Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Elephant in the Room

Images found abandoned on the net. Make of them what you will.


  1. Just point of order, pretty sure these are part of a satire on the record label Beta Lactham Ring Records. You can tell this by the URL - BLRRR etc. There's one too many Rs there. It was from a doppelganger website for that record label. It's a pisstake which is criticising some of those artists/musics for flirting with fascism, I imagine.

  2. .....I don't know what this is doing here - it seems so much off-subject for the most part - granted beta Lactam, like Soleilmoon started well but then disappeared so far up their own assholes - probably at the behest and moreover influence of some their more effete, self-regarding artists.

    O.K. - there is the nazi thang... but it is little touched on here - but becoming vehicles for Marcus Wolffs Waldteufel, Death In June and Boyd Rice [on Caciocavallo - the sublabel of Soleilmoon - emphasis on CAC in relation to Rice] meant these labels knowingly went beyond the pale - which is a shame - as they did all the other artists a disservice by putting them side by side with far-rightist excrement. One would hope that there would be a mass-migration of artists - leaving only the stupid souls like Z'ev [who is a total disgrace] alongside the fascists.

  3. Thanks for these fascism images. xo
    - Vinnie

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