    So, better shut up and go back to your real life..IF you have one...

    A huge Kiss.......wherever you want it...

    Reverend (nasty) Sunlight

  24. I should note that I've heard the real reason DIJ got banned in Belgium was simply that they were too 'Left-wing', which would be ironic. Of course I'm no longer on Douglas P.'s side anyways, so it's just as well...

  25. Bullshit..there is a TV interview with the major of the city..and he connected DIJ to Blood and some Belgian B+H groups advertised this gig and wanted to come...

    Weil ich Euch gerne um den Hals fallen würde und Eich für Alle Freude die Ihr mir bereitet danken möchte.....Euch meine Musik geben möchte an deren Entstehung Azarius Produkte erheblich beteiligt sind (siehe: und Amsterdam überhaupt einfach ne extrem GEILE Stadt ist!

    Außerdem brauche ich eine schöne Wohnzimmerlampe..und in Amsterdam gibt es geile Beleuchtungsgeschäfte...


  26. Oh dear! You are beginning to sound more than a little rabid Albin. You obviously have no coherent answer to the points I made except to whine about not being a fascist. My assertion was you have to do better than that if you are going to convince me. Everyone else can make their own minds up. That is the point of this blog.

    Seeing as you are not going to answer any point I make about you in an honest way I would like to know what your opinion on Death in June is. Maybe that would be more enlightening. That is who this post is about unless you hadn't noticed.

    James Cavanagh

  27. Dear James..the point is - I simply do NOT have to convince you.I give a fucking shit about what you think about us..and if you think we still are you really think it anyhow has any impact on me or my life?
    For sure not....I have a damn good life and enjoy every moment of it..and peopel like you just make me laugh...somehow.....but so what...the planet keeps rolling......


  28. That's very nice for you Albin, but then why the hell are you boring the bejesus out of us all by posting here? This post is about Death in June not you. Last year you said you were never going to bother us again, but here you are making dull, inarticulate, desperate attempts to convince of something no one believes, including you. Dump all your fascist friends and we might have something worth discussing. A bientot.
    James Cavanagh

  29. I have some question James, on what youre based to assert that Deutsch Nepal is a fascist band? as far as im concerned Lina baby doll only association is with the renewed Der blutharsch and company, but he is a mainstay in the industrial scene, he is just like some genesis p orridge only scandinavian.

  30. Albin Julius dad NOT appear with NON in Dresden.

    Is there a planned ANTIFA picket for this weekend's Death In June show?

  31. Neofolk Against Racism group:

    1. Doesn't make the music any less unlistenable...

  32. Hi

    I'm a little disappointed that the article you reposted from Red Mist a year ago ("Of runes and men") did not stimulate any substantial discussion. Instead, we're back to business as usual: musicians and their far right links and sentiments are listed, and the notion is put forward that their gigs must be stopped - including in cooperation with councillors, clerics, and the like.

    I was also pointed to comments on my article at Indymedia, but they did not offer anything beyond pointing out minor inaccuracies (e.g. Sotos only joined Whitehouse later rather than being a "pioneer" of power electronics) and claiming that this would "discredit" me. I also sensed a certain allergy on behalf of anti-fascists to the idea of reconsidering one's arguments and - god beware - changing one's line of action.

    No one addressed my core arguments, which - in a nutshell - were:

    1) that fascism is less defined by the ideas that fascists choose to delude themselves with than by what it does. This has implications on how we are to treat insubstantial phenomena such as neofolk.
    2) that the sub-Gramscianism of the New Right never worked and never will.
    3) that the (liberal) popular front tactic re-enacted in miniature by anti-fascists is precisely the wrong way to counter the far right.

    I was hoping for an article to address and counter my arguments.

    I also tried to post a comment to the entirely misinformed call on the Love Music Hate Racism website. Perhaps predictably, it never saw the light of day - which is consistent with the LMHR/UAF/SWP habit of suppressing debate as to not "confuse" activists.

    The anti-fascists remind me a passage from the Sartre essay "Jew and anti-Semite" that I've recently read (my translation):

    "The thinking man racks his brains groaningly. He knows that his contemplations will always just remain possibilities rather than certainties, and that other considerations will call everything into question again. He never knows where he is going, he is ‘open’ to everything, and the world thinks of him as a procrastinator. But some people are drawn towards the eternal rigour of rocks. They want to be unswerving and intransigent like boulders and shy away from change: for where might such change lead them?

    It is a case of primal fear of the self, a dread of truth.[...] Because they fear logic, they yearn for a way of life where logic and research play a subordinate role, where one never searches for what one has not already found, where one never becomes what one has not already been. There is only one way to obtain this: passion.

    Only the rush induced by a strong emotion provides instant certainty, can keep logic in check, can defy knowledge gained from experience and persist through one’s entire life."

    Now, obviously I am not citing this in order to liken anti-fascists to anti-Semites, which would be absurd. What I do want to illustrate with this excerpt is the unwillingness of many leftists to actually think, to debate, to review their positions, to progress and evolve. They are content with rallying the troops around bogeymen just to keep them going. But Marxism means materialist analysis, not idealism and hysteria. Tactics are neither strategy nor dogma - they need to be constantly reviewed. And carrying on is not the same as advancing.

    I hope you will take this as a comradely criticism, not as an attack.


    1. Right. That's why I think most of those antifa groups are going about it wrong. It wasn't antifa or this blog that convinced me that DIJ are not worthwhile as I thought -- it was Douglas himself and some of his fans that made me realize it was getting a bit pear-shaped (as you British say...) I just think that brazenly attacking DIJ fans is really the answer anymore than attacking skinheads are, although I goddamn hate nazi skinheads and wouldn't care what would happen to any of them.

      Truth is nazis don't think, and if antifa don't think either what good are they in stopping fascism? They're just inducing their own kind of totalitarianism, or that's what it looks like.

      Anyways I've lately been hearing nazi skins now have to strike alliances with black and Latino street gangs (in the US) to protect themselves, which is quite ironic. It tells me that most of them are more bark than bite now. I very rarely see them at clubs or on the street at that, at least where I live. Just as well, they've always been nothing but a bunch of cowards anyways and they still look ridiculous. Dunno how these jerks ever find jobs...

  33. Maciej, the 'strong emotions' I experience when considering the likes of DiJ are mostly connected with boredom. I realise there is a 'meme' out there which says that anti-fascists simply like to enrage themselves, but I just treat that as wishful thinking on the part of fan boys.

    The debate you want really hinges around the simple (?) matter of whether it is legitimate to try to stop certain things happening. There is plenty of crap music, with dubious politics, out there that no one here has any desire to campaign against. The argument in defense of protesting against certain groups / gigs / etc. has two basic elements.

    First, that some, eg., neo-folk groups are essentially normalising fascist ideas, aesthetics, etc., in support of a (more or less conscious) strategy of Fascist Gramscianism.

    If one isn't convinced about this, then you aren't going to be convinced that it's worth doing anything about - the musicians are just overgrown schoolboys with a festish for dicy uniforms. YOur position seems to be that some of the musicians fit this pattern but it doesn't matter anyway since the strategy won't work. I can see no good reason for concluding that.

    The second part of the argument seems to be that even if you oppose these groups, you should never try to mobilise against them, either because that constitutes censorship, or because it involves, or may involve, petitioning public authorities (councillors, trade unions, whatever).

    I reject the argument about censorship. Censorship implies a belief that such and such an idea should be banned because it is a harmful idea. But stopping, eg., fascists from rallying is not a matter of censorship but of opposing the development of political organisation. And it doesn't make me censorious if I organise to make sure, eg., that fascists can't speak in my house, up my street, in my town, at my local venue, etc., etc.

    Asfor working with councillors, etc., the argument from the ultra-left is that if you petition, eg., the council to do anything you are sowing illusions in the state, reformism, or whatever. Again I reject that because there is no reason why one shouldn't demand action from those sort of people if it is done in a way that mobilises support more generally. I mean, refusing to do so strikes me as a kind of liberal squeamishness, or prissiness.

  34. @ Maciej,
    You make some interesting points, and I understand your frustration at the lack of response to your post. But I have to disagree with you about your views on how people should position themselves in opposition to fascist entryism.
    It's that expression "Gramscism" again. Employed by the far-right this method of infiltrating ideas into music and creating a subculture based on fascist aesthetics, without scaring the horses so to speak, is why it really has to be challenged in an upfront way. Some might object to the way I make bald statements about some of the instigators of fascist neofolk/industrial or whatever, but it really is the only way to actually stir up debate. This is a discussion the likes of Tony Wakeford, Doug Pearce, Michael Moynihan and rest would rather not have, especially in public. Apart from anything else it interferes with the business of making money. While that debate doesn't exist fascists go unchallenged and they continue with the attempt to make their political views generally acceptable. Given the political climate in Europe right now I believe it is very dangerous to ignore this activity, however insignificant you consider it. Death in June have 35,625 "likes" on their Facebook page, certainly not insignificant. They often sell out gigs. Pearce's relentless marketing of Nazi aesthetic fetishism, as one example, cannot go unopposed.
    On your point about censorship I agree with Strelnikov. In short opposition is not the same as censorship, and people and organisations who want to make their voices of opposition heard should not be rejected out of hand because they are councillors, from religious organisations or unions. I entirely agree that material analysis and logic, not idealism or hysteria are essential, for both credibility and revealing the truth.
    Art, as I am sure Pearce et al would describe their awful music and marketing gimmicks, is by nature a public activity, and therefore open to being challenged and critiqued. If you make "art" you cannot moan when people have an opinion about it.
    This being a public blog, everyone has the right of reply should they choose to use it.
    James Cavanagh

    1. This form of opposition is surely censorship. Trying to make sure a certain belief or form of self-expression cannot be publicly expressed is define censorship as trying to ban an idea because you believe it to be dangerous whigh is essentially what you are doing, you believe this music might normalize fascist politics so you are trying to stop the artists peforming. When people tried to ban grand theft auto because they believed it might have a negative influence on people that was an attempt at censorship. If the local auhority decided to ban any music or other form of art that expressed ideas they percieved as marxist than that is to surely censorship. But when you try and take away any platfrom for dij et al to peform its not censorship now its 'opposition'. If you want to criticize then do, but thats not why so many people get really fucking angry and call you a cunt on this blog.

    2. Given the actual resurgence of the far right on the ground I find it odd that you're so keen to defend the liberty of pro-fascist cheerleaders. That you try and do so by the most facile of liberal 'rights' based arguments (if you can dignify that incoherent sequence of non-sequiturs as an 'argument') is beyond pathetic.

  35. Is this the same Albin Julius?

  36. great picture! do you have more?

  37. I've seen this picture before, it was sent to people who subscribed to his mailing-list.

  38. Bizarre to hear so many Nazi apologists parroting the "artistic defense" in defense of Desperate Doug

    Moron (for instance) states that "as an artist (sic) my view is that the fascist imagery is more of a fetish and an identity which represents the ghosts that lie within all humankind using a direct reference to something that best represents those ghosts, than that of a political ideology that they embrace"

    Sure Desperate Doug is a fetishist, so were many members of the original NSDAP

    Desperate Doug openly praised the Nazi nail-bomber subsequently identified as David Copeland - opposing people who praise NAIL-BOMBERS is not a question of having "baggage" you brainless runt

    1. Yeah so much evidence has been provided that he praised the nail bombings, definitely not just something someone heard somewhere and that posted as if it's a well documented fact!

    2. If all those years ago Pearce did indeed dedicate a song to the White Wolves at a show, it is highly unlikely to have been in a complimentary spirit. Copeland's victims were homosexual and despite all his dodgy opinions, terrible music and plain boring ramblings obsessively explored on this site and others, Pearce has always been proudly out and wishing to defend homosexual rights.

    3. Rasclart needs to be reminded that Copeland's bombing campaign was carried out in Brixton and Brick Lane before the Soho blast, and were intended to sew widespread panic and alarm amongst ALL sections of the community in much the same way that Charles Manson aimed to stoke up racial strife by tangential means rather than striking at overtly Black or Civil Rights targets. Pearce may well have been suitably shamefaced on the morning of April 30th, but the fact that he jumped to the same conclusions as the tabloid press in congratulating the 'White Wolves' hardly exonerates him.

      Pearce is an opportunist, who operates in a murky milieu in which he is never called upon to apologise or explain. Beyond the disgracefully cynical use of the Rainbow (and Israeli) flags, it's difficult to pinpoint an instance of his defending anyone's rights but his own.


    "The Struggle for a New Musical Culture" by William Bennett - Come Organisation, Whitehouse, DJ Bennetti, Cut Hands

    Force Mental magazine (Antwerp) issue 1 –

    "It should be noted before continuing this article that in this work I turn not to strangers, but to followers of the movement whose hearts belong to it and who wish to further its cause and study it more deeply. Less people are won over by written matter than by what they see and hear. However, this will serve as a foundation and reference for new disciples.

    Come Organisation is concerned with the struggle against the unhealthy negroid influences in all popular music today. These primitive forces have corrupted many generations of youth. In music and in word. The slogans of "peace and love" and international friendship in the songs of the 60s and 70s are nothing but the disguised voices of pseudo-Marxists. The cancer of this type of music has made such inroads that it will take a supreme effort to destroy it forever.

    Nevertheless, its destruction is not enough - it must be replaced. In classical music we have the great works of Wagner and Richard Strauss, but nothing for young people who like 'Pop" and 'Rock'. No! The future must be embraced with both arms and a new form of power will be created which will win over the Anglo-Saxon youth for a New Britain.

    We must blame the corruption of the negroid music and the Jewish exploitation for the reprehensible movements today like Anti-nuclear, Amnesty International, and feminist groups, to name but a few.

    The countries with the strongest right-wing and nationalist forces in Europe are those countries where 'Rock' music has made the least impression. I am thinking of Spain and Italy now, but there are other notable examples of the phenomenon. The political climate of young people today is moving away from us ; I hold the 'Rock' culture to blame.

    The music of Come Organisation artists fulfills a twin purpose - firstly, to crush the disease we have just discussed and secondly, to express the new movement in terms of power and strength of will. It is almost totally electronic in nature, extremely uncompromising and sometimes violent in expression. But brutality is respected. People need something that will give them a thrill of attack and make them shudderingly submissive. Why babble about brutality and get indignant about violence?

    A recent released record 'Liebstandarte SS MB' 'Triumph of the Will' juxtaposes a speech by Adolf Hitler with a powerful electronic piece by Maurizio Bianchi from Italy. This record has proved to be very popular, especially in Britain and Germany. Other records will be released along similar lines.

    If we have the will, we will have the victories."

    1. This dumb yet obviously satirical provocation was published thirty years ago and nobody's been keeping it a secret. That means no young detective badge for you, I'm afraid.

    2. Reposted from failbook.

      "Sadly, there's someone unknown out there using anonymous scare tactics to try and get my shows cancelled, typically with threats made to arts venues that attempts will be made to cut off their funding, which seems to me especially cowardly. They are also trolling YouTube, Wikipedia, Fact Magazine, and other sites posting nasty comments. This is all done under the accusation that I have been a covert 'nazi/fascist' for the last 30 years and that Cut Hands etc is some kind of elaborate cover up for that.

      I am not, never have been, nor ever will be, a nazi/fascist/racist.
      I think and hope that would be without question obvious to most people that know me even just a little bit.

      The evidence for the accusation seems to be based on an entirely satirical text I wrote around 1982 for an art magazine, Force Mental. It was written deliberately in a particular linguistic style because their requested theme of that particular issue of the art magazine was 'the New Right'. I had an interest at the time in the stylistic idiom of different political persuasions. It was not supposed to be taken seriously, and looking back, it was stupid of me to think that it wouldn't when taken out of context. My bad.

      Likewise, the very name of the music group, Whitehouse, was not coined out of any admiration or respect to nasty moral campaigner Mary Whitehouse, it was also ironic and satirical, as was a hell of a lot of my musical output in the early 80s, in addition to the content in the label fanzine Kata. Like many other industrial and experimental projects of the time, a lot of wildly varying areas of human transgression were explored, there was much artistic immersion in taboo areas of human expression.

      Not that I wish to emphasise great weight to my personal beliefs any more than the next person's, but just to clarify matters, these are a few examples of where I've stood and continue to stand since very young, even when they caused me trouble.

      I am entirely non-religious.
      I am anti-war, anti-military.
      I am anti-capital punishment.
      I am anti-corporal punishment.
      I am anti-racism/xenophobia.
      I am anti-nationalist/anti-colonialist.
      I am pro-internationalist.
      I am pro-animal rights/welfare.
      I am pro-gay/lesbian.
      I am pro-choice (re. abortion).
      I am anti-censorship, pro-freedom of artistic expression.

      If you feel you can help in any way, even by just showing support, it'll really mean a lot. Feel free to also ask me any question on anything mentioned, I'll do my best to answer. Huge thanks for reading this.

      Warm regards, William"

      Have known Mr Bennett slightly for over twenty years. Enjoy some (not all) of his music. He is as flawed as most other people as an individual and I certainly do not hero-worship this guy. Reposting this as it seems to be entirely sincere and in all my years of correspondence with him I never found any evidence of any kind of twitching right arm tendencies.

    3. I think frankly Antifa is wrong to pick on William Bennett. My won music is inspired by him and my own message is essentially anti-Fascist. I have a song called Extreme Fuckover that's a jaundiced view of Pinochet's family and that suicide of one of their wives that happened a couple of years ago. (I'm not sorry for her or for being a Whitehouse fan either.) Incidentally there Keith Preston who is a bit more controversial here but although there's worse people around than him I don't think he's worthy of discussion around here and anyways I'm too tired to talk about that kind of politics. Anyways I hate nazis but people are free to believe in anything they want really. I just personally don't like either nazis or Antifa wrecking my life...

    4. Oh, thank youWilliam Bennett for giving us the music of....LJP...who are you exactly? just so we can gauge how much of a asset to society William really is. We wouldn't want to miss any of his triumphs, would we?
      "people are free to believe in anything they want really"
      Airy, half-assed half-completed bollocks-statement that doesn't belong here -lets complete it in a sensible way, shall we? yes -
      - but as soon as its put out to air - then it becomes something different - then it means they are trying to shape the world.
      Much as your cosy world in Rochester, NYC might revolve around tittle-tattle, noise, scandals waddeva - there is a real world out there where good and innocent people are being physically hurt - even killed as a result of the end product that arseholes like Keith Prestons abstracted intellectualizing can lead to if followed through to its [ill] logical end and acted out. [actually, well done for that, LJP - the more of scum like Preston - who has given talks over here to Troy Southgates New Right - get put on here hopefully the more they get put onto the antifa and others radar].
      I have no problem with antifa 'wrecking' these assholes lives - polite debate is just another fuel they feed on. Wiring of the jaw may prevent nazi bloat.
      I don't want to hear about your awfully spoilt enjoyment of noise, or scandal. I want you to
      try thinking about others for a change - and how you might forego some of your inward-directed concerns - granted i haven't read all your posts - you may well do all of this and more elsewhere - its just here you go all me me me little baby needs his bed.
      Pardon me for feeling "naaashuus" - as you might say.

    5. I apologise - almost unreservedly - i went down further and "LJP23 Mar 2013 13:04:00"
      almost - this is good - much more of this - putting this shit in context - showing how it can manifest differently and far more violently and indeed catastrophically - in other countries the U.K. really does have its head up its ass - it doesn't overall see what happens elsewhere as possible to happen in the U.K. - I think it is a malaise shared by many amercians - less "ruining MY life" is needed - though, please - it smacks of NIMBYISM
      not in my backyard: used to express opposition by local citizens to the locating in their neighborhood of a civic project, as a jail, garbage dump, or drug rehabilitation center, that, though needed by the larger community, is considered unsightly, dangerous, or likely to lead to decreased property values.

    6. Durstiges Tier5 Apr 2013, 16:08:00

      I suppose that releasing material such as 'Buchenwald' was meant as a culturally and historically sensitive statement?

    7. Flogger, apology accepted. Frankly I really don't have much of a connection with Keith Preston so much as I did talk to him online. I personally don't think he's as bad as people say he is but than again some of the stuff he's been saying on his website makes me want to keep it at more than arm's length. I though maybe for awhile I was an adherent but I'm not sure. But I think the straight-out fascists that would support Pinochet are just revolting to me. At least Preston has been dismissive of Pinochet himself, whether you like Preston or not. Frankly I'm teetering on my positions as I might agree with Preston on some things, but I'm tempted to say "fuck-it" and go opposite, towards the Leftist beliefs I had given lip-service to previously.

      And Buchenwald was a great album regardless of what it's about. You probably wouldn't be able to decipher what the vocals say if you've heard it anyhow. It would be quite laughable if any neo-nazi would take such a record seriously as something aligned to their silly beliefs...

  40. 'Protesters to target racist bands at Upton Park pub':

    1. Well good luck to 'em. I still think the worst of it are skinhead bands -- the most despicable!

  41. What i fail to understand is how when people understandably get pissed off when you try and stop artists playing gigs, you're reaction always seems to be that people are getting pissed because you're criticizing the artists. You cross a line from criticizing these bands to making an attempt at censoring them. You don't make any real case for them being part of any neo-nazi or fascist organization just that some of what they say sounds abit sort of nazi-ish and that there is alot of fascist imagery involved. I do not believe the behavior or past behavior of many of the individuals is unworthy of serious criticism but you cross the line when you try to have them censored.

  42. By way of a postscript, I see on Rome's facebook page that they have refused to play a gig in Magdeburg, Germany, with an unspecified neofolk band (not DiJ) because "We do not under any circumstances want to be affiliated to bands promoting racist or homophobic views of any kind". This statement was issued jointly with Sol Invictus - make of that what you will,though Jerome Reuter (Rome) seems to be solidly anti-fascist:

  43. At least their music is better than mass produced shit music like DJ Tiesto.

  44. Cool ! check it out !

    Deutsch Nepal
    Der Blutharsch and the infinite church of the leading hand

    S September 2013 :
    20th Wroclow tba
    21st Leipzig tba
    22nd Praha tba
    23rd Bratislava tba
    24rd Wien tba
    25th Zagreb tba
    26th Milano tba
    27th Frankfurt: Das Bett
    27th Bruxelles: Magazin 4

    November 16th 2013 - Moscow - Plan B
    Novemebr 23rd 2013 - Helsinki - venue tba

    1. cool, everyone who really is interrested can proof those guys have nothing to do with facism anymore - did see them last tour and its like seeing another band....great rock n roll!

    2. Albin - exposing himself with his bad english, no doubt drunk and giggling stupidly - is trying to promote his sorry-assed band on an antifascist site. Look! all you fascists! there is his itinerary above - it has been passed on to Antifa who have the brains to know a bullshitting liar when they see one - to know that albin can never live down the damage he has done by pushing his own brand of pathetic poison and that of his bestest-ever pal Douggy Piss - it lives on even if he has seen the [sun]light. I didn't make a mistake, above - at last Skrewdriver had the honesty to really be what they were and not lie about it. If albin was lying all that time, as he says elsewhere on here, about whether he really ever meant it or not - if he didn't - he stole money from you - he defrauded you - and you should form an accord with Antifa to take turns making him pay back that which he owes - divide the dates - and save both of yourselves time and bother by taking it out on the sack of glutinous puss that passes for the human called Albin Julius. I notice, by the way - that what he does now is so unlike what he thought and believed before that he has kept his made-up name. A real break from your past, eh, mr. martinek.

    3. albin, albin - you sad, drunken bag of puss and vinegar - when will you learn that you save us time and therefore money by not leaving us your tour dates but sending them direct to Antifa Europe [you know the address - it is where you sent the details of Sol Invictus gigs to] - they have the brains to know what they are dealing with and will treat you with the contempt you deserve. Also, you might try sending the details to some of your far-right buddies - because you have aready told us that you conned them - so if that is true - you owe them money - so no doubt they'd like to collect dues in a similar way to antifa.
      Also, stop writing your own reviews [see the last anonymous, above - in fact all four - up as far back as 19th feb - i'll not bother with looking before that]. They all have that whiney way of writing/talking that you have in real life - and anything that conjures your mewling, wretched countenance dribbling its stupid boastful little lies and fantasies is unwelcome.

  45. wed waven you are 100% right!!!
    let's stop his gigs in Europe! Antifa everywhere take action!
    Germany, Belgium!
    nazi in the past, nazi now!
    open nazi back then, closet nazi now?
    he still tries hangin out with boyd rice et al and was even scheduled to appear in dresden with him

  46. Thanks, for a good anonymous - but not Albin julius! sunlight moron martinek! whatever his name is! i've seen the cover to his Justreb project. Now, bear in mind the group he has linked up with - Seven that Spells - previously has worked with one of the Acid Mothers Temple bunch from Japan - so the others in the band may just be simple dupes - just musicians removed from politics - they are based in Zagreb. - The name of the collaboration is suposedly named after a jetfighter.
    So - one war reference already from the previously war-obsessed Albin. Then there is the cover - oohhh,
    what a surprise, its a Valknut....with a hint of Triskelion thrown in...
    Now, I know all the little fools are gonna come and tell me the same story that they tell about the Swastika - that it is an ancient symbol blah blah - but when an ex-nazi [yehhhh 'ex', right! sure!] goes under that symbol, so beloved also of Blood and Honour knuckle headed goons, then whats a girl to think? oh, he has really changed his ways....
    No - albin is, was, and ever moreshall be a Nazi - even his first group A Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud - 'arthurs round table' - was only a reference to Wewelsberg - he is a very nasty naziman.
    A very very nasty naziman. I have seen that picture with him saluting in his uniform - webmaster - I know it will stroke his ego - but give albin a piece to himself, please! I know compared to someone like troy southgate, or doug p, even, he is an extreme intellectual lightweight [and that is going somewhere to be below Doug P] - but unlike the stuck record that is DIJ Albin seems to be getting an audience outside of neofolk and the people who make up that audience need to be warned.
    Albin likes war - lets give him a war, a war of his own!

  47. can t believe these bullshits still spin around.omfg. people with time to waste. god bless them

  48. "antifas and nazis, let's unite to beat up the fake, dodgy crypto-fascist musicians" ? really? hahaha… well, that makes complete sense actually. la boucle est bouclée.

  49. In a recent interview (December 2012) in Souciant zine 'From Crisis to Sol Invictus' Tony Wakeford (ex-Death in June/Above The Ruins), after making an effort to recant his racist National Front past says he "remains resolutely fascist with those who abuse children and animals. They should be neck-shot and dumped in unmarked graves."

  50. anonymous, 19th mar 2013 - c88t - [thats two 8s for heil hitler - no starlight or sunlight for you, albin] your levity seeds my brevity.

    anonymous, 21st mar 2013 19.11.00 - i think you'll find that the antifa always wanted to 'correct' albin in as severe way as possible, and the other side are in one respect at least, like anyone with a 'regular' take on things - rather unhappy about being lied to [although some of them would have already 'disliked' albin just for being a louche drunk who knocked about with hollywood nazis and satanists and boasted about how rich he was] - not much of him - in their estimation - for God [old testament, natch], to bless. And lets not be bandying obscure phrases about belts and buckles - but - yes, if you like - what goes around comes around - if it were a belt in albins case it would have a swastika belt buckle and be around a waste of space - not a waist.
    My own attitude to what is suggested above is Utilitarian - it spares bullets by halving the duty - and thats a metaphor; chez ironique, moi?
    Anonymous 21st Mar 2013 19.11.00 - are you saying that Wakeford wouldn't want anything horrid to happen to that poor little dumb animal, Albin? from what I have read on here I think otherwise; whatever he may say.
    But you are not saying that, are you.
    What you are saying is that Wakeford is a warm, caring human being - he loves animals.
    I, however, am sure, that despite the FBI profiling of serial killers findings that many killers suffered abuse as children, had head injuries whilst at development stage or prefixed their human killing sprees with ill-treatment of animals; none of these was a prerequisite for becoming a killer. Many children who were abused, had head trauma etc. lead perfectly normal lives.

    Adolf Hitler loved Blondi - a german shepherd [dog]. Nice guy, ehh?

    For the record, I agree with Wakeford on this point - but then I'd also probably agree with him about how tasty a brand of sausages were, or how good someone-or-others song was. I would not however - if I were truly sincere on this point , have had a man in my group who was apparently a staunch - [even militant] supporter of fox hunting [Andrew King] - oh, he agrees! from the same interview immediately after and abutting your quote;
    "Fox hunters and trophy hunters should be fed to honey badgers and the Countryside Alliance should be dropped into vats of acid"
    but hey, words are cheap, aren't they?
    It is not love of animals that makes Wakeford at heart, a nice - or not - man - nor would it be his dislike of the ill-treatment of children - you have to remember, that in prison - sex criminals are often subject to summary justice for the crimes they have committed - and the people who dish out the justice are themselves ofttimes way beyond acceptance by ordinary society.
    Let me stop this now, you neo-folk Max Cliffords, I have humored you long enough.

  51. never did read such bullshit from obviously megafrustrated people here.....come on, get a "Leben"!

  52. I should say that Wakeford's comments may be ironic. If anyone knows the real truth, fascism hurts and kills children more than any drooling fiend in the neighborhood looking for chicken. Just look at the history of Central and South American countries, especially Chile. Of course "Sunlight", it was claimed, was on the record for screaming "Free Pinochet" after a concert on a DVD. (Would like someone to post a you-tube link of it so we know it's true...)

  53. "Free Pinochet" was either him or that Tesco guy who was on stage with him, video here:
    “Kampf, Sieg oder Tod” 24:50
    “Free Pinochet” 25:00….
    But, oh what a surpise, the video has been deleted, it was still online a few days ago!
    Albin and "WKN" (Wir kapitulieren niemals) delete all old Blutharsch videos on youtube and everywhere else, because it brings out his past (& present).
    He tries to delete his past and his doings, because he wants to play live in normal venues!

    Check out these releases from his label:
    Collection of Italian propaganda fascist hymns and songs from the 1930s and 1940s.
    Collection of Italian marching music from the 1930s and 1940s.

    Nice! Why would a "no nazi" want to release such music?

    split release with Italo Fascist band Zetazeroalfa ( and

    another release with an Italian right wing band

    split release with dubious NSBM black metal bands
    both of these bands also released on Polnish label „Blutreinheit Productions“….. .

    nice friends.

    Blutharsch, live across Europe in autumn.

  54. LJP - pretty much everything Wakeford ever says is ironic - this, from the Urban Dictionary - could have been written about him -
    Share on twitter Share on facebook Share on more
    39 up, 11 down
    A lie within a lie (and so on). A person who is experiencing Lieception has made up so many lies that they no longer know what really happened and start to believe their own lies. A reference to the popular American film, "Inception".
    Dude 1: Dude I'm freaking out! I lied to the cops and now they've got me in that lie!

    Dude 2: Its okay bro, just chill out! You're just experiencing Lieception.

    Dude 1: What's that?

    Dude 2: Its when you lie so much that you believe your own lies and have to formulate other layers of lies to keep the original lie from being known. You forget the truth in the process.

    Dude 1: So what do I do about it?

    Dude 2: You have to go deeper.

    Wakeford also seems to have an uncanny ability to get others to spread his falsehoods and even possibly extrapolate on his falsehoods too - the interview mentioned above has the following choice item in the introduction to the interview -

    "Wakeford-was-in-the-National-Front-in-the-early-eighties-for-less-than-a-year issue"

    There are only two comments to date - one notes correctly that Wakeford can be humorous - but then comes out with this piece of libertarian bollocks - "Have never heard of neo-folk. Will check out his work. Re musicians with bad politics: if it’s oblique in their work and interviews, it’s not fair to hold it against them."

    and another - who is at first far more astute [and calling himself Teflon Don] makes the following observation -

    “controversial” post-punk band Above The Ruins? In the same way the Skullhead or Brutal Attack are “controversial” punk bands?"

    but then goes and spoils it a bit - by saying this -

    "Happy to see Tony unambiguously voicing his opposition to racism and fascism though, and that he’s putting his money where is mouth is by refusing to play on the same bill as Spreu & Weizen.
    It’s a start."
    [What do Spew and Weasel - sorry - Spreu & Weizen do thats so bad? they are a new thing to me - I've not seen hem mentioned on here].
    It may be 'a start' if it didn't seem to be a selective rejection of what I presume this particular [small?] group represent - elsewhere Wakeford hasn't been so choosy - even very recently - I hope he gets called up on everything he does - such as appearing on compilations with Wertham [aka. Marco Di Plano of Foresti Di Ferro] [late 2012] - and an upcoming festival with Darkwood on the bill - not forgetting the London date with While Angels Watch - Dev the vocalist is very chummy with Troy Southgate and left matey comments on a Myspace with vile anti-semitic cartoons on it that was called "Merry Fables". There are more, shall we say 'transgressions' which beggar the sincerity of his new outspokeness - but I haven't got the time or inclination to weedle them out now. Suffice to say he is a proven 'serial liar' - and yet some people who really should [or maybe do?] know better seem to bend over backwards to constantly cut him killometres of slack.
    still - the poster went on to say this - which is better -
    I wonder if he’s fallen out with Andrew King over the Countryside Alliance though – I know Andrew is a staunch supporter, being something of a “traditionalist” (in the jackbooted sense of the word).

    ...the interviewer, Oliver Sheppard [no relation to Simon Sheppard, this guy is an american]. I am not sure if he is the same person who calls himself Brian Oliver Sheppard whose theories on anarchy in an article called "Anarchism vs Right-Wing Anti-Statism" are being discussed and debated in amongst other places on the National Anarchist site 'Attack the System" in an article by American Revolutionary Vanguard dated 2001.

  55. Speaking of Pinochet I've been trolling pro-Pinochet and Chilean military-oriented videos on Youtube throwing insults at Pinochetista scum, telling them they're child molesters, etc. I think Antifa should just focus more on nazi skinheads in general but also if they were serious about anti-Fascism they should do what I do as a protest against such despicable sheep and violent scumbag Pinochetistas. These scum troll on the comments of the Crimes of Pinochet and any other video exposing that miserable tin-pot dictator. They're like nazis posting "Heil Hitler" on Holocaust videos.

    Or at least hold a protest against that sort of thing or get the moderator to ban such inconsiderate, disgraceful and depraved oafs. After all 'free speech' has nothing to do with it, it's pure bullying.

  56. Curiouser and curiouser! a quick one - Having just taken the time to check out ] 'souciant' magazine -
    I note that someone who would just have been growing out of his shorts - [or should that be nappies?] at the time of Wakefords membership of the NF is preaching on the facts of the matter - no doubt he had a good, reliable source for his authoritarial position - who might his informant be? ahh, yes , none other than Tony Wakeford himself! He was there! he should know! and what about this....

    "Wakeford never murdered anyone. He flirted with a group he admits was wrong. That should be the end of it."

    Flirted? more like a very, very long engagement with lots of full penetrative unprotected sex and many resultant offspring. And what an awful sentence also - "a group he admits was wrong".]

    And murder?
    I don't remember that ever being discussed online anywhere nor Wakeford being accused of it, for that matter - but did Wakeford talk about that with our man, Sheppard? I wonder why it is in the interview? A strange thing to say. They lock people up for a lot less than murder, for instance.
    Wakeford does seem though to be fond of the topic in his lyrics - perhaps that is why the subject is raised here - a stupid thing of the interviewer to say though - how long has he known Wakeford? - have they been intimate enough for the interviewer to be sure that this isn't the case? that Wakeford hasn't murdered someone?
    How sure can any of us be about this or that person unless forensics, alibis etc. check out?
    The more I read the more stupid I think some people can be.

    1. ninineninnennninnyingen27 Mar 2013, 19:49:00

      from Wiktionary -
      souciant m (f souciante, m plural souciants, f plural souciantes)
      = worrying

      how very apt.

  57. ninineninnennninnyingen27 Mar 2013, 19:38:00

    sorry - thats not all, it seems - from souciant interview , again -

    Death in June? There are some live Youtube vids of you and Douglas playing with David Tibet, as Current 93, that are just fantastic! Any chance we will see you all regroup and play out together, under whatever name?
    Tony: I’m still in touch via the occasional email but no, my connection with Death in June ended thirty odd years ago. It is Doug’s band. I am but a fat footnote.

    Actually - wrong - Wakeford was on stage with DIJ as a guest some time around the Millenium [thirty years not....] wasn't it on a boat?

    maybe this is why -
    Tony: That sounds fair enough. But to be honest I’m the last person to ask. I find it hard enough to remember what I was doing last week. Death in June was intense, but the whole imagery and ambiance was a lot more the brainchild of Douglas P. & Patrick Leagas.

    So - it was all their fault - nothing to do with him - maybe they even filled in his NF entry form and he only had to sign it.

  58. Oh, Dear! Poor Sleazy! he of Coil - a record he endorsed is coming out featuring Boyd Rice. No recourse for the poor man to eat or otherwise retract his words, as he is he is dead - at least he cannot suffer as a result of this.
    Not so this fellow -
    David Bowie! with the ghosts of his past being something on the malevolent jack-booted side from over 30 years ago [thats 'Three Decades......] it is a shame that he has obviously committed an act of misjudgment that could bring to peoples minds these indiscretions again [o.k., o.k. that is what I am doing here] but....]. It is understandable, given the current flurry of activity - and also that he had probably never heard of the particular no-mark Rice - and perhaps his name was not mentioned when the track was put forward - from this -

    "...In the meantime, Justin from Cold Spring informed us that David Bowie has this weird contract in England in which if you do a cover of a Bowie song, it has to go to his publisher to hear it and approve it; and then it goes to Bowie so he can hear it and approve it. And Bowie approved it, and I was excited that another of my childhood heroes was into what we were doing."

    'Boys keep Swinging' is the track they are talking about - Cold Spring being the label of Troy Southgate, the New Right mouthringpiece [see elsewhere here] and Bryin Dall and Boyd Rice [see elsewhere here] being the people who created the record - its not a bad piece of music - its a very simple idea - Boyd has a good speaking voice - it is a shame that for Bowie, that the man speaking his words happens to be a self-admitted fascist and many other very unpleasant things besides [including rape fantasy [?] rubbish also] - here is a link to the track on youtube that someone has put up - - looking at the ignorant, dumb remarks made by his fans one almost starts to feel sorry for Boyd...almost....

    1. Weirdly, Tom Robinson played this track as part of the Bowie tribute night on Radio 6 on Saturday night. Rising Free, indeed!

  59. Albin Julius who claims to never have been a nazi sympathizer has released various Italian fascist songs on his labels as well as split releases with Italian RAC and right wing bands and subious NSBM bands:
    for example:
    Collection of Italian propaganda fascist hymns and songs from the 1930s and 1940s.
    Collection of Italian marching music from the 1930s and 1940s.

    1. well..if you check this was over 15 years ago and Julius since then changed quit a lot and left the neofolk many interviews he dissociated himself from any politics and the music as well as the artwork has absolutelly no connection to politics... people change..some at least..even if some here won´t be able to admit...

    2. Anonymous 30th mar 10.49.00 - what was 'over 15 years ago'? what are you talking about? you cannot string a sentence together, it seems - have some more of these ....and these....more?.... - ooohhh, I see - its Albin, sitting at the breakfast table with his coffee, kuchen and a bowl of 'Aryan Alpen' made, no doubt, with satanically sacrificed goats milk [the goat sacrificed - not the milk].
      Listen, you idiot - try going outside into the fresh air and punching yourself in the head - several times, and hard, very hard. Done it? good - I hope that cleared your head of bullshit - try also breaking your computer - with several blows of a hard object - I suggest again, your head - taking care to electrocute yourself in the process.
      You pain us with your dull, monosyllabic third person denials - whats up? not got any friends prepared to speak on your behalf?
      I wonder if it is too late or if you could be retro-fitted with an IQ, a conscience and a non-emitic-personality?
      I just suppose it is possible you are talking about the very valid contribution of anonymous 29th mar 17.33 - but you haven't changed, have you these are the building blocks that go towards the man you are today - there hasn't been a re-build? if you knock about with nazis still, [and you do] if you don't come out and say
      without holding back that you were a complete and utter wanker then and stating clearly why you now view yourself tas you were then that way - then I'm afraid that there is still a very good chance that you are still a complete and utter wanker . Tell us - are you still making money from any of those old records? or are you giving it away to antifascist organisations or charities that act for racially abused people?
      If the answers are 'yes' to the former and 'no' to the latter then you are full of shit masquerading as humanity - and that goes for all of the people of your ilk - whoever and whereever they may be.

    3. well, IF you can read and combine then check the releasedates and count da simpley!

    4. Albin you should "quit" saying that you are not "quite" a Nazi nowadays and never have been and never will be, because you overdid this imagery, waaaaayyyy overdid it and you were and still are a true believer.
      You took it to the extremes and Sieg Heiled and Hitlered your way across Europe and elsewhere with your friends and fiends and now you try to remove all your past, but you cannot run away from it so stick to it.
      Your releases are still there for all to see.
      And from what I read here you are also a traitor and snitch to your own people, so a really fine fellow you are!

  60. thanks, anonymous[ 29 Mar 2013 17:33:00] - anything more on the RAC and right wing releases Albin has done and any background to them would be good posted here and I am sure will be put to good use.

    Oh, he is such an [unfunny] joker, isn't he, that Albin - and let us not forget his buddies in ZetzeroAlpha - the leader of Casa Pound, no less!! He released a record by them too -

    The trouble is, for Albin - I, and many others i am sure don't like his jokes - and I am not content to just sit back and moan on the internet, either - so anything that can help bring about his downfall into permanent irreversable misery and despair is all right with me - I am heartily sick of liars and scum like him - and as someone wrote above so will the right wing be hopefully too - cannons to the left of him - cannons to the right....

    1. are sick of what? Of your miserable poor life you have nothing better to do than to waste time for hating people? Poor you....come on, get a real life and try to make something out of it! Something which pleases you ... and give you a good than a bad feeling..... Albin for sure will give a fuck about what you and others think....and always coming with the past is boring as well/hell.....the collaboration wiht ZZA is over 10 years ago ..since he worked with such great bands like White Hills, Aluk Todolo and many others far from suspicion to sympathize with right wing people.... so you beat a dead horse by always repeating boring details of the past. Simply boring....I think honestly there is more important fights to concentrate on, maybe if you do not like to sit back and moan....go and fight your local EDL .. I am sure there is enough to be done........

    2. oh come on..shut up..its so obvious this is Mr seam to have nothing betetr to do?

    3. Oh for gods sake! own up, albin! it is you who is writing this crap - aluk todolo - yeh, they are SO clean - that is the same ALUK TODOLO who have a gig next month with the hungarian fascist band Scivias, right? and as for hate - this man has got it right -
      I did enjoy the moon last night - it made me feel so free - made me forget myself - such a perfect night...

    4. come on.......its more people out there thinking you are a looser..go and howl to the moon - it makes free....and get a life...! Yes..its THE Aluk Todolo who recently went on tour with Sunn O=) - also facists? Must, so then Nick Cave and Depeche Mode are facists because they are on the same label than Boy Rice? Ah yes..Moby as well! I see.....boring you! Shut up and die!

    5. oh must have a poor existence..obviously you are nothing than jealous about people like Douglas, Tony, Albin etc making something out of their lives.....

    6. PART 1 - to Anonymous1 Apr 2013 09:33:00 - Albin - thanks - I am looser than you - you are just so nazi and uptight still! [do that in a european accent, it works...]
      Oh, Ho Ho! Sunn O! is that the same Sunn O who are the band of Steven O'Malley who 'isn't a fascist' but unlike Nick Cave and Depeche Mode who really aren't fascists [but happen to be on the label of a man overly tolerant of one particular friend of yours whose name you have forgotten how to spell, above] used to write for Resistance Magazine in the '90s [yes, yawnn... a long time ago - but...] what was Resistance Magazine? shall we look at Wiki? -
      "Resistance Records is a record label owned by Resistance LLC, a society closely connected to the National Alliance.[1][2] It produces and sells music by neo-Nazi and white separatist musicians, primarily through its website. Advertising itself as "The Soundtrack for White Revolution," Resistance LLC also publishes a magazine called Resistance,[3] of which Erich Gliebe has been the editor since 1999. The label is listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.[4]"
      No mention of O'Malley there, it seems - but these people have heard of it -
      Writing in 2006 Tetragrammaton starts off the topic with -
      "I was reading some magazine this week with Boris and Sunn o on the cover, the writer asked O'Malley about the fact that he accepted ads from Resistance (WP!) records on his magazines/fanzines, and didn't criticize Burum/Vikernies when interviewing him or writing about him.
      He tried to dismiss the whole thing saying something like "music is more important" and the such.
      Not only is Sunn O a BORE, the guy is ok with nazi music and ideas. Gooood stuff!"
      [I should explain to you, Albin - that last littlle bit is something called 'irony' something you simply cannot comprehend - needless to say to any other less mentally hampered than you it means he DOES NOT think it is good.] TO BE CONTINUED -

    7. PART 2 of Larry Talbots reply to ALBIN JULIUS aka anonymous 1 April 09.33 -
      "Nick Bullen of Godflesh comes in with an interesting point - one that relates to you who thought it good to make profit from selling ACTUAL PRE-2WW NAZI SONGS -
      "I don't think O'Malley's social/political beliefs are to the extreme of the 'right wing': like many Heavy Metallers (and particularly Americans), he's probably a conservative with a small 'c'...
      However, regarding the comments on this thread about not caring about the views of musicians and taking the stance that 'It's just music': it's worth remembering that the songs and music used by the SA and Hitler Youth in Germany in the 1930's contributed to a mindset which led to the murder of thousands (including the disabled) and the genocide of millions of Jewish men, women and children whose bodies were turned into soap and lampshades...
      Music doesn't exist in a vacuum: it has an impact and it has an influence. And one has a position on that whether one acknowledges it or not: there can be no spectators..."
      Reading some of the other sadly more uniformed replies perhaps they all still don't know enough yet, after all - O'Malley hasn't really shouted about his involvement form the rooftops - the mag is still going, you know - look at wiki to see the wonderful stuff they do, albin - Prussian Blue etc. you'll get all in a trouserfroth about it, i'm sure!
      More on O'Malley from those good people at Rose City Antifa -
      "....A final Oregon ally of Petak is Tyler Davis of Jacksonville, Oregon, who runs The Ajna Offensive recordlabel and the Ajnabound Esoteric Books publishing company. Davis’ connection to Petak traces back to the 1990s, when Davis helped with the black metal and experimental music ‘zine 'Descent' alongside editor Stephen O’Malley. (O’Malley is responsible for an article on the topic of black metal published by the white supremacist
      Resistance magazine in 1995.)
      ...While Tyler Davis is involved with issuing and distributing many titles that are not related to fascist politics—many instead focusing on Satanism, evil, and the occult—he also seems to have no problem with fascists. The Ajna Offensive, for example, reissued the album “Blodsband” (Blood ReligionManifest) by white nationalists Sigrblot in 2005."
      oh, and I'm afraid I cannot die yet - theres still the little matter of your continued sentience to deal with - Rentokil! oh, Rentokil! wherefore art thou when needed?

    8. Oh, Dear - Mr or Ms. Webmaster? where is my first part, please?

    9. [oh well - I'll just have to try to remember] - this is Larry Talbot and my replacement PART 1 go on to to the above PART 2 - Looser? yes - I am not as uptight as your little austrian ass and prissy mouth is, Albin [in reply to Anonymous1 Apr 2013 09:33:00] Nick Cave and Depeche Mode are not fascists - the boss of their label may be a jerk for bankrolling Boyd Rice in part all these years - although I did hear a rumour that Diamanda Galas had threatened to walk at one time from the label - shame her financial clout would not have forced anyones hand - but it is sadder that financial withdrawal rather than reasoning is seemingly the only thing that might work - so come on, Nick and Depeche Mode [Nick - I'm sure that David Tibet would like you help to get rid of Boyd - only for personal reasons you understand]. Oh, you call him 'Boy'? a slip or has he had enough of you too? seems even the fans have their limits "On the other hand no real anti-modernist/13-year-old-like-attitude wannabe fascist could have such eagerness for money and capitalistic endeavours such as Mr Albin Julius has demonstrated.
      Julius is great for one thing, and that is not his "ideology" whatever that may be (nobody can be sure about that, after all his works are a fuzzy fascism that venerates Julius Evola and D’annunzio)"... but - you ask about SunnO - Mr. Steven O'Malley - go and see what is being said here - - "I was reading some magazine this week with Boris and Sunn o on the cover, the writer asked O'Malley about the fact that he accepted ads from Resistance (WP!) records on his magazines/fanzines, and didn't criticize Burum/Vikernies when interviewing him or writing about him.
      He tried to dismiss the whole thing saying something like "music is more important" and the such. Not only is Sunn O a BORE, the guy is ok with nazi music and ideas. Gooood stuff!"

  61. wow..already 88 (sic!) comments......

    1. Sorry! Anonymous31 Mar 2013 11:21:00 - I had to go and spoil the count - well. it was 88 when you got here, granted.

  62. Hani Pflughtoeft31 Mar 2013, 13:50:00

    Albin was just like a little boy throwing stones at a wasps nest - all good fun bating them until the swarm decided enough was enough. I guess it would have been around 2004 when the Antifa really turned up the heat on him and this was part of the cause of the hissy-fit between him and Duggy P - oh! the language that filled the air! and in print! lots of words used that were VERY injurious....perhaps someone can send copies of those conversations to WMTN so they can be shown to the public - I know for some people thats all such a long time ago - but there are people in prison for things they did a long time ago - and also there is no statute of limitations as regards information about facts and how they can be perceived in the light of current behaviour. People can change - many do not - and you can judge by current pronouncements how 'different' people are from who they were before. It is not always
    an easy thing to do, mind - but some people are not the consumate actors they need to be, for one - and some are not very clever about the need to thoroughly part company with their past.

    1. well, but then Albin and his gang last tour played ar some really leftwing and AnitFa 007 Praha, Revolver Oslo, Glazart Paris - to name just a few....seams the real AnitFa knows how dangerous this guy is....but you keep yourself feeling bbussy with writing useless comments...go and fight the REAL Nazios if you have the balls to...

    2. thank you albin, thank you so much....did doug p. appreciate some aspects of your braggadocio
      as much as I am beginning to do ? or did he ignore turn off in order to ignore your simpering ?

      here is some more bad german for you - but let me first teach you a word that best describes a major aspect of you - it is a free lesson - 'Oleaginous'.
      Now for the bad german [by the way - nice Freudian slip - everybody says that you are a seamy sort of person]
      "Wir haben keine Geduld mehr,
      Sie haben keine Zeit mehr!
      Diese Szene wird nicht zum Opfer fallen
      Um Ihre Gewalt oder Lügen.

      Ihre "Werte" sind nichts
      Aber Ausreden zu beginnen Kämpfe.
      Beenden Frontmann wie du stehst
      Für eine moralische Ursache tonight ...

      United als ein, werden wir nicht abseits stehen,
      Sie haben versucht, mit unseren Szene ficken ... Wir werden Ihr Leben zu ficken!

      Diese Maschine, diese Maschine. Diese Maschine ... Diese Maschine,
      KILLS VERDAMMT Faschisten!
      Dead ... Das ist richtig, DEAD!

      Sie haben noch ein rascist sein,
      Um ein nazi, fuck sein!
      Ihre geistlose Nationalismus
      Gibt Ihnen Anmeldeinformationen genug.

      Sie speien rechten Flügel Rhetorik,
      Als wir Ihre Aufmerksamkeit ...
      Sie haben die Punk-Szene verwechselt
      Für die Republikaner!

      No more Unterwanderung, keine weitere rechten Flügel Lügen,
      Sie müssen nicht in unserer Szene gehören ... Wir bekämpfen sie dich, bis wir sterben!"

  63. ha! HA! HA! anonymous [albin sad fuck julius] 31 mar 2013 18:29.00 - "as simpley!" let me even the score as it just isn't fair that you are having to commune in a language not your own, albin - [or is it some brain cell malfunction - I was simply pointing out that your reply hung in mid-air rather than being addressed as replying to a particular post - see the start of this reply] - i'm not arguing your math IN THIS PARTICULAR CASE - but you would see that if you read the post - as long as it is my Das Valkyrie one on 31st mar at 13.26 and not voices in your head...
    here is some [bad] german for your little austrian pin-head to be soothed by -
    "Ich hoffe, deine Mutter liebt oder geliebt, weil niemand sonst auf diesem Planeten hat den Magen für eine solche Meisterleistung geistige Ausdauer -
    nie Exkremente die menschliche Form so erfolgreich vor genommen und behalten ihr Wesen - dh. die Art der Scheiße".

  64. Someones missing a trick and the circle has been completed - "The Ajna Offensive, for example, reissued the album “Blodsband” (Blood ReligionManifest) by white nationalists Sigrblot in 2005."

    Ajna Offensive is the label of aluk todolo [current at 2012 - "occult music" is the album title.

    Maybe that was mentioned in part one of Talbots piece - or is this a April Fools joke - there is no part one?

      SIGRBLOT = NSBM, split release with ABSURD!!!

  65. From above -
    "I don't think O'Malley's social/political beliefs are to the extreme of the 'right wing': like many Heavy Metallers (and particularly Americans), he's probably a conservative with a small 'c'..."
    hes conservative and a stupid c88t, morelike - libertarian asshole! how has he got away with it for so long?
    I mean not explaining or apologising? too many tea parties to attend, were there?

    "UH, its just about the music, man" - go tell that to the people who are dead and injured as a result of the nazis in germany - and the nine turkish victims of those idiots in Germany!

  66. Anonymous31 Mar 2013 17:01:00
    "oh come on..shut up..its so obvious this is Mr seam to have nothing betetr to do?"
    You don't think I would grace such a question with an answer on here of all places, would you?
    but i'll take this opportunity to say that you were and are nothing without Death In June - before you were associated with DIJ you were a little indie kid with poor sales and low gig attendances - people only bother with you now because of reflected glory - both from DIJ and from Boyd. DIJ has had its parasites like you, Patrick and the other cowards I cannot even bother to name - and they will probably, sadly be more - but the name of Douglas Pearce will be on everybodies lips in the end when all of the rest of you are long-forgotten.

  67. huhouhouhu.....tooooo many emotions...tissue please.....

  68. Albin Julius facts:
    in fact he plays in Leipzig in autumn:

    that says it all:

    album cover artwork of der Blutharsch
    swastikas on the shields to the right!
    "SS" rune


    on his recordlabel "Hau Ruck" he released Italian Fascist hymns of the 30ies....
    Collection of Italian propaganda fascist hymns and songs from the 1930s and 1940s.
    Collection of Italian marching music from the 1930s and 1940s.

    split release with Italo Fascist band Zetazeroalfa ( and

    another release with an Italian right wing band

    split release with dubious NSBM black metal bands
    both of these bands also released on polnish label „Blutreinheit productions“….....

  69. more on Albin Julius?
    here you go:
    some more info (some in German)_
    Despite his repeated claims to the contrary[citation needed], Julius' opponents have sometimes labeled his work as fascist. This conclusion is generally reached due to Julius' use of aesthetics that may appear fascistic and his additional use of military-related themes and aesthetics, including Third Reich-era material, in the composition of his works. Der Blutharsch however released a 7" split single with the Italian fascist band Zetazeroalfa.

    German Wikipedia, where you can read that Blutharsch may be called a Neonazi band, although they filed a lawsuit against that brand they lost that!

    Ein Antrag auf eine einstweilige Verfügung, der 2007 von Albin Julius auf Unterlassung der Bezeichnung „Neonazi-Band“ gegen die linke Wochenzeitung Jungle World und deren Redakteur Ivo Bozic gestellt worden war, wurde vom Landgericht Frankenthal abgelehnt. Das Gericht urteilte, die Äußerung sei als presserechtlich geschütztes Werturteil auf Grund der Verwendung nationalsozialistischer Symbole durch die Band gerechtfertigt und wies den Antrag zurück. Das Urteil wurde 2007 rechtsgültig.Das Gericht führt in der Begründung aus, dass sich die Zeitung in dem beanstandeten Artikel in sachlicher Weise mit der Band Der Blutharsch und deren Auftreten in der Öffentlichkeit auseinandergesetzt habe. Zudem dränge sich aufgrund des gesamten Auftretens und Verhaltens der Band Der Blutharsch die Bewertung auf, dass es sich um eine Band aus dem Neonazi-Milieu handle. Dies ergebe sich aus den Live-Auftritten der Band in „durchgängig faschistisch und nationalsozialistisch kodierten Uniformen“ und der Verwendung von Zeichen aus der NS-Zeit auf der Homepage, Merchandising-Artikeln und Plattencovern.

    Der Blutharsch plus Informationen über Albin Julius Plattenlabel „Hau Ruck“.

    Artikel des Dokumentationsarchivs des österr. Widerstandes (!!!):

    1. Helpful Harry, large but not too large2 Apr 2013, 19:06:00

      this is a rough translation of the german piece above -

      A request for a preliminary injunction, which was completed in 2007 by Albin Julius injunction called "neo-Nazi band" against the leftist weekly newspaper Jungle World and its editor Ivo Bozic was rejected by the District Court of Frankenthal. The court ruled that the statement was justified as press legally protected value judgment due to the use of Nazi symbols by the band and rejected the application. The judgment in 2007 rechtsgültig.Das court states in the ground that the newspaper have explained in the disputed item in a businesslike manner with the band The Blutharsch and their appearance in public. Moreover, inevitable, because of the whole occurrence and behavior of the band The Blutharsch the assessment that we are dealing with a band from the neo-Nazi milieu. This results from the live performances of the band in "consistently fascist and Nazi-coded uniforms" and the use of characters from the Nazi era on the homepage, merchandising and album covers.

  70. even more on Herr Julius?
    here it is:
    Israel concert banned!
    Albin Julius O-Ton „Julius also said in the interview that he did not regard Haider as extreme right-wing. In another interview, with the German Gothic magazine Black, he stated that he hoped that Europe would consist again of 'national states' and that there would be 'finally a halt to migration'.”

    “Kampf, Sieg oder Tod” 24:50
    “Free Pinochet” 25:00….

    Albin Julius:
    “Ich bin optimistisch, dass die Währungsunion nicht stattfinden wird…, sich die EU im neuen Jahrtausend wieder auflösen, und unser Kontinent hoffentlich wieder aus Nationalstaaten bestehen wird, und die Migration endlich gestoppt wird.” (Black 11/ Frühjahr 1998/ S. 47),

    2007 wurde gerichtsfest, dass DER BLUTHARSCH als „Neonazi-Band“ bezeichnet werden darf. Das Landgericht Frankenthal lehnte den Antrag auf eine Einstweilige Verfügung ab, mit der Albin Julius gegen eine entsprechende Bezeichnung in einem Artikel der Wochenzeitung Jungle World vorgehen wollte. Das Gericht führte u.a. als Begründung an, dass sich aufgrund des gesamten Auftretens und Verhaltens der Band Der Blutharsch die Bewertung aufdrängen würde, dass es sich um eine Band aus dem Neonazi-Milieu handle. Dies ergebe sich aus den Live-Auftritten der Band in „durchgängig faschistisch und nationalsozialistisch kodierten Uniformen“ und der Verwendung von Zeichen aus der NS-Zeit auf der Homepage, Merchandising-Artikeln und Plattencovern. Wer sich so präsentiere, müsse sich eine kritische Würdigung seines öffentlichen Wirkens gefallen lassen. (
    "rechts auf der Bühne Albin Julius - frisch gescheitelt, schwarzes Hemd mit Eisernem Kreuz, Armyhose mit Pistolentasche am Gürtel"
    "Der Blutharsch wurde von einem wiener Naziaktivisten gegründet und ist vor allem als Vorband von "Death in June" in der rechten Musikszene bekanntgeworden."

    1. Helpful Harry, large but not too large2 Apr 2013, 19:16:00

      more german translated from above -

      Albin Julius:
      "I am optimistic that the monetary union will not take place ..., the EU dissolve in the new millennium back, and our continent will consist hopefully from nation-states, and the migration is finally stopped." (Black 11 / spring 1998/47 P. )

      2007 was in court that THE BLUTHARSCH be described as "neo-Nazi band". The district court denied the motion Frankenthal on a preliminary injunction, with Albin Julius wanted to proceed against a corresponding phrase in an article in the weekly newspaper Jungle World. The court also stated inter alia as justification, that due to the overall appearance and behavior of the band The Blutharsch would impose the assessment that we are dealing with a band from the neo-Nazi milieu. This results from the live performances of the band in "consistently fascist and Nazi-coded uniforms" and the use of characters from the Nazi era on the homepage, merchandising and album covers. Who thus presenting, must put up with a critical appreciation of his public ministry. (Http://
      "right on stage Albin Julius - parted fresh, black shirt with an Iron Cross, army pants with a belt holster"
      "The Blutharsch was founded by a Viennese Nazi activists and is best known as the opening act for" Death in June "became known in the music scene right."

  71. and even more on Mr. Martinek:
    from his label, dubious stuff Albin Julius releases:
    In other words, the new band Volksweerbaarheid uses the imagery of this old association to play with themes such as militarism and nationalism, while creating a nostalgic image at the same time.

    more:,r:77,s:600,i:235&iact=rc&dur=38 6&page=21&tbnh=194&tbnw=138&ndsp=31&tx=73&ty=112 dSS7AaTvoDABA&zoom=1&sa=X&ved=0CJ8BEIQcMBk&ved=1t:3588,r:25,s:0,i:159&iact=rc&dur=848&page=1&tbnh=187&tbnw=150&start=0&ndsp=26&tx=78&ty=59
    Als sich Albin Julius von Der Blutharsch mit den Worten “Freiheit für Pinochet” von der Bühne verabschiedete, wurde er dann nicht nur von MitarbeiterInnen unserer Initiativen ausgepfiffen.

    1. Helpful Harry, large but not too large2 Apr 2013, 19:18:00

      and more german translated [badly] -
      When Albin Julius of Der Blutharsch goodbye with the words "Freedom for Pinochet" from the stage, he was then booed not only by employees of our initiatives.

    2. Just goes to show what I was talking about. Dare I say "Sunlight" never had the guts to play Chile -- I'm pretty sure there would be people there who would love to rip his guts out! Of course "Sunlight" is too busy posting "Hail Pinochet" on Youtube videos...

      And yes, Douglas, I know the real meaning of the song "State Laughter". I think I should've parted ways with your music long ago.

    3. BOO!
      better a good and honest "BOO" than an arselicking applause by some stupid boring people in bad boring uniforms..but its YOU who decide what you prefer.
      Your choice, your life - as always!

  72. FINAL Albin Julius PROOF:
    see photo here:
    "All the best and Victory (note the "S" in "Sieg") for 1998"
    Albin Julius

    Albin Julius fax sent out to WKN "report" recipients etc. as New Year Greetings some years ago (oh yes, it was all "years ago" and he has changed, bla bla bla), do you want people like these in your live club or anywhere NEAR you? Even if it was all done "many years ago"?
    No, you don't.

  73. Its all very funny - the only way Albin can top his former employer is by hijacking an Antifascist blog like this that was a post about Death In June and getting everybody writing about him! and has anybody noticed - he goes there first thing in the morning,
    Anonymous1 Apr 2013 09:33:00
    Anonymous2 Apr 2013 08:06:00
    for example - then throughout the day.
    after his cold bath that he takes in order that he protect the madchen of Austria - he being, in print at least - such an over-compensating Alpha-Hetrosexual [possibly masking a homosexual latency that goes against his true Aryan Spirit - and causing an internal conflict that may have manifested itself physically in occasional involuntary spasming].
    Am I being cruel here? possibly - but in part I am not going anywhere that Albin hasn't gone in print already -
    from -

    "N&MI: I realize you are a busy man right now about to go on tour so last question. Is there anything special you would like to tell your fans here in Scandinavia?

    "Albin: Well, Swedish girls are hot. Swedish people beer sucks, and fuck, it is the 4rd time I come to perform in Copenhagen, and NEVER got a fucking "smorebrod"! So either this time I get a smorebrod or a good blowjob by a hot Swedish or Danish girl, or I swear, I'll NEVER come back!"

    A charmer, I'm sure - what self-respecting woman can class herself as a fan of Albin after that?

  74. Paolo Di Canio2 Apr 2013, 23:36:00

    You are all wrong - Albin is not a fascist, and I should know, because I'm not one either - anyway
    its just music - it just about the music, man- and its not as if he is in the parliament to answer questions...

    1. why does "not a fascist" send out stuff like this
      and sieg heils on photos?

    2. well,maybe then - but at least he,compared to others left the right path and changed imgage and music and openly dissociated himself from all.

    3. Bandage if a Gurgle - Hi!3 Apr 2013, 17:40:00

      So - Anonymous3 Apr 2013 14:29:00 -
      albin changed IMGAGE did he? and DISSOCIATED FROM ALL - Albin, if I may borrow a quip from the equally-toxic substance known as David Icke before he wears it out as only a one-trick pony can do -

      "if you had a braincell it would die of lonliness"

      are we feeling weak from all the battering, albin? you ain't seen nothing yet...

    4. Anonymous3 aka Albin Julius:
      in fact I never saw a picture of Tony Wakeford or Douglas Pearce showing the "Sieg Heil" salute as we see in this photo in this thread.
      Nor did they ever sent out swastika new year greetings or whatever that is, like we see here.
      but as you write, he "left the right path" (whatever THAT means, but we know what YOU mean by that) so you openly confess that you were (and are) a fascist, because once you also said that you never were one anyway.
      confusing innit?

    5. we still see Dougy wearing wolfehook pins in photos where he looks like a desperate rapist and/or pedifile, when we see pictures taken by Alin same time arrund (aproximatelly)- looking like a hipster gay toyboy. I would go for the hipster gay toyboy. If you go fo an old depserate nazi troubadour, its your choice. Enjoy!

  75. Well, considering that Sir Alex Ferguson, a committed anti-fascist, tried to sign Di Canio (whose politics were a matter of public knowledge long before the Sunderland fiasco) for Manchester United because he was a good footballer is telling.

    For many people IT IS just about the music. I seem to recall Steve Albini saying he was a fan of Skrewdriver's music, and that he didn't give a toss about their politics or anybody else's.

    I mean, Stephen Fry is a big fan of Wagner (anti-Semite), P.G. Wodehouse (Nazi sympathizer)and is a vocal supporter of fox-hunting. Personally I just dislike him because he is a boring, pompous twit.

    1. Not THE Paolo Di Canio3 Apr 2013, 15:40:00

      To Anonymous3 Apr 2013 11:26:00 - this is the 'PAOLO DI CANIO' from above - I am not the football managing Paulo Di Canio - I am a Paulo Di Canio doppelganger who was using irony - only an idiot fascist or a completely contrary moron would say albin isn't a fascist was what i WAS SUGGESTING - sorry to confuse you - you mean well and I am on your side - for my money both of these people [Albin and Paolo] are fascist scumbags - the football manager - who sports a mussolini tattoo, [not anti-semitic it will be argued, probably by one particular stupid troll who should know better than to say such things without pointing out that rather than fighting Hitler etc. and protecting the jews he handed them over for the nazis for want of an easy time of it - that is simplistic but effectively what I understand of it - and pub bores who are only mentally masturbating by showing off their general knowledge superiority can fuck off and try to develop a sense of right and wrong]]. Mussolinis life ended the way it should have ended far sooner - any admirer of Mussolini is a piece of shit who should not enjoy a position of power and influence.
      I am afraid, by the way - that the link you posted didn't work - either albin is monitoring you and somehow getting the links taken down or there is a technical problem. Please check it out and any others you may have put up to see if they work and try again.

    2. This is not to be taken as any sort of defence of di Canio's politics, but there are a couple of things that the media haven't mentioned in this latest flurry of attacks on di Canio. One is that he wrote anti-racist articles in his football column back in the noughties, and that he met with holocaust survivors. He is a fascist, no doubt about that. Whether he is a racist or not is debateable.

      Bosworth's biography of Mussolini (written from an anti-fascist position) is well worth a read as it charts Mussoloni's political development extremely diligently.

  76. A Bowie cut-up -
    [from 'Its no Game pt.2']
    Just big heads and drums...
    Full speed and pagan and it's no game....
    I am barred from the event
    I really don't understand the situation
    So where's the moral?.....
    To be insulted by these fascists
    Is so degrading and it's no game...
    Draw the blinds on yesterday and it's all so much scarier.....

  77. To Jar Several3 Apr 2013 11:46:00
    Where do you stand on this then? For my money Ferguson - if as you say, a committed anti-fascist - has made a mistake - and I'm being charitable here... perhaps he is in the wrong job - shame the post of Pope has just been taken.
    I don't follow football - I only know of this Di Canio creep because his name and his politics
    have been all over the national news - this isn't through an expose, mind - it is through his own personal actions and admissions - it isn't up to him to now say he doesn't want to talk about it. O.K. - that isn't true - morally he cannot - but immorally he can ban journalists as he has said he would - he can say "no comment" as much as he likes - but hopefully he can do it without a job that affords him public exposure and influence.
    I am reminded of the Simone Clarke Royal Ballet case a few years ago - this post comes from
    "Fonteyn was a thoroughbred Conservative, who funded fascist South American coups, was best friends with Pinochet, Noriega, the Marcoses and who danced in South Africa at the height of Apartheid, a place no other ballerina would touch with a barge pole and who was totally unapolgetic in her actions.
    Nureyev infected countless homosexual partners with HIV despite knowing he was HIV+ and knowing many of his partners did not have access to any form of medical help - there are seven definite cases of HIV infection in Ufa linked directly to Nureyev's visit there in the late 80s.
    Ulanova was a fervent supporter of the Communist regime with its quashing of civil rights, liberties, artistic freedom, its eradicating of counter Communist dissidents, imprisonments, concentration and labour camps.
    I'm not bringing this up to denigrate these artists, but to enjoy their art one has to divide the artist from their personal life - if one can. That's up to the individual."
    So this kind of unthinking, unreasoning lilly-livered libertarianism is all over the place it seems - this is effectively NIMBYism applied to pastimes rather than geographic location - as mentioned on here earlier.
    Knowledge is a dangerous thing, it is said - in this case I think the proper reaction to learning of these 'shortcomings" like the above if indeed the offender is still alive - is at least to go elsewhere - to look elsewhere for your ballet, football expertise or music, for that matter - I have never bought a Burzum album, or a Skrewdriver album - to do so whilst they or anyone sympathetic to their ideas profits from it, financially would be wrong. To review and speak well of the music of such groups without a very serious expose of why they should not be bought is wrong - the music and the politics dwell within the same persons. It would be like buying a Gary Glitter record [assuming he gets royalties] - any proper-thinking person would realise that they MAY have just given Glitter the bus fare to go and do whatever it is he does or has done that has made him so disliked . That would not sit easy with my conscience - would it with yours?

    1. You mention that you have never bought a Skrewdriver record. Does Ian Stuart not fit into your category of 'dead' person, as you seem to think this matters?

    2. Christopher Hitchens on Evelyn Waugh: "He supported fascist movements in Spain and Croatia, and Mussolini's foul invasion of Abyssinia, because they enjoyed the support of the Vatican, and he wrote in 1944 that only the Third Reich stood between Europe and barbarism. These deformities in one of my most beloved authors arose not in spite of his faith, but because of it." Hitchens then adds: "I would prefer to have Evelyn Waugh's shelf of writing just as it is, and to appreciate that one cannot have the novels without the torments and evils of its author."

      So how do you respond to Hitchens' points?

      Extrapolating from your position, are all Catholics culpable and complicit in the atrocities committed in the name of the church. Where does your conscience sit? Do you ever think deeply about these things?

      If you were blindfolded and played a piece of music that you thought was the best thing you had ever heard in your life, but later found out it was by an ideologically dubious character, what would you do?

    3. Jar Several [is that some sort of beer reference? if so it may explain things].

      you wrote
      "You mention that you have never bought a Skrewdriver record. Does Ian Stuart not fit into your category of 'dead' person, as you seem to think this matters?"

      obviously failing to read this - which is written above

      "for that matter - I have never bought a Burzum album, or a Skrewdriver album - to do so whilst they or anyone sympathetic to their ideas profits from it, financially would be wrong."

      this - - is the website for combat 18s blood and honour - it is selling NOW a skrewdriver album - "BOOTS AND BRACES/VOICE OF BRITAIN"
      what part of
      "to do so whilst they or anyone sympathetic to their ideas profits from it, financially would be wrong."
      amongst other examples on my post do you not understand?

    4. PART ONE Jar Several - You really did completely and utterly misunderstand what I was saying, didn't you? are you affected in some way or just being willfully stupid?
      I will answer your questions - just to see if there is an ounce of humility in you to come back and acknowledge that you were wrong in your assumptions as regards what I was saying about financial support.
      I don't know at what point the information above about Waugh was revealed to the general public - but I would say that at that point on [when the information that Hitchens offers about helping the fascists] his work should have been -- at best - treated with an on-cover health warning, and if he were still alive all profits from any books, writings etc. should cease to be paid to him. Moreover, looking into it -
      he considered Abyssinia "a savage place which Mussolini was doing well to tame" [1938]
      He now saw little difference in morality between the war's combatants, and later described it as "a sweaty tug-of-war between teams of indistinguishable louts" [1945]
      I have had enough of reading about Waugh - my life or that of many others would not have been greatly disadvantaged had I not experienced "brideshead revisited" for example -
      "Waugh's racial and antisemitic prejudices are freely expressed in his works, particularly in those written before the war. The writer V.S. Pritchett observes that Waugh's antisemitism, "like Mount Everest, is there, nonviolent but undeniable";[194] Wykes calls it Waugh's "most persistent nastiness". The events of the Second World War may, Wykes observes, have modified Waugh's attitudes, though not to an extent discernible in his social behaviour. Waugh's racism, Wykes further asserts, was "an illogical extension of his views on the naturalness and rightness of hierarchy as the [main] principle of social organisation".

      But - much as it pains me to say it - it was a very different time in a way and he was not alone in his views among his peers. Depending on laws relating to copyright I guess it is possible his work may be picked up and added in alongside Belloc and London in the fascist libraries of those who fetishise the past more than some of their contemporaries.

      What is your interest in him?
      I note one other elements that maybe should not be ignored - to be continued

    5. part two TO JAR SEVERAL -
      "Nancy Mitford said of him in a television interview; "What nobody remembers about Evelyn is that everything with him was jokes. Everything. That's what none of the people who wrote about him seem to have taken into account at all."
      Love Among the Ruins (1953), a dystopian tale in which Waugh displays his contempt for the modern world.[136] At 50, Waugh was old for his years, "selectively deaf, rheumatic, irascible", increasingly dependent on alcohol and on drugs to relieve his insomnia and depression.
      He described himself as "toothless, deaf, melancholic, shaky on my pins, unable to eat, full of dope, quite idle"

      Your extrapolation about catholicism comes from an angle I just cannot understand - are you answering an internal dialogue, perhaps? I mentioned the Pope - are you a God-Botherer? it was in relation to things that I have seen in the news - do you read, listen to or watch the news? A manager who knowingly employs a known fascist who belonged [not sure of timeline but i believe concurrent] to a far-right organisation was very much making an error of judgement - much as the previous pope did in un-excommunicating the holocaust denier Richard Williamson - this doesn't seem related to your question - do I blame all germans for the second world war? that is absurd no - do I blame kids who get indoctrinated from birth into a religion - which like many others has blood and ruined lives on its hands if not [sorry, extraneous 'if' there] who - if given the advantage of the internet, libraries and hopefully at least contemporaries who have seen sense - do I blame them - not for the atrocities etc. but for maintaining an organisation that in the past was responsible - YES, if they fail to leave that organisation behind in the dustbin of history.
      I do not run this website, I should add - I do not know what whoever runs it believes in in regards to religion - this is my own opinion. I say this because I know that fascists and their sympathisers [not sure if that includes you from your posts] will probably tar the whole blog with such an opinion - I have already seen it elsewhere described as a site run by ultra-puritans.
      Would my current attitude if acted on have robbed us of a fine author - yes, i have not read him but probably - whoever 'we' are.
      The blindfold test - I never claimed to be psychic or otherly endowed with fascist-detecting senses - I absolutely accept that good music or art or whatever can - and is - created at times by bad people - this is why information is important - I would not knowingly buy something from someone who I knew was bad [in the criteria of this website] - or buy something good - a book or something else - from say a source like Cold Spring. I also would not praise - unless to show that it was not the artform itself I was prejudiced against - such items - as that would be irresponsible - my point is very plain - remove from these people as much as possible the machinery they use to get across to the people - media, finance etc.and blind audiences [in the informed sense not sight] also.

  78. Who is Steve Albini? no, I mean who is he? why should we care a toss what he thinks or does - he's just some overgrown preppy twat from middle america as far as I can see -
    Wagner - he is DEAD - he cannot profit from anything any more.
    - P.G. Wodehouse - DEAD.
    [although wasn't there some dispute about Wodehouses support - didn't he lampoon nazis with that Roderick Spode, 7th Earl of Sidcup character?
    "The trouble with you, Spode, is that just because you have succeeded in inducing a handful of half-wits to disfigure the London scene by going about in black shorts, you think you're someone. You hear them shouting "Heil, Spode!" and you imagine it is the Voice of the People. That is where you make your bloomer. What the Voice of the People is saying is: "Look at that frightful ass Spode swanking about in footer bags! Did you ever in your puff see such a perfect perisher?"
    —P. G. Wodehouse, Bertie Wooster in The Code of the Woosters (1938)"
    but the war came a year later - but even the Berlin broadcasts - well, i've only read the one - the first - and that doesn't make him a nazi - perhaps there is a secret code? perhaps however the MI5 in this particular case stood for My I.q. is 5 - if they thought anything bad in this - -but I haven't read the lot - perhaps he turns all Lord Haw-Haw.

    By the way, Jar Several re-you saying that the ONLY reason you don't like Stephen Fry is because he is, in your opinion, a boring, pompous twit? Does this mean you don't mind fox-hunting?

    1. I will reply to both the above as accusatory fingers seem to be wagging....

      I was not offering an opinion as such, merely commenting on an observable situation.

      For the record, I was involved with AFA and also with Notts HSA, etc, so don't try and fit me onto your nicely arranged procrustean bed. My views remain pretty much the same, but I don't devote my energies to these things anymore and, like it or loathe it, that's the way it is. Beats being an internet gobshite anyhow.

      PJ Harvey is another fox-hunting enthusiast. Luckily I don't have to face a decision about buying her records as a crappy woolyback pub singer doesn't appeal to me. I do, however, have a couple of Burzum LPs. Vikernes is a total dickhead, his views are complete bollocks, but, yes, I have some records. Satisfied?

      Spode was based on Mosley. Many people (especially other fascists) disliked Mosley, so Wodehouse lampooning him is pretty irrelevant.

    2. Durstiges Tier5 Apr 2013, 15:54:00

      Ah, surely you jest Ricky? Albini was a former/current noisemaker with Big Black, erm, Rapeman and Shellac. He is also an apparently feted and acclaimed producer of Nirvana, PJ Harvey, Page and Plant and Peter Sotos among others

    3. To Jar Several4 Apr 2013 08:18:00 -

      Who did you get the Burzum Promos from? was this before or after the information on who and what they were and had done had come out?

      If it was from the record company that released them themselves are you still friendly with them - what do you think of them - are you a musician?

      what was their opinion of what they released - if it were after the above information concerning them was common knowledge?

      What do you think about fox hunting as you say this is not the reason you dislike Stephen Fry or P.J. Harvey?

      So you still say Wodehouse is a fascist - I do understand the concept of one fascist not liking another - but on what information do you base this?

  79. Jar Several -

    A moronic post even by your past standards on here. What are you actually saying? Are you just being an asshole, or are you being an apologist for people who like fascist music? Or an apologist for fascists themselves? It's hard to tell from your incoherent ramblings.

    Albini is obviously a stupid twat who is happy to hand over money to fascists in order to listen to their crap. Giving money to fascists makes you a legitimate target for criticism in my book.

    On the Di Canio saga it reminds me of the likes of Wakeford, Julius et al. Happy to announce to the world their fascist beliefs until it becomes a problem for them, and then they deny it like mad, claim it was a mistake or refuse to talk about it. That is why I really like this blog. They need holding to account, even if you don't like it Jar Several.
    Anyway there was an interesting story in The Sun (I know) today about Di Canio being present at the funeral of Paolo Signorelli three years ago, fascist and MSI member who was jailed for eight years for his involvement with the Bologna bombings that killed 85 people in 1980 and eventually released on a technicality. Di Canio was apparently a close friend of Signorelli. Not surprising that he wants everyone to stop asking him questions. I wonder just what else he is hiding, just like I wonder about any fascist like Albin Julius or Doug Pearce are hiding. Keep at them WMTN.

    1. Dear Anonymous....even if you won´t belief or if your brain is too small to understand, but people sometimes change. And even change their minds and views. I know - hard to accept especially for you. But life is more complex.

  80. Interestingly, nobody on here was in the slightest bit interested in di Canio when he was manager of Swindon town; given that I mentioned he was a fascist on here a long time ago. I wonder why?

    Your post is a fairly typical example of the type of 'asshole' (I hate that stupid term) who insists on calling everybody a 'moron' or a 'stupid twat' in Albini's case.

    And please don't resort to the lazy use of the term 'apologist'. If I was an 'apologist' I would clearly state my position.

    I am probing in a way that is not at all 'incoherent'.

    I made a comment that many people (probably the great majority) do not judge music with reference to the political stance of the artist. Whether you or I like that situation is largely irrelevant.

    Who needs "holding to account"? The PE bands who clearly set out to wind-up people like you? As for Burzum, I didn't pay for the copies (they were promos). I do quite 'like' their sound. Am I supposed to lie and say that I don't? I also like Hitchcock and de Palma films, so I suppose in your blinkered world that makes me an 'apologist' (yawn) for misogynists...

  81. @ Jar Several,

    I'll use an insult I like thanks, whether you like the term used or not. It seems aposite in your case so it stays. Asshole.

    As for beating being "an internet gobshite" just what the fuck do you think hanging around here like a bad smell makes you anyway. You have nothing to contribute to the conversation here accept being a bore. If you want to defend thes fascist "musicians" then fair enough but have some balls and admit your position. If you just want to attack the blog itself because you have a problem with its raison d'etre then explain yourself and your motivations or piss off. Frankly I can't quite see why Strelnikov is so tolerant of your horse shit.

    You are obviously one of those middle-class bourgeoise anti-fascists who get bored with actually being active anymore so retire to your maisonette with your Burzum records to cheer you up. You are obviously a sad and confused person. At least you are perfectly demonstrating the kind of assholes that own Burzum records. Stick to working at the bank and piss off won't you.

    As for Di Canio not being mentioned on here before that is because he is a football manager, not a musician. I picked up on the first reference to him because his story is current and clearly relates to the dissembling of the likes of Albin Julius and Wakeford in relation to their own fascist positions.

    @ Albin (anonymous - Anyone can recognise your pathetic musings at a thousand yards),

    I do believe people can change but have absolutely no reason to think you have. Have you come out and stated your opposition to fascism, have you ever felt any remorse for your unforgivable career disseminating fascism? No. So fuck off you spotty arsed 'orrible fat fuck.

    1. Contact the Home Secretary5 Apr 2013, 13:03:00

      The atmosphere in this comments section doesn't really get any nicer but the idea of Jah Sev being middle-class, bourgeois and working in a bank should give anyone who knows the bloke a belly laugh.

    2. probably the atmospfear in did blog is cuz jar several is an asshole - maybe not a banker then, but still an asshole - and an asshole bcuz he spouts shit and shit stinks therefore it is seveval who spoil atmosphere - yes?
      you know him? he is intelligent idiot yes?

    3. Contact the Home Secretary6 Apr 2013, 20:18:00

      I was drinking with Jar Several last night at a highly secretive crypto-fascist show in the north of England as it happens.The bands were distinctly sinister, the power electronics act NOW WASH YOUR HANDS openly sported a Laibach T shirt featuring a rune design during his soundcheck and it was obvious that his lyrics dealing with compulsive-obsessive washing problems and worries about cleanliness were some kind of code for the most vile kind of fascism and racism. A bloke in the crowd admitted to having a Death In June album at home, whether he liked it or not is not an issue here, the slippery slope is. Some would say firebomb the pub but in the glorious anti-fascist and revolutionary spirit of 'James Cavanagh' I would simply say, let's contact the Home Secretary and let the government deal with this filth.

    4. Just to clarify. Perhaps, I wasn't particularly lucid as I haven't been taking my medication (antipsychotics).

      Firstly, let me make it absolutely clear that I am not defending fascist musicians. I made it quite clear that I think Vikernes' views are utterly repulsive. The man is absolutely 'evil'. I was somewhat clumsily attempting to make the point (by citing Hitchens on Waugh) that it is possible for an individual to like the work of an artist in spite of finding the artist or their views utterly repellent.

      Let's turn this head. It is a documented fact (see Keith Allen interview) that Nick Griffin is on record as saying that his favourite bands are The Clash, SLF, & The Stranglers. Leaving the latter aside (although I know a fair few AFA lads who love The Stranglers), the first two mentioned artists are clearly regarded as anti-fascist. Consequently, if we take Griffin's statement of his tastes as accurate, we have to conclude that he is a fascist who likes bands that would stridently oppose his own views. Based on my own experiences of going up against fascists, both physically and verbally, I am fully aware that at least in the UK such musical are commonplace amongst fascists just as they are amongst anti-fascists. When I questioned some BNP supporters during a stand-off why their favourite bands were Angelic Upstarts, UK Subs, The Jam, The Clash, The Specials, etc, their answer was that it was "white working-class" music. It is also worth recalling that 'Mad Dog' Adair was shot by another neo-Nazi, not at a Skrewdriver gig, but while attending a UB40 concert.

      AS for the Burzum promos I got them from the distributor PHD, who distributed all manner of punk, metal, etc. It was back in the '90s when I was writing for The Wire, etc. At the time I knew nothing of Vikernes' views, except some vague talk of church burning, etc. So I listened to it purely as Metal, and thought it musically interesting. That's all I saw in it at the time. So to try and once again attempt to place me on a Procrustean bed as some sort defender of fascist music is grossly inaccurate, and is probably as inaccurate as painting Griffin as championing anti-fascist music.

      If I ask awkward questions on here it is because I am wary of unthinking, ossified opinions. I really baulked at somebody using the term 'proper-thinking' as if dialogue is unnecessary and one is either absolutely right or absolutely wrong. I (based on my own experience) don't find a refusal to enter into dialogue particularly useful as an anti-fascist stance. It merely serves to harden attitudes and can amplify the problem rather than diminish it.

      I am not going to twat some daft goth for wearing a Non shirt. Besides, it is now against the law in Greater Manchester to verbally abuse goths (honest - look it up!), and is classed as a hate crime, as a consequence of a goth girl being kicked to death in Bacup.

      As for being middle-class, that one really amused me. I am from a poor working-class Irish immigrant background (that is why I don't like all the 'moron' and 'stupid' insults as they were the racial slurs that were directed at people of Irish descent when I was younger, along with the more vitriolic "murdering bastard").

      Also, in contrast to some anti-fascists I am not a supporter of the "No Platform" stance. It annoyed me when predominantly middle-class anti-fascists opined that Griffin appearing on Question Time would result in him gaining votes (the implicit subtext was that working-class people were a bunch of thickos who would flock to the fascist cause. Personally, I have more faith in the decency of ordinary people than a certain wing of anti-fascism).

      As for fox-hunting, obviously I despise it, but as I don't go sabbing anymore it would be a bit silly to say that I am ACTIVE in anti-foxhunting, as active implies action, not just talk.

  82. Albin Julius, this is just THE best ever, these 2 links & pics are so great, but you have "never been a nazi...", hahahaha:
    Could someone please post this on his and Blutharschs and all those other Facebooks of the venues he plays....
    here are addresses:

    1. Oh yes, please do. And if you are already sending links from the past maybe add some of the püresent, why not?

    2. wow, Deeply impressed. 1998, right? Over 15 years ago. But then" Einmal Nazi, immer Nazi" - right? Come on and start to make your won life worth living. Hate can cause cancer. Didn`t you know?

    3. Mr Heilige na d his Nazi scumbags. picture was taken a few weeks ago. So, who still looks like a Nazi? Sorry, it (or shall I say "he"?) looks more like a janitor.

    4. In this picture we see:
      John Murphy (who also did drums for DER BLUTHARSCH);
      Douglas Pearce (without whom DER BLUTHARSCH would have had no career);
      members of Die Weisse Rose (who are distributed by TESCO, same distro as DER BLUTHARSCH) at an event organized by people who also organized DER BLUTHARSCH concerts.
      So, Albin, what is your point??

  83. Blutharsch:
    Der Blutharsch (a synonym for “dried blood”) is an Austrian white power music act headed by Albin Julius, formed in 1997.

    The band takes great pride in their use of fascist symbols, and is well known for its use of Nazi imagery. Der Blutharsch attracts neo-Nazi’s and right wing extremists across Europe.

    In March 2003, a concert in Clausnitz, Germany was cancelled by the German government. In a statement released by the security police concluded that Der Blutharsch has “right wing extremist tendencies.” (The statement has significant weight in Germany, given the legal impermissibility of such extremism.)

    Those tendencies are evident in the packaging and music of the band. The Der Blutharsch logo is a symbol with a Sig-rune, like the Waffen-SS used. Their website also relies on the Nazi Iron Cross and the logo of the Hitler Youth.

    The covers of their albums are also adorned with Nazi art. The cover of the CD “Der Sieg des Lichtes ist des Lebens Heil!” (The triumph of light is the life’s Heil) is a part of a picture about the Varus battle, painted by the Nazi painter Werner Peiner.

    The cover of the CD “The pleasures received in Pain” is a reprint of the painting “Defense eastern Einfdle” by Nazi artist Ferdinand Staeger. Their songs also sample lyrics from the Hitler Youth marching anthem “Forward!” and other speeches and marches.

    The EP “Adesso viene IL bell” even contains eight songs from Italian fascism. On a live-video, published in 1999, named “Gold gab ich fcr Eisen” (I gave gold for iron) of the second tour, a “Finnish version of Lili Marleen,” a popular song in Germany during World War II, was played (called “Lisa Pien”).

    The song was dedicated to the Freiwillige der Waffen SS and Marsch des Sturmatillerie, European volunteers of the Waffen SS march of the storm artillery. The second tour was together with Death in June. At the end of the video, the second singer Wilhelm Herich shouted “Free Pinochet”.

    1. Der Blutharsch was never banned in Germany. All their albums are available through official channels. Not like Death in June - two of their albums are on the index and illegal to be sold in Germany due to Nazi propaganda. There IS a small difference. Yes. There IS!

    2. If you would be really well informed you would know that "Freiheit for Pinochet" was not said by Albin but by Klaus - who at that time was part of Blutarsch. Yes. This Klaus who runs Tesco Germany, the distribution Death in June got kicked off after German authorites made it official that Death in June is a Nazi band by putting 2 of their albums on the "Index" - an official blacklist for Nazi music. Brown Book and Rose Clouds of H. are officially banned in germany and its illegal to sell them.
      Klaus later explaijned why he said what he said, and if you can understand German you can make up your own mind:

    3. you obvipously mean Liisa Pien - the finjish version of Lillie Marleen - here in another version: - well, if you really would know about the backgropund of this song - written by a jewish musician and therefore be banned by Josef Göbbels himself - well, he at least tried..the song was too popular worldwide to be banned. Ah, yes. YOu are talking about the finnish version? The version available here?
      I whats the deal?

    4. and maybe better spot on people who still use nazi Symbols to make money than on people who openly broke with their pastß Why not. Or do you consoder such symbols funny? Or even sexy?
      Well, at least more colourfull than the original used at the SS headquater? Right!?
      Hey! Wake up. Its 2013!

    5. Woh! albin julius the antifascist! I'm really impressed! no, really! reallyyyy realllly realllly!

      he'll learn to sign his name next - no, really, really, albin - don't you want credit for antifascist statements like the above kicking at your former employer who probably still sells many more musics that you have done or ever will do with the act that you copied and didn't have the balls that he has to follow through with - instead flitting - dank and vampirebat-like around a flame until daylight comes and you fall moldering into your current faux-semi-psychedelic mess - grabbing onto any passing true talent much in the manner of one david tibet and leeching the lifeblood out of it before moving on - by the way - anyone mention yet how your current name idea is stolen from the french band Gae Bolg and the church of Fand - hell, it even rhymes with it? you really are a sad heap of bad air and nothingness, aren't you, Albin! small wonder that NO friends of yours have come here to speak up for you - after all - you must be being googled by fans all the time who hang off every one of your every tedious self-loving word.
      If you are now a true hippy I can understand why skinheads wanted to beat them up all the time.

    6. hm, I remember Albin Julius doing pilgrimage to Wewelsburg Castle etc. in full uniform regalia.
      funny? sexy? no.

      funny? sexy?

    7. You rememebr? How comes?

    8. Anonymous 5 Apr 2013 13:58:00 - please - iI really want to see these things you are posting
      - but the links aren't working - can't you please check them and try to re-post - webman - go on - lets give Albin a post of his own - he must be feeling awful sad seeing Doug Pearce and Boyd Rice getting all the attention here - even more galling, Troy Southgate, who, for all his Bugsy Malone, Banana Skins bollocks has only been doing the music thing this millenium and is probably to Albin a bit of a Hans-come-lately.
      Get one of your people - that Cavanagh, for example - to do one of his 'HEY,ANTIFA - HIT THIS TWAT!' type pieces - but for gods sake don't give it to some professorial ass with a rod up his backside that you sometimes seem to employ - a straightforward no crap menu of all his continuing badness, full of working links please, with knobs on!

    9. here again Albins new year greetings

      and Albin Julius, why have you had the video with the Free Pinochet quote removed if it was meant in a "different" way??

    10. Methinks Albin is scared shitless about being tagged as a Pinochetista as well as a fascist. Frankly I don't give a shit about him reinventing himself like Boyd Rice is supposedly doing now. I never liked Der Blut-arse in the first place and I'm certainly not interested in knowing how this tawdry band changed for the 'better'...

  84. I think Der Blutarsch are worse than any of them for praising Pinochet. How low can you go?

  85. I think Der Blutarsch are worse than any of them for even mentioning such a tin-pot tyrant as Pinochet. How low can you go?

    1. If you would be really well informed,. which you obvioulsy are not Mr. "copy and paste" - oh well, you can digg deeper really? - these words were said by Klaus Hilger/Tesco Germany and he explained why he said this here:

      You can not understand German? Heilige, right - you only can say some phrases who sound nice as you only can play the same 3 boring chords over and over again? Come on - life can be good, go and learn something new......and you will discover how exciting all can be!
      And yes. its the same Tesco who kicked Death in June off their rooster due tot he fact that 2 albums got on the "Index" in Germany due to Nazi proaganda and now are officially banned from shops in Germany. Hou, thats bitter, isn`t it?

    2. oh, albin - is that the same tesco that are selling or linking to all these bands TODAY - yes, cutting and pasting is fun, isn't it? if only the weather were a little better I could do it sitting outside drinking a nice red - isn't technology wonderful - one can do without annoying little button pushers like you, [for example that have mouths on them that demand to be punched rather than kissed - if only you had no teeth you may be more use] - if one learns just a little - and at least playing a 'real' instrument is to some a far more appealing concept than being an office worker push button push button - a troubadour - not a bore like you -

      anyway - that list of the 'politically clean bands' that are left now that DIJ were 'kicked off' Tesco [I thought it was because tesco were too stupid to be organised enough to do anything remotely helpful to dij amongst other incompetence - but who am I to say?...]

      6 COMM

      Quite a few, if not all, who are playing around with nazi fascist imagery if not actually nazi or fascist themselves? So what is your point, albin? I see you are on here too - in amongst all these 'clean' people.

    3. O have to admit, there are some quit good bands on this list.

    4. closing the circle:

    5. sorry anon - that didn't work - from youtube - No video results for “”

  86. Alan, Klaus and Elizabet5 Apr 2013, 13:25:00

    OOOh look everyone! its albin julius having a jealous spat [or is it an ex-lovers tiff? hell hath no more fury than a woman spurned] with douglas pearce - maybe thats happening - he seams to think so -

    I bet Douglas made you cry a lot, he did, didn't he albin? you can say - its alright to be sensitive and feeling - didn't your hippy training manual teach you that?

    maybe its all albin trying to put across some kind of point and try to clear his name with antifascists .....

    I bet Douglas made you cry a lot, he did, didn't he albin? you can say - its alright to be sensitive and feeling - doesn't your hippy training manual teach you that?

    its not working, is it? try learning a new word, albin - one I doubt is in your german vocabulary let alone your less-well stocked english one [which is not bad, actually - have some patronage before I thrash you again]

    the word is Sincerity - I doubt it is something you have cause to bother about feeling very often.

    why don't you just sod off albin.

  87. I notice that Albin Julius has changed his website in the last couple of days. A few days ago it had two sections one titled Der Blutharsch, the other Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand. The section Der Blutarsch has been removed now. Funny that. I can understand why. Julius keeps claiming that this was all in the past but obviously got the fear due to all the attacks here and thought he had better remove it.
    It is a shame. I really enjoyed laughing at all the Nazi crap on the Der Blutharsch section, but I guess the fat boy decided that it didn't tally with his story about having ditched his Nazi past when it was all there to buy and see.
    Still, he is still selling Iron Cross tee shirts and hoodies on there if you look.
    What you can't see is the gallery that was there on the Der Blutharsch section. There was a picture of Albin Julius looking dewy-eyed and sad by the grave of German actor Hemut Fischer, with no explanation. Intrigued as to the reason for this heartfelt homage I googled Hemut Fischer and suddenly it all made sense. Fischer was best-known for his portrayal of SA-Obergruppenführer Schneidhuber in 1967 TV series Der Röhm-Putsch (TV 1967) (Night of the Long Knives) directed by Günter Gräwert. It tells the story of Hitler's murderous revenge on the Strasserite faction of the Nazi Party. Now it makes sense as to why he wouldn't want anyone looking at this Nazi shit whilst denying it all on this blog.
    Anyway not to worry. The Nazi shit is all still available on Hau Ruck! Along with Derniere Volonte, Naevus, Changes, Foresta Di Ferro, et al, along with Der Blutharsch Nazi drummer boy stickers etc. So Albin is still making money from his fascist "past". In fact his whole back catalogue is out there to buy, including Reutoff vs Der Blutharsch - Kreuzung Drei, Ain Soph / Der Blutharsch - Split, and all the other Nazi stuff.
    Changes have you Albin. Of course you have!

  88. This blog obviously turned into a wanking arena. Mr "anonymous" Doulgas whoever you are or you are not. Why not simply relax and spot your life into somehting productive? Even a good wank would be for sure much more enjoyable than wasting your time with HATE Try.Its easy! LOVE can be a good emotion, even if you please yourself. Try to get over it. People like Albin, Tibet, Patrick and whoever on this endless list left you afor lifing their own lifes. May they enjoy, may the be happy or sad - try to get yaour own life and emotions under control and then concentrate on what you were really good - in ages ago. Writing some music which isn`t meaningless like the stuff your released over the last decade. You had the magic - try to get it back!

    1. “There are spirits that are created for vengeance, and in their fury they lay on grievous torments.” (King James Version, verse 28


  90. Obviosuly you do not know anything about Helmut Fischer! He got famous in "Monaco Franze" - a cult series in Germany and Austria in the ealry 80ies.

    And if you really would dig deeper and not do the usual mistake wiht googel-ing and copy and past-ing you would know that Franz Fischer always was openly anti Nazi. But of corse you can not know this, how could you?

  91. and for you in the language you might understand...Heilige!

  92. Death In June on a site within their comfort zone (and Albin Julius doing whatever with his life gets a mention.)
    Also note the promotion of Tyr and Siege on the side.

    That's some great company you keep, Lloyd James and Alexander Nym, to name only a couple of too many fools and the next idiot to say "It's not about politcs, it's not about race, it's just about the music" is idiot .

    1. Not to mention the despicable likes of Kevin MacDonald aka William Pierce of (ugh!) National Alliance, and that pitiful Hitler-fan/puesdo-Hindu waif Satrivi Devi (has anybody ever had a more evil name than this?)

  93. Paul Röhrbein6 Apr 2013, 20:41:00

    this is no lie, can you say the same, albin?
    from interview - heathen harvest - 2005 death in june -

    DP: I'm very happy about that because I see Death In June as part of a European cultural revival. I'm pleased that the Old Gods are being resurrected, for want of a better word. Old symbols. I feel very pleased that I am a part of that process and that I have had influence. At this stage in the game, so to speak, it's not false modesty to say that I am content with my influence. It's not beating my own drum, it's fact. If nothing ever were to happen after this point, then nothing could take away from that myth, that legend. The effect of Death In June as a rock being thrown into a pool sending ripples on their course. It's too late, it is a part of history.

  94. Gilderoy Scamp7 Apr 2013, 00:27:00

    Albin, Albin - insulted any gypsies recently?

    from -

    "A friend of mine when recently he saw Albin Julius in a lowdown Budapest pub drop his pants in front of an old gypsy woman and stick out his buttocks, wasted, in a torn checked T, he said that “Martial industrial is dead.”

    Very classy, but not impressive - especially for the poor woman - Albin - no-one with any dignity could ever play music with you after that. Tell us again that you are not racist, go on!

    1. you really try hard, don´t you? Put more energy in your "ah" so influential music. And see all the great groups you influenced and be happy what crappy little shitbands you have as followers. Although - fairly enough it has to be said that the only good band comming out of this is OTWATM - and they meanwhile are the "better DIJ".


    3. what "a friend or yours" maybe hasn`t seen is that Albin was drinking the whole night with these women who were some old prostitutes hanging out in a wild cheap drinking place next to the venue. When they noticed all all the uniformed people comming out of the venue from a Spiritual Front concert - and you might know how the situation with people wearing uniforms is at the moment in Hungaria - you uznderstand they got scared by these people.


  96. Anonymous5 Apr 2013 12:22:00

    Mr Heilige na d his Nazi scumbags. picture was taken a few weeks ago. So, who still looks like a Nazi? Sorry, it (or shall I say "he"?) looks more like a janitor.
    Anonymous7 Apr 2013 14:11:00

    In this picture we see:
    John Murphy (who also did drums for DER BLUTHARSCH);
    Douglas Pearce (without whom DER BLUTHARSCH would have had no career);
    members of Die Weisse Rose (who are distributed by TESCO, same distro as DER BLUTHARSCH) at an event organized by people who also organized DER BLUTHARSCH concerts.
    So, Albin, what is your point??

  97. @ Jar Several.

    Well I guessed you were being provocative which was what made me have a go, (in a childish and unfair way - we are all "internet gobshites" to some decree I suppose). I think the nature of fascism and its need to be signified rather than directly expressed pushes the buttons and sometimes makes anti-fascists fall into some lazy positions and habits. But it doesn't make objection to a fascist cultural invasion of popular art forms redundant or any less important than objecting to it in positions of power, on the street, terraces or wherever. I guess I reacted because I suspected you were playing devil's advocate. And it's good someone does occasionally. But not just for their own entertainment. That just takes us all down a rabbit's hole.
    You make all your points well and honestly.


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