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Karl Blake Comments

I thought it might be useful to collect together a group of comments made earlier (16th-21st May) on the blog by Karl Blake, a onetime member of Sol Invictus-AS: 

[An earlier comment had mentioned Karl's presence at a festival that Boyd Rice played at in London recently]

"... having been alerted by a friend I just have come here to reply to the above poster - Ben 14th May, above.

I was at the Mute 'do' because a friend of mine has made a film about Mark Stewart of the Pop Group and Maffia. He is over from Berlin for that purpose and I am giving him somewhere to stay. He asked me if i wanted to go and I said I didn't mind either way. I would have gone on friday and was quite prepared to confront the piece of shit that is Boyd Rice - I am, contrary to your suggestion, unhappy to even share this earth with him - and as down as I am on myself at times for once I am elitist enough to believe I rate more worthy of survival than that particular specimen - And I was quite prepared to look for [and confront] other pieces of crap that might be adhering to the jerks coattails too. I am also disgusted by Daniel Miller's attitude - but as was pointed out of course he'll defend the 'not needing defending' boyd rice - I can speak from experience that he can be very charming and very funny... BUT... I like to imagine Boyd on the Mrs. Merton show: 'so, boyd, why are you so nice to the multi-millionaire [probably], promotor and financer of your records, payer of your occasional wages, and Jewish[?], Daniel Miller?'

I do understand Daniel Miller. I too defended an undeserving creep for far-too many years. THE INTERNET WASN'T THEN WHAT IT IS NOW THOUGH - IT DIDN'T HAVE WEBSITES SUCH AS THIS THAT DO A VERY MUCH NEEDED JOB.


However, I could not get in on the Friday. I toyed with the idea of waiting outside for my ex-friends to arrive so as I could spoil their days in however small a way but as it was still early and the prospect of seeing the moron parade depressed me I went instead to the wonderful Morrisons supermarket, and thence home. Another friend who was there on the Friday reported that Boyd was flouncing around the building as you reported. He also said that, pleasingly, and contrary to what you said, ANTIFA did make an appearance outside and there was trouble between them and security - the latter of which was particularly large in number. My other friend didn't see anything. I suppose it depends where you were. Its perfectly possible for people to be unaware inside a very noisy big building - what is happening in one small corner - when I shouted at the fuckwit mentioned above the people I was with not far ahead were unaware also.

I did attend saturday, however, and had the pleasure of telling a traitorous creep exactly what I thought of him [he is the subject of a blog on here] - I had to hurry to see the film or I would have spent more time on him. Later I spent time walking round the edges and at the entrance at the back of the Hall when Laibach played looking out for his and any 'faces' I knew may be there to share 'thoughts' with - but there were none further - unless you, 'ben' were one of the three largish men one with bluish camo trousers who went through the other door and looked and sounded as if you were going to come over but changed your mind ... you should of: I welcome telling people what and why I believe what I do.

But I suspect your motives for coming here instead... and I have theories of who you may be. The bit about Asians at the front doesn't surprise me in the slightest - or prove anything. Its odd that someone as well informed as you on other matters seem to think it might - were YOU there to protest?

I am increasingly being driven to give account for my past. I am quite open to doing an interview about exactly what my position is. Ironically it is a friend of a friend of Wakeford who has been pushing for this to happen - I look forward to giving him exactly what he deserves - soon. I did do an interview for a book mentioned within this site [in 2006 I think] - and not unconnected with what I said earlier, but my comments and those of Eric Roger also were ignored. I also did an interview for a mag in Germany - but the subject of Sol Invictus must have been so boring or my rambling so unbearably tedious and hard to follow that I was 'nowhere' - its still a bloody good mag though...

I'll give you one or two quotes - I was always convinced the man [Wakeford] whilst remaining stupid in his opinions - nevertheless was inactive in Politics - in fact I was assured of this by both him and David Tibet [1987]. I hold up my hand and say I was politically almost totally ignorant, but my attitude was that as long as people were not pouring petrol through peoples letter boxes they were entitled to their opinions - as long as I wasn't helping promote such disagreeable opinions. I didn't see the codes or whatever contained within the music. When i said to Wakeford, why don't we play that song "LONG LIVE DEATH' from the first album he didn't enlighten me [I wasn't on the first album, by the way, and the first gig I played was in Tokyo at the end of '88 I think - there had apparently been Sol gig[s] before - at least he [Wakeford] said - "private parties" - singular or plural I cannot remember...

Maybe there is a tape of these - maybe a release? "down on griffins farm" as a possible title - I wonder?

Wakeford said to me when he was due to marry Renee Rosen [who is jewish] that "I've lost friends as a result of this " [or words to that effect] - this was in 1998 - I replied "well, they are friends not worth having, aren't they, Tony?" to which he merely grunted. At some time prior to this Tony had warned me off of doing an interview for a [possibly belgian] magazine, as he was aware it was politically dodgy. So there did seem to be indications that he was learning, and after all his mate Richard Lawson and his funny [i mean that in a good way] wife seemed perfectly reasonable types] and many others thought the same. It wasn't until I had a meeting with Stewart Home after a chance meeting at a party in late 2005 that I knew who he REALLY was. Wakeford also made disparaging remarks about Combat 18 after some documentary on TV, which I hadn't heard - and I went to a pub with him once in Borough High Street and he recognised people who came in as Charlie Sergeant and other Combat 18 people and he got quite agitated.

Events in 2005 finally swung my opinion [I was still in the band at this time - my last gig was Leipzig in May 2005 - the tour prior to this had been disrupted [in retrospect] by what I now know to be perfectly reasonable antifa action - and this is an odd one - we were told that it had occurred as a result of a stirring up of action by a certain Vienna-based musician who himself was a raving nazi who hated Wakeford for various reasons - Renee being jewish one of them and the other as I thought recently as possibly a result of the exclusion of a prospective musician from Sol because of his presence on said persons label. Eric Roger did tell the story of his story on a french forum but sadly it was taken down - it is quite right that both of our stories need telling. I will stress though that If Wakeford dropped dead tomorrow I would continue to try to find out more and expose all the other people for doing what they are doing and have done. There is updating needed [connections are not old and dusty cobwebs whatever people may say] and the problems that other people mention are equally relevant it doesn't diminish the significance of this movement - a lot may just be unfortunate fashion victims and others, such as Wakeford, may now be still keeping his/their rightist connections partly only for the money - small beer though it may now be. As Eric Owens said to Wakeford in 2000 "you may not like it, but unfortunately for you we are your audience". If I saw mention of Sol being fascist I would alert Wakeford to it and expect him to do something about it - it was his baggage not mine - or, for that matter the baggage of the people I recruited to the band whom I forewarned of Wakefords past. He asked me why I told them and I said that it was only right and proper if we were getting gigs cancelled at times for what I believed was him being an idiot at some point in his life. In retrospect I was an idiot. This probably strengthened his 'need to know' basis [or I possibly I was the not-need-to-know bassist from then on...] as I presume was the case when I asked whatever happened to that nice chap Tony Williams who we shared a holiday with in 1991 in Cornwall "because he had a car"
 ...some sort of evasive and effective answer obviously, because I didn't know the answer to that until 2005/6 -[see David Copeland - Bomber].

Enough. For now. So - if any genuinely antifascist magazine, individual, website or whatever that I am convinced of wants to talk to me about this who like me believe in 'NO PLATFORM FOR NAZIS' [to me - I will not argue about satanist nazis or anti-satanist nazis - they are all morons and all nazis - and I use that word because I want to - irrespective of 'theoretical inaccuracy - as Alan Trench said - if it looks like a Nazi, it is a Nazi].

OK - FIRSTLY - As regards Wakeford - - I think I'll christen him 'TEFLON TONY' - from what I can ascertain, going by what he said in "Englands Hidden Reverse" about being put away [by the police] for a very long time, this does not add up. He says this was for petty crime and it doesn't explain, why, in about 2000 he was briefly taken to one side by two police on entering the country. He returned to us [some of the band] visibly shaken and said " Err, they said "WE KNOW YOU". His constant "Leagas and Pearce were wholly innocent - it was just me" smacks to me of mutual silence being beneficial rather being than being motivated by friendship. On the quiet his talk about them was - "Dougs lost the plot" - when Douglas was fighting World Serpent, and anger at bootlegs of DIJ that Patrick had put out without paying anyone else.

He is morally lax and totally defined by heightened self-interest, and because he dislikes certain kinds of confrontations is inclined to be two faced in his actions. Curiously, I noted in the booklet you mentioned [Satan etc.] that Sol Invictus were mentioned - but in no depth whatsoever - merely as a link to get to the subject of Ian Read - an enemy of Wakefords [as a result of real jealousy - not the 'supposed' jealousy I suffer from]. He was also too loose-tongued in public for Wakeford's liking]. I suspect, therefore, that Wakeeford keeps a foot in many camps rather than taking sides: one camp being the Nazi who wrote the booklet "Satan etc... which incidently does supply valuable info on the "enemy", despite having a bizarre theory about Paul Macartneys "Mull of Kintyre"!!!

Some time after my tenure with the Sol Invictus ended I discovered a Searchlight article from 1997, or maybe 1998, that dealt with Wakeford, Read and Freya Aswynn and others, which Wakeford undoubtedly knew about. This is one example of his total selfishness - rather than inform us [the rest of the band] about the article and let us decide about our position in the light of its publication ['we' = the band - you should note that all the releases read "Tony Wakeford with..." in other words he was Sol Invictus]. When it suited him we all were Sol Invictus - ie. when he wanted to prove to antifa that he couldn't possibly be fash of any kind. To give an example; there was an incident in England, early in the band's existence, when we were told of a threat to firebomb the queue for a gig with Death in June in Clapham Junction. [The Sol gig was cancelled the DIJ moved] - Wakeford used the band to claim - "We're not fascist - i've got an anti-apartheid'[sic] on cello, a chaos musician on drums, and a nutter on bass!". This has been his regular defense technique ever since - to hide behind his ill-informed band's ethnicity, faith or whatever.

 My own theory is that Wakeford is first and foremost a casuist [but one that he would prefer that some kind of fascist state existed]. He bites his lip and writes pap about a mythical world of kings, queens and fools. I think he feels that way politically irrespective of any nonsense about his wife being Jewish or his bassist being a lesbian [and I bet he never told the latter that the title of her photo exhibition was lifted from a line of my Underneath project in 1986 - 'World Turn Green' - from the track 'Smear Ghosts' - he did ask my permission at the time]. He hides behind the laymans view of 'fascism' . A recent posting on Stormfront England said that his friend Richard Lawson's wife Eve was in fact part-Jewish - which in turn made his daughter, who the poster also said was an activist - Jewish also - and yet he [Lawson] is credited with anti-semetic writings in the 70s and 80s [aside from being the [ghost] author of a pamphlet called 'Lifting the Lid on the Anti-Nazi League' - and his mate Patrick Harrington - NF and latterly a BNP defender from the position of boss of the 'fake' union - Solidarity], worked with Jewish activist [and separatist] Rabbi Schiller. This again is rambling - but there are facts that need to be aired.
Anyway, music is part of the unifying zeitgeist and as a part of a cultural organism is open to infection, which is exactly what is happening and I don't think it is just tied to the neo-ghetto. This site makes an error at times of knocking the music - and that is neither a here or there - it's the Vessel and not the Essence. I too grew through a loose reactionary culture of transgression and believe in the flag of freedom... but only up to a point. The far right use civil rights for their own ends as well - use tolerance to defend their intolerance. I recall again how the KKK was represented by a black lawyer when fighting for their right to have their own public TV in the U.S.A. - and government repression is used as a shared bogey man to hide in amongst or alongside the extreme left, for example Casa Pound in Italy. My response about "looks like a nazi" in that case may well be sorely tested. If I come out with "hate-speech against hate speech" it is my reactionary shift against all of that - I've got 'Neo-poisoning' if you like! I really am fed up with it and a lot of that is down to feeling thoroughly used and duped. I hold my hand up and say I enjoyed going abroad and playing all the time - and recording. Its my own fault that I took the path of least resistance and sat back and took the easy option of just turning up and playing bass and laughing at all the idiots with silly haircuts and anal-aryan uniforms. I will agree that I am now, by contrast - guilty of "kill 'em all - let God decide" type reasoning here with the comment I made in an earlier post.

One other thing - the compilation "Not Alone" - a five cd benefit album put out in 2006 (http://www.discogs.com/Various-Not-Alone/release/638749) - and compiled by David Tibet. Profits were/are to go to medicin san frontiere to combat aids in Africa. How many compilations are Sol Invictus on? Loads - but not that one - even though Wakeford had his own studio at that point or could of, like my own Shock Headed Peters, given an old unreleased track - his reply to me when I mentioned it at the time was [talking about Tibet's request for a track] "you know what my response was, don't you" - so, no Sol on that release.....
Anyway - to Ben, again -

I advise you further to try to contact the webmaster here to do a piece about Jobbik and any cultural sources they may be feeding on and music they may like etc..

And you asked about Laibach - to me on cursory glance they are the musical version of "Romper Stomper" or "American History X" - supposed moral counters critiquing the far-right but 'turned around' and used as visual/aural pornography IN PART by the far-right [as sadly I have seen this website described as 'making fascism sexy";-{ ] - in the same way peedos might use innocent pics of babies for their own ends. I liked some of Laibach's music at the Roundhouse - I didn't like the literal porn [the blow job footage - but thats just my own prejudice] - I don't know what they [Laibach] actually represent - I have heard rumours about some people connected to them - I prefer truth and facts however and will continue to look...
So - in answer to your last and probably most important question:

"Fascism needs opposing and tackling where it is developing an organized and coherent political program and political force, is this music scene a real site for that type of development?" - Yes it should be tackled even if it apparently doesn't apparently conform to the "organised and coherent" dictum for, as ROBIN RELIANT said above "Can we get beyond this semantic hall of mirrors and look at ways in which dangerous ideas are drawn from 'politics' and amplified in 'art'? To suggest that anything exists in isolation these days is equally disingenuous: just look at the CV and 'political' associations of someone like Alex Kurtagić (Supernal Music) -and I'll say also if people like Troy Southgate, Jonathan Bowden - friends and associates of Kurtagić as well as would-be politicians [or activists] first and foremost are connected and interested to this area of music then yes - opposition and investigation and taking it seriously is needed however small and insignificant the scene may seem... the old English saying "look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves" - i'd say look after the pennies as well as the pounds... I'd call what we are taking on here a form of "investment fascism" - all these idiots with their uniform and badges today are the middle-management, bankers, scientists, web designers etc. of tomorrow

...thats the problem with not having constant linkage to the internet. Someone asks you something and a whole load of other people respond in the interim - and I am afraid I haven't the time to do an in depth reply to all now.
But I must say this - my 'being sacked' from Sol Invictus came about as a result of a couple of things - the specific one relating to this being that Eric Roger was sacked for objecting to the [i'd say] 95% fashtype line-up we [Sol] were being grouped with in a particular hall over 2 days as part of the Leipzig Gothik Treffen [2005]. Eric spoke to Wakeford about this first and he agreed that it sounded bad. Eric himself then contacted the promoter - which caused considerable flack - the first I heard about it was to get a phone call from Tony saying " hes gone mad!!" Wakeford then sent Eric an email telling him as much [that he'd gone mad] but that he could continue in Orchestre Noir as he valued his abilities... Eric understandably refused Wakefords 'kind' offer by not reponding at which point Wakeford had a further meltdown.

I had agreed to do the gig so honoured my responsibilities, but not without aggravation from Wakeford as It had already been arranged for me to be in Paris to rehearse with Eric before his 'departure' so transport became more complicated. When I eventually got to Leipzig I had with me a list of the bands and dodgy connections that Eric had done for me - as these were European and some [most] I hadn't heard of before. I offered it to Wakeford to look at but he refused to do so. He also failed to confront Albin Julius who was at the top of the stairs at the venue having said when I told him about Albin's presence that he didn't see him - he was still only a few metres away. Wakeford previously had said he would do various things to him as a result of the tour problems that we had been told were caused by Julius, and neither did he seek to avenge comments made sometime earlier by Julius to a World Serpent Person [I believe] about Wakefords wife].

I decided to leave Sol Invictus myself soon after this gig - and mentioned this to a third party who may well have informed Wakeford. I refused a [Polish?] gig we were offered in October '05 and Wakeford [on the phone] said he was thinking about changes - he wasn't sure what to do about Sol - this was the last time we spoke. I found out from the same 'third party' above in Jan or Feb of '06 [who contacted me to complain about Wakefords behaviour to them and a friend] that this [around the time of the Wakeford phone call] was when I was sacked!. This is a boiled-down version of events - I'm sure Eric can fill in [and I hope he does] - we have emails to prove this chain of events and no doubt will have to do so etc. etc. I must hurry - my access is very limited - they rush at me wanting to re-attach the straight-jacket and feed me pills - as they see the slight glimmer of carpet tile in my eyes!! ;-}

So - I am mentally ill, am I ? Seems a particular Nazi type of accusation - and no doubt the person who said that has a particular Nazi solution to that problem. After all, I may be dangerous, you know...

The tiles in question took a maximum of say one minute to mention on that fucking awful tour I did because I needed the money. I should have paid attention to Wakeford that time ["oo-er you knew what they were like!". Just to establish - they really are interesting carpet tiles - Heuga Felt - made with boars hair, pitch [thats tar] and hessian - and need a light watering every month to start with. The only consistently decent company on that tour was John Murphy - Ian Read went on about things such as why he was in the Masons, the Hollow Earth theory, dissing Albin's ex-girlfriend because her facial shape showed that she was a 'Slav' or somesuch, theories about if a black man had sex with a woman some chemical trace remained??? - and [admiringly] about two old men he had met who had head calipers to measure someones aryan status - and it was he [Read] and not I who had the piss ripped out of him. He said to me as a result - "You know, Karl, they are like this because this is all they have but I have this and also am the sixth most important person in the occult world today!" [or words very much to that effect]. Then he came back home and spoke to one of World Serpent - who we were united in being angry with for different reasons on on that tour - and told them the carpet tile story.

Doug and Boyd would be drinking at eleven in the morning or thereabouts. Albin was busy being unfaithful to his girlfriend and exhibiting an ego so large that his partner in Der Bloodyawful was telling us that he'd had enough of him and was thinking of going home. O.K., this will be taken out of context, but here goes: I was intent on making Wakefords life a misery at some point after Liepzig because of the treachery he had shown and lies he had told. However, as a result of what I learnt subsequently, had Wakeford dropped dead say at the end of 2005 I would still be pursuing what I think is a worthwhile activity - and thats fighting fascism in neofolk and elsewhere. What I thought consisted of merely a few idiots, was wrong, which I subsequently learned through discussion with people such as Eric Roger and Stewart Home, and any previous allegiances as mentioned above were purely and simply musical - and a degree of [in some cases] misplaced friendship. I could have just walked away when my time in Sol ended - I could have played up to the neofolkers and done OK had I been so disposed. I didn't take the easy path - and by the way, Shock Headed Peters were effectively "given an offer they had to refuse" in 1997 and were effectively thrown off of World Serpent for poor sales. I have never hidden this nor did it cause any rancour in my relationship with Wakeford at that time - why should it? If you look at my Myspaces it probably says the same somewhere - and I've always made a point of my "arm, a leg and an eye for an eye" policy [boy, the books getting big - payout time soon] - I also have said I have had to cut off from some people who I was to a degree sad to see go. This isn't a career move, this is all to do with conscience and sense of right and wrong - and I really hate liars.

I was politically ignorant as I said - but only up to a point - I was unaware, say, of the political significance of Runes, of 2nd W.W. history, of the Black Sun - I always stood against what I understood as fascism - which was racism and ultra-authoritarianism - Boyd Rice said to to me at the end of this tour "I guess Karl you'll have to be de-Nazified" - and I overheard him talking about me also - "Hes ANTI-EVERYTHING!"...
He also said "You know, he didn't get involved in the thing that united us the most on this tour" - this was reference to the confrontation with three supposed 'minders' of a group of coach party of people of southern Mediterranean appearance in a motorway service station.[which maybe started when the other member of Der Blutwaddever - the well-over 6ft bloke from Tesco Org with alopecia, muttered under his breath when they entered the shop "Untermensch"....] Rice obviously thought that I should have taken their side after this idiot had made this despicable comment...

One last observation of this tour - every place in Germany we went to they [including John] would all visit the Army Surplus stores in search of 'memorabilia' [eg. swastika belt-buckles].

More, MUCH more, later. And I said that I thought the original 'a.julius' was a fake - I think I know who it was - they'll do, anyway. Hi, anyway to the real Albin [Sunlight....] - but I still don't like or believe you [looks like I'm not alone], and you do Sky Saxon a disservice - maybe you confuse him with Kurt Saxon?"


  1. One might want to note that the last performance of Boyd Rice in London was at the Roundhouse, celebrating the Mute label, where he played alongside a selection of house/minimal techno artists such as Richie Hawtin or T.Raumschmiere. I feel the antifa should take the matter into their hands and act as to ensure Richie Hawtin and his crypto-fascist music will not be allowed to perform in the UK in the future.

  2. Oh dear. If that's your considered response to the wealth of first-person material contributed to this debate by Karl Blake, then perhaps you should rename yourself 'Severalstepsbehind'. Dickhead.

  3. Because the words of this shunned of no fixed abode and mentally ill has been really brings clarity to the debate. There's no biased venom in his "revelations" at all.

  4. Shunned by whom, exactly? The interconnected cabal of World Serpent 'musicians' who have, one by one, coincidentally revealed themselves (OR BEEN REVEALED to be) raving fascists who just can't seem to keep their stiff right arms in their trousers?

    Lucky old Karl Blake, I say.

  5. Would you please be so kind as to share the URL of the blog where this was originally posted. Don't seem to be able to find it myself. Thanks.

  6. manji - why you sad?1 Apr 2013, 00:52:00

    I can help here - to ORMUS30 Mar 2013 13:12:00 - yes, it is this blog! or rather an earlier posting - not all of Blakes comments are included above - I suggest you browse through all the posts in case I have missed some -

  7. manji - why you sad?1 Apr 2013, 02:27:00

    sorry ORMUS - its under here - Weather Warning: Shower of Shit expected over Islington - Blake makes comments from about 16th of May onwards - and again on the same post around ten days later, through to the end of comments.
    I also saw some others on this blog [on another post think] where the man from Naevus, LLoyd James made some comment to Blake and he responded - he doesn't seem to like him. The comments overall on here are sometimes interesting but other times they are just plain silly or unpleasant - but its worth looking through as it is sometimes quite informative.

  8. Johanna Trosiener1 Apr 2013, 18:41:00

    When Friedrich Nietzsche said;
    "He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you"
    he overlooked the fact that monsters fight monsters - and that the abyss may coming looking without prompting.
    And who better than a monster to fight a monster? and an abyss to make first sighting?

  9. I like good music not dreary substandard crap7 Jul 2013, 17:49:00

    Good to see someone dishing the dirt on that dodgy gothy industrial element in music. They're obviously racist twats.

  10. Lots of unpleasant aspects to that scene that Karl Blake is telling us about:.For me it equates with the dreary music, racist opinions and mediocre singing I've been aware of for some time.

  11. Karl is a class act and a genuinely lovely guy in my limited experience of him. I wrote to him that he was an influence and inspiration and had a fairly lengthy exchange of messages with him. He should really write an article or two about this as the guys got a way with words.


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